Types of Different Printing Techniques for Notebooks

Notebook covers get you noticed, so make sure that they are memorable.  Due to advancements in technology, different printing techniques ensure your notebooks appear exactly as you envisioned them. 

Power of printing techniques

Using personalised notebooks is one of the most efficient marketing strategies to promote your business.  Printing techniques give you the power to customise the notebooks exactly how you’d like, to make them stand out among all the other notebooks on the market.  Besides the other personalisation options such as size, format, and colour, printing technique is another equally important consideration.

silk-screen printing technique

Printing technique terminology

Silk-screen, laser engraving, embossing, debossing, digital printing – these are all wonderful terms that many of us do not understand.  Let’s get acquainted with the printing technique terminology.

Silk-Screen printing on notebooks

Silk-screen printing is a technique in which we use mesh to transfer ink onto a notebook. A blade spreads the ink over the open mesh and reaches the surface. Also called silk-screening, it is a common choice due to its economical way of printing logos and designs. However, it is also the best option for printing solid blocks of colour, and ordering in bulk.

Laser engraving notebook printing technique

Laser engraving gives notebooks a classy appearance and we most commonly use it on PU leather, bamboo and denim effect notebooks.  In this technique, we use a laser machine to etch your company name or logo onto the material, revealing the colour below.  Laser engraved notebooks are long-lasting and elegant looking. Due to this fact, they are often sold as high-end notebooks or gifted to special clients or partners.

Digital printing technique for notebooks

Digital printing gives you the most freedom to create exactly what you want.  It allows you to combine illustration, text, and imagery with the richest spectrum of colours.  Get the specific shade of any colour you want and transfer a digital image onto the cover of your notebook for the final effect. This printing technique could be classified as luxe for least as you get a classy look that is cost-effective.

Debossing technique for your notebooks

Debossing is a printing technique in which we use heat to imprint a design onto a notebook.  The imprinted design causes indents on the notebook cover which gives an elegant look on a notebook such as Moleskine. Combining PU leather and debossing personalisation on your notebooks make your company look more sophisticated and classy. Consequently, this increases the value of your company in your clients’ eyes.

debossing printing technique for notebook

Count on Camaloon

Camaloon has the latest technology to make any personalisation of your notebook a reality. You can personalise your notebook by choosing to print on both sides, or opting for full-cover printing.

We guarantee the best quality of production as we do all of our notebook printing, engraving and debossing in-house.  We also manufacture many of our notebook formats too! Once you create an online order, we have a team of experts that evaluate the design you envisioned and are there every step of the way. 

We validate every order and also offer advice on how to design and order the right notebooks for your needs.  Just tell us what you’d like – we’ll make it happen!

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