Cover camaloon

This project was born in June 2012 , during nighttime, while I was trying to stimulate that part of our brain so difficult to control... MRS CREATIVITY.

Because you know... every artist' nightmare is that of having NO NEW IDEAS!

Sincerely, I have to admit that this blog borns not from a very structured idea since from the desire of creating something Different and Positive. Yes, because it is in particular in this negative economic and social period that we all need to have the opportunity to say that there is something that "We LIKE". A funny thumb up which is now an international icon thanks to the most famous Social Network!
A "LIKE" that gives us the possibility to say what we think , a "LIKE" that speak about cartoon, church, music, art, history and present time indistinctly.

In this project lives together my personal and creative challenge of doing something positive, funny letting the so famous thumb up recongnizible in all the characters chosen. In fact every time that someone suggest me or that I choose a character to customize, I look for something peculiar, objects and colors to characterize the most famous thumb up ever.

Tell me what you think on my FB PAGE under the name LikeIT design.