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How to Use Personalised Magnets to Promote Your Company

Personalised magnets are an excellent way to promote who you are and the services or products you offer. They are easy to personalise with a logo, design, image or text, and provide excellent exposure. Creativity is a key component of effective advertising, and adding personalised magnets to your promotional arsenal will help you grab the attention of your customers.

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Let’s take a look at different ways you can use our flexible magnets to promote your business.

Reward customers for purchases

You can choose to reward your customers after every purchase or a certain amount of money spent. Whatever feels right to you. A lot of people collect magnets and always look forward to new ones. The more creative they are, the better. They will take your personalised fridge magnets to their homes and usually place them somewhere where household members and visitors can see them. As a result, you will be organically boosting your brand.

Camaloon personalised magnets

Thank your existing customers

Although you might be focused on getting new customers, it is a good business practice to say “thank you” to your returning customers. A wooden magnet is a small gift, but never underestimate the power of small gestures! This shows them that you are more than a revenue machine – they are a valued customer, and you care about your business relationship.

Thank you magnet

Hand out personalised magnets at business events

Many people attend business events in order to network with potential clients, partners or investors. Instead of using traditional business cards, why not opt for magnetic ones? Put your logo, name, number, website or anything else you would put on a conventional business card. These types of business cards are less likely to be misplaced because they are attached to magnetic surfaces and are usually displayed where everyone can see them. You can propose them personalised magnetic bottle opener, goodies that are practical are always nice to have !

Business card magnets

Give personalised magnets to employees

Don’t forget about your staff! Small rewards for a job well done like affordable magnets, badges or mugs help to shape your company culture. Be creative with your messages and inspire your employees. Allow them to take as many magnets as they want and distribute them to friends and relatives. 

Magnet with a message

Great promotional items have a significant impact on the image of any brand! Camaloon can help you design a number of promotional items to market your brand and attract more customers.

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