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The Ultimate List: 21 Things to Bring to a Festival

We made a list of 21 things to bring to a festival so you can enjoy it without any worry.

When you already have your ticket for the festival and you know that you are only days away from seeing your favourite artists, you might think that nothing else matters and you already have everything you need.

However, to take away more from the festival than just a sunburn or a cold after the rain, there are several things you should consider bringing.

Depending on the type of festival you’re going to, the time of the year, and the duration of the festival, the list of things you need to bring with you will vary.

But don’t worry, because in this list we have compiled everything you need for any type of festival. Read on to find out what are the things you should not forget to bring to a festival.


1. Backpack

The type of backpack and the most suitable size may vary depending on how long the festival will last and the festival organizer’s rules about the size and weight limit of any bags.

But the truth is that you will undoubtedly need one, even if it just a fanny pack where you can carry your most important and valuable items.

In case you are going to a week-long music festival with friends, sharing amongst yourselves all the necessities will be very convenient, as it will not require you to carry a lot of weight yourself.

Check out our wide range of options for backpacks, fanny packs and tote bags. The best part? You can personalise them and have the most original bags at the festival.

2. Documents

Two things that you do not want to forget or lose for anything in the world are your ticket and your identification document.

It will be essential to confirm your identity and age. It can be your national identity document, a passport or a driver’s license. Of course, make sure your document is valid.

It is worth mentioning that in many festivals it is only acceptable to bring the original document, as they do not accept any photocopies. Always check the festival rules in this matter.

3. Mobile phone

Although nowadays we are more likely to forget to put on our shoes than forget to take our mobile before leaving the house, it is still worth adding to the list.

Make sure you bring your mobile with enough charged battery and free space for all the photos and videos you plan to take.

If you plan to take a professional camera with you, you should remember that at many concerts they are not allowed. Before preparing your photography equipment, check if you are allowed to bring it.

4. External battery for mobile

The best thing to do at a festival is to bring your own power bank to make sure you can charge your mobile battery whenever you need it.

Although there may be charging stations at the festival, this way you will save a lot of time by avoiding long lines.

5. Cash

In addition to your cards, bringing enough cash to the festival can help you deal with any emergencies. It is possible that inside the festival there are ATMs to withdraw cash, but if you want to avoid the queues that will surely form, it is better that you prevent this by carrying cash in advance.

6. Water bottle

It is preferable to carry a water bottle made of resistant material to prevent it from breaking in the event of a fall.

Aluminum or stainless-steel bottles are the best option for these cases. These types of bottles can withstand falls, are light, easy to store and spill-proof. Another aspect in favour of bottles made of this material is that they are easy to clean and have a neutral flavour that will not alter the taste of a drink.

Do you need a resistant and high quality water bottle? Check out our bottle selection!


7. Rain protection

If the festival takes place during the rainy season, you will want to bring a poncho or windbreaker with you to protect yourself. The latter has the benefit of not only being used for rain, but also as protection against cold wind.

The advantage of these accessories over umbrellas is that they can protect you by keeping your hands free for when your favourite artist asks the audience to raise their hands.

Some festivals may have restrictions on the dimensions of the umbrella that attendees can bring. So, to avoid inconvenience, a poncho or a windbreaker jacket will be the best option.

8. Sun protection

Prolonged exposure to the sun is dangerous for people of all ages and at any time of the year.

Protecting yourself from UV rays is less cumbersome than you might think. Simply remember to use sunglasses, a cap or hat and sunscreen.

When it is very hot, it is common to feel the need to wear less clothing.  But leaving the skin exposed to the sun considerably increases the risk of developing skin diseases. So do your best to stay protected in the sun.

9. Change of clothes

Whether it’s a multi-day festival or not, it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes in case you stain what you’re wearing or to make getting home more comfortable with a comfy, clean change of clothes.

The number of extra clothes you should bring will depend on how many changes you need to make and how much space you have available. The type of clothing to take with you will depend on your style and preference, although it is always advisable to wear some comfortable and practical clothing.

10. Bag to store dirty clothes

The clothes you take off have to go somewhere, and it’s the best to keep them separate from clean clothes. For this it is advisable to carry a plastic or cloth bag where you can store dirty clothes.

