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The Best Fonts for Your Promotional Products

People spend a lot of time thinking about fonts to use when creating promotional products (e.g personalised promotional keyrings). Selecting the right font is important because unattractive or difficult-to-read fonts can turn prospects off and prevent them from understanding your message. You need a font that your audience will respond to best. It needs to be both eye-catching and easy to read. With so many fonts to choose from, making a decision can be difficult. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best fonts for your promotional products.



Montserrat is a font worth considering if you like clean lines but want something with a little personality. Its letters are geometrically simple and elegant, but it still looks modern and fun. It really shines for short chunks of text, especially in all caps.

Montserrat font


Raleway is a highly readable, elegant font with geometric lettering that has a bit more personality than Monteserrat. It has a clean, modern and business-friendly design. The minimalist style of this font appeals to a broad audience.

Raleway font


Satisfy is a font that has the look of a timeless classic with a distinct modern twist. Use Satisfy to add a little pizazz to your design!

Satisfy font

Abril Fatface

Abril Fatface is a stylish and fun font with a newsy feel. Its elegant visual appearance, with curves and strong contrast, is highly readable and attracts reader attention.

Abril Fatface font


Amadeus is a fancy, captivating font with a bold yet feminine flair. It works well with products displaying feminine qualities.

Amadeus font

Amatic SC

Amatic SC is a simple but effective hand-drawn all caps font with a humanistic feel and great readability. It’s an awesome choice for a text that needs to stand out.

Amatic SC font


Arvo is a geometric monolinear-ish font with a tiny bit of contrast. This font comes close to meeting all the requirements for friendly but strong characters and high readability.

Arvo font

Boecklins Universe

Boecklins Universe is a font distinguished by floral forms and is intended for use in large sizes. It’s easy to read, but the decorative appearance is more prominent.

Boecklins Universe font

Dancing Script

Dancing Script is a perky font with a friendly, casual and spontaneous look.

Dancing Script font

Delius Unicase

Delius Unicase is a fun, all-caps comic book lettering font.

Delius Unicase font

Droid Sans

Droid Sans is a font with a neutral but friendly appearance. It’s easy to read because of its neutral shapes, lack of details at the ends and standard thickness.

Droid Sans font

Henny Penny

Henny Penny is a font with a lot of character and subtle quirkiness. It’s a casual, friendly and playful decorative font that’s especially appealing to kids.

Henny Penny font

Just Me Again Down Here

Just Me Again Down Here is a “messy” handwriting font with irregularities and mixed capitals. It has a very personal and fresh feel to it.

Just Me Again Down Here font


Knewave is a bold, painted font that grabs and holds the reader’s attention.

Knewave font


Lobster is a snazzy font with neat details and a strong personality. It conveys friendliness and has an endearingly warm feel. This font appeals to a wide range of audiences and works well as a retro or vintage element.

Lobster font


Mansalva is a friendly hand-lettered font that is suitable for personalised notes and informal text.

Mansalva font

Nickainley Normal

Nickainley Normal is a modern handwriting font with a fun personality and a hint of classic and vintage.

Nickainley Normal font


Sancreek is a fancy, modern take on some of the nineteenth-century wooden poster fonts.

Sancreek font

To sum up

Understanding which fonts are the easiest to read and draw attention can provide you with a competitive advantage and aid in maintaining brand awareness. The fonts you select should be consistent with your brand and make your products appealing to customers and prospects.

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