How to Boost Your Brand With Personalised Hip Flasks

Personalised hip flasks might not be the most common promotional merchandise, however, they are an interesting option. Because they are rare, they have the potential to be extraordinarily effective in marketing campaigns. Engraving gives them a sophisticated look, making them more exclusive corporate gifts.

Here are some suggestions for using personalised hip flasks to market your business.

Metal flask

Include a hip flask in your welcome package

Welcome packages are a great way to make new employees feel part of their new team. You can make it tradition to give each new employee an engraved hip flask. This will increase the sense of belonging and loyalty among your employees. Additionally, when employees take their flask somewhere, they will become ambassadors for your brand.

Reward your customers with personalised hip flasks

If you are a company that produces or sells alcoholic beverages, a hip flask is your perfect branded gift for customers. Flasks also have an antique appeal, so they could be given as promotional gifts by vintage retailers. It’s a good practice to reward loyal customers, and an engraved hip flask is a gift that will make them feel extra special.

Give away personalised hip flasks on corporate occasions

Business events such as trade shows, conferences, annual sales meetings, business dinners, etc., are excellent opportunities to distribute promotional items. If you give away personalised hip flasks, you will certainly be remembered. Engraved hip flasks have a much better promotional effect than pens and magnets.

Organise social media giveaway

Ask your followers to like, comment and share your post to win a personalised hip flask. You can also request that they tag their friends. This will spark an online conversation about your company and raise brand awareness.

In a nutshell

Engraved hip flasks are an unconventional marketing tool that draws a lot of attention to your brand. Dare to be different and make hip flasks your corporate gifts. At Camaloon, we work with you to help you promote your company and achieve your goals. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our hip flasks or any other promotional product.

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