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5 Good Reasons Why You Need to Use Tote Bags

Recently at Camaloon we have introduced a new product as an addition to our textile line: cloth tote bags. Besides offering a wide range of styles and colours, as well as many personalisation options, today we want to give you 5 good reasons why you need to use tote bags.

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1. The material

Although we carry a large selection of various bags, we have introduced two new models of cloth bags: the classic cloth bags and the organic cloth ones.

When we thought of creating new bags, our first concern was to use a fabric that would replace plastic or any other synthetic material. First of all, this was important for us as an environmental issue. Limiting the use of plastic is a global priority that we participate in.

When selecting the perfect fabric for our organic fabric bag model, we chose 100% organic cotton. This fabric is natural and comes from ecologically friendly, fair trade plantations in which no pesticides or other chemical substances have been used. This material also has other fantastic properties such as a more resistant texture and is especially recommended for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

2. Durability

Another advantage of cloth bags is great durability function. Plastic bags last long in all the negative ways and pollute our environment. Our cloth bags also last long, but unlike the plastic bags, they tick all the right elements: cloth bags guarantee long-term durability and will withstand more weight and long distances all while being safe for the environment. You might already be convinced, but we’re not yet done. We’ve got more reasons as to why you need to use tote bags.

tote bag that is durable with a tiger personalisation

3. Savings

By using a cloth bag you will avoid constantly buying plastic or paper bags that are becoming more and more expensive, both in stores and in supermarkets. By taking your personalised cloth bag with you, you will not have to pay for another bag every time you make a new purchase. And cloth bags can be posh enough to double as a regular bag, or can be easily stored anyway for fast and convenient access whenever you need them.

4. Aesthetics

Due to their characteristics, cloth bags have a unique style, that is very different from the plastic bags. Cloth bags are always in fashion, and more and more people are choosing them as the perfect shopping accessory, or as the great complement to take to work or even when you go out to enjoy the free time.

fun personalisation of tote bag

5. The quality

To the quality of the material is reinforced by the quality of the printing of your personalisation. When you receive your bag, you love it and take care of it – you’ll see that your bag is of such terrific quality. We take care of every single detail, to ensure it is all perfect. We want your images, designs, phrases or logos to look great on your tote bag, because taking care of the planet while being fashionable is not an impossible thing to achieve.

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