Zuzana Perner
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Hey there, my name is Zuzana Perner, I am a self-taught artist. I was born in Prague, Czech Republic and I am now currently living in the UK in the city of London. I would never say that being an artist or creating art itself was ever my ambition but it was always part of my life and the way to express myself and i wouldn’t be scared to say that being creative is in my nature. My biggest

influence in my art creation is nature, human feeling and most importantly music.

I don’t even remember when I started to draw but I’m sure there wasn’t a day that went past that I didn’t draw at least a little picture. I never had the opportunity to study art, but now i’ve come to the realization that I would like to study and pursue a career in art.

I have now started experimenting with different types of mediums including oil, acrylics, water colours and inks. As I’m still not that experienced, I’m trying to learn new techniques, and also trying to improve myself. I also really enjoy illustrating, and I’m now trying to learn the technical skills needed to create digital art.

My main goal right now, is to study fine art which I believe will help me in the future, to create all my ideas.


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