Custom bottles mean your company will be visible with a natural item that people use everywhere.

How to print custom bottles easily and cheaply

  1. Choose from a variety of different models of bottles. Select the best shape, size, finishes, colors, etc. for your objectives and clients.

  2. Upload your logos or designs using our easy-to-use online tool and edit and modify them to get them exactly as you had imagined. Customize everything within the outlined printing area and you will see exactly how your bottles will look.

  3. Have you finished your design? Now, select the quantity and add your custom bottles to the shopping cart. Follow the steps to complete the order and you will receive your order soon.

At Camaloon we have an easy-to-use online tool that makes creating logos and designs for customized items such as bottles so much easier.

Custom bottles to complement your promotions

Custom bottles offer a new space for publicity, one which does not make too much of a dent in your marketing budget and allows you to make brand contact with clients and nearby people without being too apparent. People use mugs just as much as bottles in their daily life, therefore investing in a series of customized mugs with your company’s details and logo printed perfectly would definitely be worthwhile. Whether at home, in the gym or just generally getting around, your business will always be with your clients.

Have you ever thought about printing your logo on customized thermo flasks? As the winters can be somewhat cold, a great promotional item would be custom flasks that display your company’s logo printed perfectly. Another great addition would be custom mugs, for when your clients are having their morning cup of tea to warm themselves up on a cold day. The print-quality we are able to produce on our custom mugs is definitely good enough for resale purpose as we use very advanced digital printing technology. To make a long-lasting good impression on your clients, why not take a look at our range of customized sports bottles, by gifting sports bottles, your company will not only be promoting yourself as a company but also a healthy lifestyle.

Strengthen your company with custom bottles

Use them as a publicity gift or to resell, and associate your company with healthy habits and respect for the environment

Customize bottles and be sustainable | Camaloon

Customize bottles and be sustainable

We offer Tritan, glass or metal bottles so from their production to their use, they are always good for the environment. No more throwing bottles away! Promote sustainable policies to your customers and employees with your business image.

Publicity with custom bottles | Camaloon

Publicity with custom bottles

Custom bottles are a new area for publicity, it has not been overdone like internet advertising for example. As they are used daily, you will create a brand presence in a pleasant and useful way.

Discount on bulk order | Camaloon

Discount on bulk order

Make an online order of custom bottles and consult our special prices to order more than 50 units. They are promotional items that complement whatever campaign or event perfectly, they will always make you look good!

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