Our Aims:
To promote unity among all fields of nursing, and encourage mutual understanding between patients and nurses.

Our Vision:
We want both patients and nurses to feel like they have a voice. To achieve this we would like to provide a platform whereby they can come together to achieve the same shared goals. We recognise nursing is a complex relationship, and to work successfully together we propose that we need to be mindful of each other’s shared needs: (Identified by primary research)

A smile

As the nurses of the future, we would like to promote a culture of transparency, candour and unity. We would also like to reassure the public that, as nurses we share in their emotions, from joy to sorrow and frustration, as we too are human.

Why we are different:
There are many networks and conferences for nurses and patients alone to voice their opinion. However, we are here to bridge the gap. Also, our campaign originated from the people on the frontline (nurses and patients), creating ‘a bottom up’ approach. In addition, as first year student nurses we are in a position to learn and grow with the campaign. We can represent opinions, free of bias, whilst having learned from past mistakes.