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How to Create Your Brand Style

For a business is very important to have the right brand style. To represent themselves as different and relevant. Because this is something that then will shape the opinions of customers. The brand style is something you give to your customers to recognise you. Be careful!

Here we will guide you through some of the most important aspects of how to create your brand style. You will learn which are some of the fundamental steps to build the right brand style for your business.  

What brand style means

A brand is what people think of you. Mostly on an emotional level. It is something intangible. On the other hand, a brand style is something that can be tangible. It gives people a sensorial experience that makes them understand who you are, what you do and why you do it.

It’s basically how people remember you!

A brand style is made of fonts, colours, a logo, pictures, patterns, references. All things that then need to be put together coherently as your business identity will depend on it.


The importance of being you

If you want your business to survive the competition you need to be identifiable. Otherwise, who is going to know about you? How will customers be able to remember you?

Your brand identity needs to be recognisable to be remembered, to leave an actual impact in people’s minds. Building your brand style permits your business to be rewarded by having customers creating a connection with it. You definitely do not want to miss this opportunity.


Brand style elements

There are some key elements to build up your brand style. Here are some of the most important ones.


Understanding the purpose of your business is the first important step. To communicate with your audience and declare why your business does what it does you need to understand your mission.

Your customers need to understand how you want to help them. Your brand will be recognised for this reason. People want to know how you can impact their lives. Without a mission, a business is lost.



With your vision, you need to make clear how you are going to approach the problem you want to resolve. Your vision needs to be singular, relevant and different from everyone else.

A vision allows you to create your story, to find your unique identity. This will give people a reason to believe in your business and support your project.

Tone of voice

The way you communicate with your audience constitutes your tone of voice. Principally, your vocabulary, the style and the rhythm of your language. Consider choosing with caution and coherence the tone of voice that can best represent your business.  



Probably the most significant element to all types of business. The logo tells directly who you are. People can easily remember you because of your logo. It is necessary to work well on your logo and make sure that is adaptable to different graphical contexts. Imagine how it can appear on our logo magnets, for example.


Your brand colours are going to be your signature on everything related to your business. From your logo to your website, from the flyers to your business card. You can choose your own colours but make sure to find your match. Try to make it unique e relatable to your mission.


Even your typography is essential to create your brand style. Yes, if you want to be recognised by people you cannot use any type of font. You need to stick to who you are. The fonts that you are going to select are going to enhance your visual identity and make it familiar to your customers.



As we have seen in this guide, different elements compose the brand style of a company. The mission, the vision, the logo, the colours, the fonts. They are all fundamental in order to appear coherent and trustworthy to the public. If a business considers these elements, it would be able to succeed at communicating its identity. For a business, this is one of the fundamental steps towards success.

We hope this guide is going to help in the process of building your brand style. You will find that it is essential to then design your promotional products and make an impression on your customers and employees.

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