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New trends and routines have hit us all recently, that means all of us need to take some measures and get used to the new normal daily life. Companies around the world are required to implement these measures in their offices, so we at Camaloon got you covered!

Check out our selection of perspex sheets for you to install in your offices. Our saferty barriers can be personalised with your company logo to give a more personal touch in your office or you can also have them plain without personalisation. These are a perfect use as a protective shield between your employees, make they feel safe and comfortable in your office.

At Camaloon, we are proud to say that we are our own manufacturers. We are the ones that print on your perspex sheet, take care of your design as well as the packaging and ship it to you the customer, making sure for you to have an easy and satisfactory expereince of buying personalised safety barriers until the very end.

These plexiglass barriers are becoming a new tool of promotional use for many companies, so make sure your company gets on board this trend.

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What variety of plexiglass shields do you offer?

We have made sure to give you a more possibilities when it comes to choosing your ideal perspex sheet for your office. All of them can be personlised with your company logo, but they also do not have to be. The choice is yours!

How can I setup the plexiglass protective shields in my office?

We have two different types of perspex sheets that will adjust to your workplace no matter its structure. One of them is the Anti-droplet Plexiglas® protective screen that you can easily set it up on your employees' desk or reception. The other one is Hanging Plexiglas® protective screen that would be ideal for your business if you are in contact with customers daily. Both safety barriers ensure safety and social distancing among your employees and customers.

How fast can I get my perspex safety barrier?

Camaloon offers you personalised perspex sheets, but you can also get them without customisation. In this case delivery is possible within 48h.

What materials are these safety barriers made from?

These safety barriers are made from plexiglass which form a physical barrier against coughing, sneezing and other hazards, creating a safe transaction environment for staff, customers and visitors.

Why get perspex sheets from Camaloon?

Because we care about you and your well-being. We've gathered a range of perspex sheets for you to personalise and you can choose to have it printed or not. Personalise it in a way that will work for your company needs and for your employees' safety. Another reason is because we are our own manufacturers. That means we take care and put great importance into the entire process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it and shipping it to you, so you can get your plexiglass protective shields as fast as within 48h.

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