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The Printing Techniques for Your Personalised T-Shirts

You want your future personalised t-shirts, but you still need to understand how to get around the different printing techniques?

Let us help you by explaining to you all the characteristics and methods of each of the printing techniques available on our website.

After reading this quick guide you will be able to make the best choice for you and your business. The result is going to elevate your business like never before. You will see!

Understanding the difference between screen printing and digital printing is fundamental to make the right choice. So, let’s get started!


Screen Printing

What it is and how it works

Screen printing is a technique that has been around since forever. It is still very used all over the world to this day mainly for its quality duration. It is known also as serigraphy and it is the go-to type of technique if your visual identity is based on Pantone colours.

It uses a frame that contains the drawing that is going to be transferred on the garment with the use of ink. Only one colour can be used at a time. If the image is composed of different colours (a maximum of 6) then more frames will have to be used for each colour.  

This makes the process of this technique cost-effective. Since the frames are made, they can be used and re-used without limitations. Plus, the quality will always remain intact.

Orders and prices

As said before, when you choose to personalise your t-shirts with the serigraphy technique a frame needs to be created. For this exact reason is important for us to specify that we have a set minimum order minimum of at least:

  • 10 t-shirt (2 colours)
  • 25 t-shirts (over 2 colours)

The screen-printing technique allows us to have cheaper prices the more quantity is requested. This means that the more t-shirts you print the less you will spend on each one of them!


Our t-shirts are made for visibility and quality. You can choose between several types of t-shirts depending on your business needs. All of them are perfect with the screen-printing techniques.

From long sleeves to shorts one, from t-shirts for kids to sport t-shirts and tank tops. You can also request them to be made of 100% organic cotton and to be printed on both sides, front and back.

Pro and cons

Here is a brief list of the pros and cons of the screen-printing technique.


  • You want to make a consistent order
  • You want to use Pantone colours
  • Your t-shirt print needs to be resistant to washing


  • You want to make a small order
  • Your graphics contains more than 6 colours


Digital Printing

How it works

This technique resembles the ink-jet printers that tend to be used at home and the office. The graphic personalisation is directly reproduced on the t-shirt material.  It permits you to have a high-quality resolution for images.

Conversely to the screen-printing technique, digital printing is perfect for a personalisation that contains many different colours and can serve efficiently urgent orders.

Orders and prices

Digital printing does not have a minimum order. However, it is less convenient for big orders since it’s more expensive than screen-printing.



If you would prefer to use this type of printing technique, you will need to print on cotton materials. There is nothing to worry about since the t-shirts available on our website will suit any needs. The chance of your business looking great is very high!

Pro and cons

Here is a brief list of the pros and cons of the digital printing technique.


  • You want to make a small order
  • You do not want to use Pantone colours but multiple colours
  • Your order is urgent


  • You can only use cotton shirts
  • Convenient only with small orders


Summing up

These were the most important pieces of information about the screen-printing and digital printing techniques. You should be now able to make the right decision for you and your business.

Everything should be clear by now, but in case you still need help in choosing what is the best choice for you feel free to contact us. Your personalised t-shirts are a couple of clicks away from you.

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