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Smart Cap Promotion Ideas to Try

Adding your company’s name and logo to a cap is a quick and easy way to boost brand exposure. While marketing posters or billboards stay in place, personalised caps are free walking ads for your business. Plan an interesting design and choose the best printing technique out there. Add a catchy message or statement that piques people’s interest, and they will ask questions about your company. Caps aren’t exclusive to a specific age group or gender, which makes them a perfect promotional gift. 

Here are some suggestions for how to distribute personalised caps to raise brand awareness and, eventually, sales.

Personalised caps

Give personalised caps to your employees

People like getting gifts and whenever you are given something away, start with your employees. Give them nice personalised caps as a token of appreciation. A nice personalised cap could also be a part of your welcome package for new employees to make them instantly feel part of the team. Positive company culture is a critical factor in business success.

Reward return customers

Come up with a loyalty programme and reward returning customers with personalised caps. You can give away caps after a certain number of purchases or an amount of money spent. Show appreciation to your loyal customers and give them a reason to keep coming back. Not only will they promote your company by wearing the cap, but happy customers will tell others about their experience and potentially bring in new customers.

Hand out personalised caps at business events

Conferences, trade shows and other business events are ideal places to distribute caps personalised with your logo and information. You can also make your caps part of a goodie bag and include other personalised items. Attract people to your booth with promotional merchandise and engage them in conversation about your products and services.

Harness the power of social media

Launch a social media giveaway. For example, you can ask people to like a post and tag a friend in the comments to enter the contest. The task you assign should be proportional to the value of your prize. Don’t ask too much of people. Keep in mind that you will get exposure from both the giveaway and people wearing your personalised caps.

Support local community

Sponsor local teams or events. Sports players often need caps to protect them from the sun, and small local teams may not be able to afford them. That’s where you can help. Everybody benefits from this small gesture. You can also hand out personalised caps at various community events to ensure that participants remember your brand.

Camaloon personalised caps

In a nutshell

At Camaloon, we use the best printing technique out there to make personalised caps. Start designing with our online tool today, and you could be rocking your high-quality personalised cap in no time! Personalised garments are the most cost-effective walking advertisement!

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