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6 Ways to Improve Brand Awareness With Personalised Sweatshirts

Personalised sweatshirts make a great promotional item because they are super functional. They are a large canvas for you to put your logo, name or message and effectively promote your business. Anyone wearing your personalised sweatshirt becomes a walking advertisement and a visual link between your brand and potential customers. When done right, personalised sweatshirts pique people’s interest and can spark a conversation about your products and services.

Read on to find out how personalised sweatshirts can help you promote your business.

Personalised sweatshirt

1. Give sweatshirts to employees

Give your employees sweatshirts with your brand logo or name on them. A personalised sweatshirt could be a part of your onboarding package to make your new hires feel welcomed and part of the team. You can ask the employees to wear the sweatshirts on special occasions, a fixed day or at promotional events. They can work as uniforms as well. You can also leave it to your employees to decide when and where to wear their sweatshirts. If they wear it outside of the office, you get some free advertising.

2. Give them away at business events

Business and networking events such as trade shows, chamber of commerce events and conferences are excellent places to distribute promotional merchandise. When it comes to attracting attention, nothing beats free stuff. If the items you’re giving away are of high quality, useful and interesting, word of mouth will spread, and your booth will be swamped. Give personalised sweatshirts to people who stop by and make an inquiry. This is a great way to put your name in front of potential customers.

3. Reward long-term customers

You can set up a rewards system in which customers receive a personalised sweatshirt after a certain number of purchases. That way, you will build and maintain customer loyalty. A loyal customer will choose you over the competition and spread the word about your products and services. This works well for you because people trust recommendations from friends and family more than paid advertisements.

4. Say “thank you” to partners

Saying “thank you” to business partners is a good business practice. Give sweatshirts to your partners at formal meetings to make them a touch more personal. If you don’t have meetings with your partners, send them some sweatshirts via post. Show them that you are a partner that cares and is willing to go the extra mile to express gratitude. Keep in mind that your partners also promote your company in various ways.

5. Hand out sweatshirts at community events

Sponsor a local event or set up your booth and hand out personalised sweatshirts to the attendees yourself. You can strategically distribute your sweatshirts at the beginning of the event so people can wear them and become walking ads. Participate in funding a charity event by selling your branded sweatshirts. Your local engagement will result in a positive public image.

6. Give them away as prizes at a social media competition

Never underestimate the absolute power of social media. Take your marketing efforts online by creating engaging social media competitions. Interact with competitors, generate positive buzz award winners with personalised sweatshirts. You will gain exposure from both social media and people wearing your sweatshirts.

Wrapping up

When it comes to marketing your business, you have to choose an appropriate and cost-effective method of promotion so that people recognise it. The more people are aware of your company, the more likely you are to attract new customers. If you haven’t already incorporated personalised clothing into your marketing strategy, now is the time. Brand promotion done with personalised sweatshirts helps your company gain visibility and capture the attention of wide audiences. Camaloon offers a variety of sweatshirt models made of high-quality fibers that will not burn a hole in your pocket. You will also receive a discount if you buy in bulk. To learn about how you can personalise sweatshirts check our blog about printing techniques for sweatshirts.

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