Quality and variety for your cutsomized T-shirts

Choose Camaloon and your clients and public will always wear your shirts.

Design T-shirts in just a few clicks | Camaloon

Design T-shirts in just a few clicks

Choose the model and color, edit your design with our online tools, add them to the cart, and you are ready!

Quick T-shirt printing | Camaloon

Quick T-shirt printing

Choose Express Delivery and you will receive your customized T-shirt order in record time.

Customize T-shirts in bulk | Camaloon

Customize T-shirts in bulk

Save money by ordering T-shirts in bulk! They always work!

Customized T-shirts for any occasion and budget

Our t-shirts are available in different colors and sizes, with styles for men, women and children.

UNDEFINED | Camaloon

Advertise your brand or company with our promotional t-shirts. Promotional t-shirts are a simple, useful tool for your publicity campaign. Whether you need them for an event or for a marketing campaign, we can produce t-shirts that will adapt perfectly to your needs.

UNDEFINED | Camaloon

Our t-shirts are top quality. We know the way you spread your message is as important as the message itself. That's why we print in high definition so every detail of your design is crystal clear. And there won't be any nasty surprises after washing with our pre-washed 100% cotton t-shirts.

Clients who've relied on us:
Uber Eats
Panini Comics

How to design a t-shirt?

  • Simply begin by searching for the exact model of t-shirt you want to use. The ability to print using screen printing or DTG printing depends on the t-shirt.
  • Once the right t-shirt has been found, start uploading the photographs, messages, images or even designs to the online design tool of the website and play with the design until it is perfect. However, bear in mind the printing area which is usually outline with a dotted line.
  • When the design has been finished, it will be evaluated to make sure that the design will be printed perfectly on the t-shirt. And when the printing process has begun, the quality of the finished product will also be evaluated.
  • Finally, all you have to do now is wait for your personalized t-shirts to be made and delivered to your designated address.
At Camaloon, we have been using an online design tool which makes creating designs for products such as t-shirts so much easier.

Personalized t-shirts spread your company's image all year long

Personalized t-shirt printing is a great way to spread your company’s image at events. There are a large variety of t-shirts available online at camaloon.com that you can personalize easily with the previously mentioned online design tool. You can create your perfect personalized t-shirts and now get the absolute most out of promotional activity. If you have decided to take advantage of our great prices for bulk orders, we believe screen printing would be the best option for you. By ordering in bulk, you will always have your logo t-shirts on hand for your upcoming events, even to offer customers when they make large orders or deals and employees as a gesture of goodwill. If you intend on reselling these t-shirts, perhaps DTG printing would be the best option as this method produces the best quality print. Once any t-shirt has been designed and printed, it is evaluated by our team of experts for free because we want to make sure your order arrives perfectly and as you had imagined.

At Camaloon we have an extensive amount of items which can be customized to fit your promotional needs. To put this into perspective, imagine being part of a conference and handing out customized buttons with your company’s logo and message printed on them; you can even create custom bags to put them in. Nothing makes clients and attendees of events feel more comfortable and included than free personalised gifts. And to put the cherry on the cake, you could even present them with personalised notebooks so they can jot down any relevant information in a beautifully made notebook covered in your perfect design. Printing your brand in a stylish and attractive way on essential and popular products is a proven way of increasing brand awareness and company growth.

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