Why Use Promotional Merchandise as Your Marketing Tool

Promotional merchandise is one of the most powerful advertising tools. Any freebie you’ve received with a company logo, name or brand message on it is a promotional item. In times of excessive digital marketing noise, promos are a more subtle marketing tactic that effectively draws attention to your business. Here’s why you should consider adding them to your marketing mix.

Promotional merchandise

Interesting stats about promotional merchandise

According to a study conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), of all the customers who receive your branded item:

  • 75% will be more likely to purchase from you again
  • 80% will be inclined to promote your products or services to others
  • 87% will keep your promotional product for over a year, giving your brand visibility

Not bad, ha?

Popular promotional products include mugs, water bottles, t-shirts, pens, USB sticks, mouse mats, tote bags, keyrings, etc. Most people have at least one promotional product lying around their home or office.

McDonald's logo

Promo merchandise increases brand recognition

Consider McDonald’s, for example. Everyone knows their name and recognises their logo. Even if we don’t like eating there, we have been exposed to the brand for so long that we know it’s McDonald’s when we see those golden arches. You don’t need the entire world to know about your company, but you do want your target audience to recall the name of your business and what you offer. Putting your logo and business information on cool freebies will raise awareness about your business and boost your brand recognition. If you expose potential customers to promotional items long enough, they will be able to identify your brand when they see it on other items or anywhere else.

Promotional products are low-cost, high-impact ads

Promotional water bottles

It’s a common misconception that you need to have a huge marketing budget to be able to afford promotional giveaways. Even small businesses can afford to include promotional merchandise in their marketing strategy. Camaloon offers the lowest prices on the market as well as discounts on bulk orders. When you consider how much exposure branded items provide and how long, investing in this advertising medium makes sense. Promotional products are extremely cost-effective.

Promotional items provide daily exposure

Promotional pen

The idea is to distribute promotional items that individuals can use on a daily basis, whether at home, at work or on the go. Many people, for example, enjoy drinking coffee on their way to work. A branded travel mug would be quite useful to them, and you would receive daily exposure. Branded mugs promote your business with every sip, for months or even years! Furthermore, think about how many people get to see a simple pen with a company logo printed on it. We use them ourselves, lend them, leave them everywhere… So many chances for exposure with such a small thing.

Promos foster customer loyalty

Your most loyal customers are your best brand ambassadors, and promotional gifts are a terrific way to thank them and show how much you appreciate their business. Brand loyalty has to be nurtured. Promotional products help you keep the customers you’ve already won over. Customers enjoy receiving free gifts, especially if they are unique, and will spend more money with you as a result because they feel they kind of owe you.

Promotional products serve as business cards

Printed with a business logo and contact details, a promotional item serves as a business card. Most people throw away traditional business cards within the first month of receiving them, which is not the case with promotional products. People get more excited about branded gifts than business cards. Next time they see your logo or name, they will associate it with the promotional gift you gave them. This is called positive brand association, and it is one of the primary goals of marketing.

Brand promotion mouse mat

How to get the most bang for your buck with your promotional merchandise

Promotional mug

Usability is key. Your products should be aesthetically pleasing but, more importantly, practical. If not functional, they will end up in a dusty drawer or, worse, in the rubbish. Practical promotional products will be used over and over again and ensure maximum exposure for your brand. The more a product is used, the more noticeable it becomes to others with whom the user interacts, allowing for brand awareness to grow organically.

If possible, select promotional products related to your business. For example, if you are a tech company, opt for USB sticks or power banks. A coffee shop can distribute promotional mugs. Choosing items that are relevant to your business helps with brand recognition and association.

Whatever you choose, make sure the products are of high quality. People will associate the quality of your promotional products with the quality of your company. Your promotional products should also appeal to your target audience. If your promotional gifts are tailored to your customers and they are pleased with them, you will receive more referrals. Take t-shirts, for example. If you give t-shirts that your customers don’t find interesting, they will not wear them. On the other hand, awesome promotional t-shirts will turn your customers into walking advertisements.

Where to distribute promotional merchandise

One-time distribution of great promotional products will result in months of exposure. Promotional products can be distributed at a variety of events, including conferences, trade shows, corporate seminars, business meetings, sales presentations, community events and so on. Even if someone does not require your promotional item, they will most likely take it and give it to someone who does, and the product will continue to increase brand awareness for you.

Business event potential consumers

To sum up

Promotional products are an effective marketing tool with a solid return on investment. There are numerous advantages to using promotional items, and the goal is to keep your company at the forefront of people’s minds the next time they need the product or service you provide. Camaloon has been a leader in the promotional products industry since 2011, providing branded merchandise to thousands of businesses. We can help you create branded products for your next marketing campaign, and you can save money on your next promotional merchandise order by ordering in bulk.

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