Stamping of personalized T-shirts | Camaloon

Stamping of personalized T-shirts

Easy as pie | Camaloon

Easy as pie

Everything you need for creating your customized t-shirts in just a few moments.

Speedy delivery | Camaloon

Speedy delivery

With the Express service, you'll have your customized t-shirts ready in record time.

Large quantities | Camaloon

Large quantities

The best prices for large orders. Request your quote and in one hour you'll have your customized plan.

Types of stamping on t-shirts

  • Screen Printing - this technique is perfect for large volumes and quantities, usually between 1 and 6 colors, which together with promotional shirts form the perfect duo for your campaign, both in quality merchandising and in price

  • Stamping by DTG (digital stamping) - ideal technique for stamping many colors, drawings, illustrations or photos, normally used for small quantities of t-shirts to be stamped

What types of t-shirt brands can you print?

You can stamp and create personalized short-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts and straps t-shirts. You can print on both sides on some models as well as different types of printing.

Print your logo and your marketing slogan on the t-shirts

For your merchandising campaign with printed t-shirts to be a success you should make the most of the printing areas. keep in mind that some t-shirts can be printed on both sides and thus distribute your communication across the different printing areas.

How is the color printing of the t-shirts to be personalized?

You must decide between printing in a single color, ideal for large quantities. Another possibility is the silkscreen printing of the t-shirts that allow a single color. Ideal for large quantities of printed t-shirts.

Reconcile the campaign of printed t-shirts with other products

You can increase your merchandising campaign with products that are complementary to the printed t-shirts. For example, using custom paper bags to deliver printed t-shirts is an extra with very low costs. Another option will be the delivery of promotional pens along with the printed t-shirts, another object that will guarantee you visibility of your logo.

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