All the Printing Techniques to Personalise Bottles

You are looking into personalising bottles for your business, but you do not understand which printing technique will serve you best. Here at Camaloon, we take care of guiding our community towards making the right choice for their needs.

For this reason, here you will find all types of explanations related to the printing techniques for bottles. We will go through the advantages and disadvantages of each technique and several examples of the different types of bottles available here at Camaloon. 


Our bottles printing techniques

Here below we will illustrate three different types of printing techniques available to our customers.

Screen printing

One of the three printing techniques is called screen printing. Also known as serigraphy, it is one of the oldest methods to print. The fact that is still used to this day can already give an idea of how qualitative and convenient it can be.

The system can be considered analogical compared to other printing techniques. To screen print is essential to create a frame that will contain the image you want to reproduce on the bottles.


This frame is applied and moved around according to the shape of the bottle. In the first moment, the colour is spread through the frame until it adheres and then is pulled out. Like a stencil technique. The quality of screen printing is high as the frame will allow the print never to lose quality.

Screen printing can be used on several materials. It can be used also for glass for example. It is the most efficient way to print images, logos or text on glass bottles. Keep in mind that a minimum order of 25 items is required to use this technique.


This second printing technique is a method that is being used more and more today. Sublimation is a heat process that imprints the image of interest directly on the material. The substance used goes from solid straight to the gaseous states. The print is permanent.


Some of the advantages of sublimation are that you can print any colour combinations you decide. Even photographs! However, remember that this method requires white or light-coloured areas to function efficiently.

This technique gives you the possibility to print on almost every material. Including polyester. On the downside, it results to be more expensive than other techniques, such as screen printing and DTG.


More than a printing technique this is an engraving method. It uses a laser to drill, cut and shape the material being used. The laser beam uses high temperatures to be able to do this. The passage of its mark creates the requested design making it permanent and extremely resistant. 

Laser engravings have become popular for their precision and elegant look. They are perfect to create exclusive merchandising and classy gifts. The only disadvantage of this technique might be that it does not allow you to choose the colour of your designs and that it can be more expensive compare to the other previous techniques.


In few words

Bottles are becoming more and more popular because of the printing techniques available. These techniques permit you to personalised bottles in unique ways becoming a part of your visual identity. You do not want your business to miss this chance.

Now that you know all about the characteristics of our printing techniques, feel free to browse our website and find the right type of bottle for you. It will give you the chance to create your promotional product. Plus, if you need some inspirational ideas, check out our article about how to promote your business with personalised water bottle.

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