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What are custom thermos bottles?

A thermos, or vacuum flask, is an insulated bottle or container that make the contents inside stay the same temperature. The thermos was invented in 1892 by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar as a result of his research in cryogenics. Sometimes vacuum flasks are called ‘Dewar bottles’ in his honor. A thermos consists of two flasks placed one within the other and joined at the neck, the gap between the two flasks is partially evacuated of air, creating a near-vacuum which significantly reduces heat transfer. The Dewar flask was quickly transformed into a commercial item in 1904 when two German glassblowers discovered that it could be used to keep drinks hot or cold. Sir Dewar had not patented the design, so the German men who discovered its commercial use renamed it ‘Thermos’ and claimed the trademark and rights to the product. The thermos was created and mass-produced for at-home-use and the term ‘thermos’ is now a generic trademark.

What are the benefits of custom thermos bottles?

The purpose of a thermos is to keep the contents in the desired temperature, i.e hot or cold. They are easy to bring anywhere, thanks to their sleek design and light-weight construction. By customizing a stylish thermos with your company logo, designs or promotional messages, you give your customers the opportunity to ‘take away’ your brand, and expose it wherever they go. If they also need something to keep their body warm, we offer custom sweatshirts that can be customized with your company logo or designs.

Who uses custom thermos bottles?

Thermoses are used domestically to keep hot or cold beverages for a extended period of time. They are very common items brought to outdoors activities such as hiking or winter sports, but also for long road-trips in the car. You can fill it with coffee, hot chocolate and tea, but they can actually be used to keep the temperature of many other types of drinks also with ice during summer days on the beach. If you are looking for something only for cold drinks, we have stylish and modern custom metal water bottles!!

How to choose the best custom thermos for your company?

When it comes to how you can decide on the best thermos model to customize for your business, there are many things to consider. If you are looking to create custom promotional products at a low cost, we have insulated travel mugs in stainless steel and a colored plastic grip with great opportunity to save money with large orders. Your custom print is produced in one color screen printing on the side of the mug. If you are after high-quality, customized gifts for valued clients, staff or reselling, we also have modern insulated bottles with wooden or matte effects, on which your custom print is engraved with laser.

Where can you print your logo on customized thermos?

Once you have decided on the thermos model, you also have to consider the printing technique. Your custom print will be made on the side of the thermos with either one-color screen printing or laser engraving. Screen printing is a technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink to the surface in the desired pattern, this is a budget-friendly alternative perfect for large orders, as the same mesh screen can be used to print many thermos bottles with the same design. Laser engraving, which is a subset of laser marking, means that the thermos is engraved by a laser. This creates a fine print with even the smallest of details clearly visible. As the print is engraved on the surface it is also very resistant to wear and tear. If you have a hard time deciding on just one design, we offer custom stickers on sheets with multiple designs or individual, custom cut in the shape you choose.

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