Not only is this useful for keeping clean clothes fresh, it also saves you time when looking for something clean to wear.

11. Comfortable shoes

If you are going to be on your feet, jumping and dancing for many hours, you will appreciate having the right shoes with you for that.

One recommendation would be to wear shoes that are durable and comfortable enough to successfully survive the festival, but not so expensive that it hurts to see them full of mud.

Grooming and health

12. Grooming Kit

What you can include in your grooming kit varies depending on the type of festival you’re going to and how long it lasts.

Some recommended accessories are:

  • face wipes
  • deodorant
  • light towel
  • soap
  • antibacterial gel
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • toilet paper

3. Garbage bag

Apart from the laundry bag, it is a good idea to carry another bag where you can store all your waste. Although there may be trash cans inside the festival, it is not possible to know how close they will be to you.

To ensure that you maintain more order and cleanliness in your things, it is a good idea that you have your own bag where you dispose of your garbage.

14. First aid kit

Having a first aid kit is something you will greatly appreciate. It doesn’t have to be a medicine cabinet full of supplies to cater to everyone, but it does have to have a few things that will come in handy during and after the festival.

These can include:

  • pain killers
  • antihistamines
  • bandages
  • mosquito repellent
  • isotonic drink

15. Earplugs

At a music festival, especially long-running festivals, you are exposed to noise levels that affect your hearing and can cause permanent damage.

Surprisingly, when it comes to things to bring to a festival, earplugs are often not among the most important. Sometimes they don’t even show up on the list.

Remember that the damage to your hearing health caused by high noise levels is permanent. There is no cure for it. Once you start losing your hearing, there is no way to get it back.

Avoid not being able to enjoy the music you love so much by preventing hearing loss with earplug use.


16. Tent

To choose the right tent it is important to take into account the weather you will encounter during the festival, as well as the space you need.

You preferably want a tent that has enough space for you and your stuff, but not so big that it’s an awkward burden.

It is not necessary to have a professional tent, but one that is strong and durable enough to protect you in any weather conditions.

If you have the opportunity, choose well where to set up your tent in the camping area.

17. Sleeping bag

It is difficult to enjoy a festival with back pain or stiff neck, so a good sleeping bag will be a great ally in your experience.

From protecting you from the cold to being a comfortable support while sleeping on the ground, a sleeping bag is an accessory you should always have with you, to make your camping and festival experience more fun and free of muscle pain.

18. Folding chair

After many hours on your feet, you’ll love having a chair to sit on.

However, keep in mind that not all festivals allow you to bring folding chairs. So before you consider taking one with you, first check the festival’s regulations on this.

19. Portable kitchen

As in the previous point, you should first check the policies that the festival has established on this.

Especially if you go with a group of friends, a portable mini kitchen can be useful and save you money when preparing your own food.

20. Utensils

Of course, if you are going to cook you will need the right utensils. Some of the most basic ones you should consider taking with you are:

  • skillet
  • pot or saucepan
  • glasses or cups
  • cutlery set

We have the perfect cups for you. They maintain the temperature of your drinks for hours and you do not have to worry about possible spills.

21. Food and snacks

In addition to the food you are going to prepare, it is a good idea to bring snacks to help you satisfy your hunger. For example:

  • cereal bars
  • fruits
  • cookies
  • nuts

Some of the foods that you can prepare when you are camping at a festival can include:

  • instant noodles
  • fruit or vegetable salads
  • sandwiches
  • canned food
  • omelettes

Or, you can simply bring prepared food to heat up and eat immediately.

Remember that some items such as drones, camping equipment and other electronic equipment may not be allowed at the festival. Always check the festival regulations before attending to know what you can and cannot bring.

You already know what are the 21 things to bring to a festival. To choose which ones are right for you, before preparing your backpack and outfit for the festival, take into account several aspects such as:

  • The weather conditions
  • The duration of the festival
  • The weight you are willing to carry
  • Ground on which the festival will take place

Festivals are a great experience and being prepared is something that will help you enjoy the festival that much more and create the best memories.

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