How to Unravel the Notebook Marketing Magic

Notebook marketing

Branded notebooks have been traditionally used for marketing for decades.  Although today we live in a digital era, notebook marketing is stronger than ever.  They remain any business’ best marketing secret weapon. The feel, the hold, and the usefulness of notebooks are classic values that everyone appreciates.  There are many other benefits to using notebooks in marketing your business.

Benefits of notebook marketing

Notebook marketing is one of the most efficient forms of marketing. You can easily target your advertising to reach specific groups of people by physically giving them your personalised notebooks

Since we use notebooks for writing multi-topics, we know that all types of people across multiple industries will use them.  They raise brand awareness every time you use them and are very effective in reinforcing brand advocacy.

Notebooks are much better for brand awareness and attracting new clients than business cards, as notebooks actually have a use. Your clients will keep and use the notebooks, therefore your logo and contact details on them will be better.

You can personalise notebooks in countless ways, from colours, text, and logo to printing finishes. You can easily ensure that your brand stands out exactly how you envisioned it.


Notebook marketing ideas

Notebooks are perfect as both corporate and personal gifts. Below you’ll find a few suggestions on how you can use notebook marketing for best marketing results.

Events and Conferences

Regardless of whether you’re hosting or participating in an event, personalised notebooks are a thoughtful gift for your attendees or potential clients.  Place it on their desks as a welcome gift and invite your attendees to use them for making notes.  Depending on the event and the number of attendees, you can personalise each notebook with each attendee’s name to go an extra step further to impress them. 

Trade Shows

Place some notebooks in your booth as part of your business promotion and watch them disappear in front of your eyes.  Make sure they contain all the relevant information and have eye-catching visuals to develop brand recognition.

Employee Gift

Gift the notebooks to your employees to help them and show you care about their time management and organisation.

Client Meeting

The initial or the regular semi-annual meeting with your clients is a perfect opportunity to gift them with a notebook and make your clients your brand ambassadors. They are going to use your notebook throughout their day and further advertise your brand.

VIP gifts

Go a little extra mile and add a name or date to your branded notebook, to give as an anniversary gift to your employee or your client. Or choose a personalised notebook and pen gift set to give out.  This little extra touch will go a very long way.  

camaloon notebook


There are countless sponsorship opportunities around that you could get involved with by offering free personalised notebooks.  You can choose local or international sponsorship opportunities, depending on your target market and budget, to boost your brand’s exposure and increase your target audience.

Social Media

Use the power of social media to further promote your brand by creating an online competition where your followers need to share and comment on your post.  In return, one or several of the lucky winners will get a notebook with your logo.  Everyone likes a freebie, especially if it’s a useful item that is visually appealing. This will increase your number of followers on social media, as well as the social media engagement and online presence, all of which will raise your brand awareness.

Count on Camaloon

We have a large selection of customising choices, from the cover, size and colour to inside format.  Indulge in the luxe feel of Moleskin cover or choose a versatile softcover.  Choose double-sided printing for convenience or opt for blank pages to give the recipient freedom to scribble how they prefer.

Diaries, planners, pocket notebooks or notebook and pen sets – we have it all.  High quality, easily customised exactly how you’d like them to be.  Just tell us what you’d like and we’ll take care of the rest.

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