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How to Build Your Brand Identity with Personalised Aprons

Every business needs to catch the eye of its customers. That’s why you should check out the opportunity that personalised aprons can offer you.

With a wide range of fabrics, colours, textures, and the possibility to be personalised, aprons are a perfect marketing tool.

It can be an apron for your employees, for your chefs, mechanics, or gardeners to use on the job or to take as a present. In both cases, if you personalised them, you will be able to create an impact for your business and strengthen your brand identity.

“Message in an apron”

We all know very well that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but still… you do. As humans, we are very curious beings, we receive information from what we see and then process it. However, at first sight, that information is all we have.

This makes us judge at first sight. Yes, in some ways, we do. But it’s fine, let’s just hope for your message to be reaching people and look good! First impressions are important, so make sure you make a good one with your potential clients.

What is the message that you want to pass onto the world with your business? Because people need to know. Put it on the apron for them to see.


Food sector

If you run a restaurant or a bar for example it is very crucial for you to provide quality aprons to your staff. Aprons are fundamental in a business field such as food, where hygiene is of great importance.

Aprons permit you and your employees to prevent dust, dirt, and germs to enter into contact with the food you are serving. Customised aprons can also help customers recognise who is working.

All of this while making a statement to those around. You can show everyone what you are made of, your colours, your logo, your motto. That is something very powerful for your business identity.

Gardening shop

Just like in the food sector case, garden shops and other gardening business activities are the perfect scenario for aprons.  They can be key players in communicating with the customer about your business while being of great use.


Workshops and exhibitions

Any fair, workshop event and exhibition can be the perfect moment to show up with your personalised apron and interact with customers. Aprons are flexible and dynamic, a useful way of marketing your business. So, let your employees dress the business identity with style.  

Online videos

With today’s entrepreneurial world moving more and more towards the digital, we strongly suggest looking into methods to show your brand spontaneously. If you are an independent digital entrepreneur and your cooking, gardening, or teaching happens online, the apron will be the perfect match for you!


Wear what you are

You must know something. A business needs to show its true colours. So, wear what you are!

Do it with style by personalising your future aprons. Do not forget that you are trying to send out a message for the world to know who you are and what you stand for or against. So, make it meaningful, and remember to have fun with it!

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