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Our Favourite Design Inspiration Sources

Coming up with new and exciting designs for your personalised products (e.g personalised bamboo coffee mugs) is challenging. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but sometimes you’re simply out of ideas. It helps to look at what others do. There are so many online places to find design inspiration that it can be overwhelming.

To help you out, we’ve made a list of top places to feed your inspiration and get ideas.

Sources of inspiration


Aah, Pinterest! Who hasn’t visited Pinterest at least once in their life? This well-known platform has over 250 million (!) active users who are full of ideas. It’s one of the best places to get ideas for your next design. This visual content library is simple to use, and you’ll always find something relevant no matter what you’re working on.

Pinterest design inspiration


Dribble is a platform similar to Pinterest, however, since there is an invite-only membership, only the most talented designers get to showcase their artwork. When you’re stuck in a rut, use Dribble to source a ton of fresh ideas. You can expect seriously good content that adheres to the most recent design trends.


Designspiration is another hub where designers upload and share their ideas, and you can get visually stimulated and find inspiration. Besides narrowing down searches to your interests, you can also search by colour. Designspiration will help you get a fresh perspective, and you’ll be one step closer to a new design.

Free images and graphics


Unsplash is a website that provides free stock photos. It has over 1 million images. You are free to download and modify anything you find on Unsplash and use it in any way you see fit. There is no need to give credit to the author either. Even if you search for a specific term, you’ll almost always get a lot of results. And the quality of photos available will blow your mind!

Unsplash free images


Pixabay is another website that doesn’t mind if you use any of their free photos and, in this case, illustrations for commercial purposes. Their team ensures that the website only contains first-rate photos and illustrations. Just like Unsplash, it has over 1 million images and illustrations.


Pexels is a good place to find high-quality stock photos to which you can add your own text. Again, we are talking about more than 1 million free images. The disadvantage of Pexels is that there will only be a few options that match your search if you are looking for something more specific.

Free design tools


Canva is a free graphic design platform with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to create designs. There are thousands of ready-to-go templates, images and other high-quality content to choose from and tailor to fit your needs. You can upload your own photos as well. With Canva’s tools, you can edit photos without prior knowledge or experience in photo editing. Unlike with many other tools, designing with Canva is an enjoyable experience.

Canva design tool


A graphic design platform with easy-to-use tools, very similar to Canva. There are plenty of free templates, icons, illustrations and photos you can modify to work for your brand. Some designs aren’t free but are usually affordable. You can also upload your own images and make some changes.

In short

Sometimes looking at other people’s work can be a source of design inspiration. Even the best designers like to get a glimpse into the minds of other creators to discover interesting things. There are lots of incredible ideas for your designs out there, you just need to know where to look. Pinterest, Dribbble and Designspiration all have an abundance of images to draw inspiration from. Websites like Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels are excellent sources of free photos and illustrations that you can wander through to get ideas or use and modify to fit your brand. Not everyone is a design whizz, but fortunately, there are online tools like Canva and Crello that anyone can use to create simple, stunning designs in minutes. Even those with limited design skills can create something cool thanks to their ready-to-use templates.

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