How to Design Your Own Laptop Case

With current work-from-home trends, remote working, and being on the road, laptops, and tablets are slowly but surely replacing desktops in the UK. With a laptop comes portability, but these devices also need protection from everyday bumps and scratches. Custom laptop cases are what you need! Besides protecting your laptop, a laptop case or a laptop sleeve is also a perfect branding tool so design it wisely.

Laptop sleeves promote and protect

A customised laptop sleeve says a lot about who you are and what you are.  Anyone can go to a store in the UK or globally, and choose a laptop sleeve from many different brands. But it’s so much better to make one of your own computer accessories by yourself. Even more so when you can design it any way you want!

They protect your device, but laptop cases are also a great marketing opportunity and a smart way to get your business noticed. A custom laptop sleeve is a cost-effective way to brand your business, by getting your company logo or design noticed. More exposure to the laptop case, more advertising potential for your business. If they are made of high quality and look professional, they reflect your business quality too.

Sell them in your store

If you’re in the market for selling custom products through your UK Etsy shop, for example, now is the time. The demand for standard laptops accessories, such as laptop sleeves, a laptop bag, laptop cases, and other custom products is expected to continue. Just search a site or look through search results for popular products – laptop sleeves and bags will be at the top.

You can gift personalized laptop bags and cases as workplace raffle prizes and awards. Or, use them as appreciation gifts for vendors, clients, and employees. Put a family photo on it and gift it to your spouse so he can feel close to you even when traveling.

How to create amazing laptop cases

If you need some inspiration and ideas to spark your creativity, just check out Etsy. You’ll find plenty of ideas, tips on handmade iPad and Macbook sleeves, and a whole community to help you out. Popular styles of the moment are always advertised the most. On some sites, you can subscribe and get all the latest updates on what’s trendy now. However, there are some guidelines to follow in deciding upon which design will suit your needs now and later.


Choosing a neutral colour for your case or a laptop sleeve is the best choice if you don’t want to attract too much attention. Neutrals are also good if you’d like to maintain a more mainstream professional business look. However, if you’d like to make a dramatic statement, and maximize the marketing potential of a personalised laptop sleeve – bright colours are a better option.


Fabrics might not be on your mind when looking for an amazing design, but they are very important. Just imagine how the laptop sleeves feel or how easily they slide in a bag. Polyester, neoprene, and leather are the most popular fabrics used to make laptop cases. You might also see another less familiar option, 600D (Denier) polyester, and want to search up what that is. We’ll tell you. It is a super-strong version of regular polyester, coated with PVC on one side to make it water repellent and durable – great for preventing daily wear and tear.

The choice of materials impacts the price of your custom design, so make sure you choose the proper fabric.

Laptop size

While all the laptops, Macbook, and iPad look similar, they are not all created equal. Size matters if you want the custom sleeve to properly shelter your device. Usually, there are three sizes available for 13″ to 17″ laptops. While a smaller device can fit into a larger bag, it will be loose, so it’s always best to search for the perfect sleeve size.

Laptop sleeve style

Handles, shoulder strap, sleeve – oh my! When deciding on the best style choice, you should consider how you will be carrying the laptop most of the time. Do you prefer to have a sleeve with pockets, for additional items such as pens, a USB, or a charger? Do you like to carry your laptop in a suitcase-like bag that has straps, or would you prefer one of the bags with handles? 


Choosing the perfect artwork for your customised sleeve is like a cherry on top! If you’re a student and will be using the laptop sleeve for school, sports photos might be the cool choice. If you will be carrying your laptop sleeve from your home to the office, then a professionally printed company logo would be the best option. It can also draw new customers by raising awareness about your business.

Count on Camaloon

Perhaps you’re designing laptop sleeves to gift to your valuable customers, or maybe your teenage son found the coolest MacBook sleeve idea in search results. Or, perhaps you’d like to sell custom sleeves for iPad or Macbook in your shop. Whatever your reason, our experts at Camaloon can customise it any way you want. Choose from different colours, styles, and fabrics. Put your company’s logo, page, or contact info. Add your initials, choose photos, or any other print – the possibilities are endless. Design a laptop case and also have fun with it!

Just choose the design, and we can make your personalized laptop bags, perfectly tailored to your needs and your laptop’s size.  Just tell us what you’d like and we’ll create the rest.

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