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Premium-Quality Printing Technique for Personalised Magnets

Camaloon is the best place to go if you need personalised magnets for your business. We make the process simple and use cutting-edge technology to make your magnets look fantastic!

Camaloon magnets

The technique used at Camaloon

Our personalised magnetic bottle opener for exemple, we use full-colour, direct-to-garment printing (DTG), the most advanced printing technology available.

A DTG printer is similar to a classic inkjet printer you use to print on paper. The printer uses four inks — cyan, magenta, yellow and black — and automatically combines them to produce a wide range of shades. DTG printers can reproduce vivid colours as well as fine details and small text. They can print almost anything from your computer screen, including photographs.

DTG printers are super speedy and can be used to print large or small quantities.

How to put your designs on magnets

Create your personalised magnets using our online design tool with just a few clicks.

Camaloon magnet types

1. Choose the type of a magnet

Custom shape, round, rectangular, square, oval, a magnet that doubles as a business card, a badge magnet or a bottle opener.

2. If available, choose a size

Some magnets come in various sizes, some are one size only.

3. If available, choose a style

For some magnets, you can select a glossy or matte finish, as well as a metallic, gold or glow-in-the-dark background.

4. Choose the quantity

Ordering personalised fridge magnets in bulk saves you money.

5. Start designing

Use our simple design tool to create your flexible magnet. Upload a logo, graphic or photograph or add text.

Camaloon design tool

6. Add your design to the shopping cart

To complete your purchase, add your design to the shopping cart and proceed to payment.

Camaloon design tool add to cart

And that is all! You can use them for wedding magnets and create souvenir.

Here at Camaloon, we produce high-quality promotional products at all price points. We use only the most advanced techniques to ensure the success of your marketing campaign.

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