Personalised name badges are Camaloon goodies essential to any activity! They allow you to gain visibility and be open to any discussion with customers and partners. Personalise name badges and sticker tags with your logo or name.

Personalise name badges and stickers

Write your name, the name of your company, your contacts ...

Personalised badges for events | Camaloon

Personalised badges for events

To be visible during events and to ensure good communication between visitors at your stand and you, personalised name badges are an optimal solution.

Equip your employees with badges | Camaloon

Equip your employees with badges

Any type of business finds use in personalising name badges. Your employees in stores or waiters in restaurants can use this badge to facilitate communication with customers, for example.

Great marketing tools | Camaloon

Great marketing tools

The interest of name badges stickers is therefore to make you gain visibility by showing that your company and your employees are proud and open to discussion.

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Camaloon manufactures your name badges

For inexpensive, high-quality name badges and self-adhesive badges

Low-cost goodies | Camaloon

Low-cost goodies

Camaloon strives to offer its customers the best prices on the market. We understand that corporate communication and advertising are essential to any activity, which is why we want them to be accessible to everyone.

Several badge formats | Camaloon

Several badge formats

To offer promotional items that suit everyone, our catalog of name badges and self-adhesive badges is large enough for you to find what you are looking for.

Our delivery options | Camaloon

Our delivery options

Always in an approach to offer varied services and adapted to all, we offer different types of delivery to meet your needs.

Personalise name badges for ...

For companies | Camaloon

For companies

Name badges are very important promotional goodies for businesses. Their usefulness is found according to the nature of the business (shops, restaurants and bars, construction, entertainment, etc.) and according to its relationship to events (frequency of attendance at shows, fairs, forums, competitions, etc.). Name badges are essential for all representatives of your company because they allow them to be visible, recognisable and to show their interest and openness to discussion.

For associations | Camaloon

For associations

To gain popularity, associations also have a great need for personalised name badges. They will allow them to be seen, recognised and retained during events or during canvassing on the public highway. Print your name, logo, and contacts on it to make sure all the key takeaways are read by everyone who meets you.

For schools and universities | Camaloon

For schools and universities

Schools, universities and private schools all have a strong interest in having personalised name badges. Reputation and visibility being strong criteria to ensure that your establishment operates correctly and that your students are motivated to give the best of themselves, to represent you officially through name badges during events (orientation days, forum number of students, competitions ...) will help you achieve your goals.

Printing on your badges

Silkscreen | Camaloon


A personalised name badge with a logo, text or photo composed of one to six colors can be printed by screen printing. This printing technique is very popular because it is inexpensive and very efficient.

Digital printing | Camaloon

Digital printing

With digital printing, you can print your logo, slogan or name on your name badges in many colours. You can personalise your name badges stickers without any limit of colours or patterns.

Pad printing | Camaloon

Pad printing

Pad printing allows you to accurately print any type of image using two or three-dimensional effects with a perfect finish. It is one of the most used techniques to personalise name badges because it is an economical option and creates a lasting impression.

Choose Camaloon goodies

Your quality advertising and marketing items

Manufacturers for over 10 years | Camaloon

Manufacturers for over 10 years

Camaloon is today the leading company in the personalised badges market thanks to its expertise and experience.

Our personalisation tools | Camaloon

Our personalisation tools

We have implemented a very easy-to-use personalisation software so that you can create and visualise the rendering of your personalised name badges.

Our wide range of products | Camaloon

Our wide range of products

The Camaloon goodies catalog is large. We want to diversify our offer and offer the most suitable products to our customers so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

How to personalise your name badges?

1- Select your name badge model

Make your choice of name badges according to your company image, your preferences and your personality.

Please note: the minimum order for these name badges ranges from 10 or even 100 products depending on the model.

2- Make your choice of colour

Depending on the model you have chosen, you have different colour choices available to you. Pick the one that blends the best with your logo or just the one you prefer for your personalisation.

3- Choose your order quantity

You can order endlessly! But choose the quantity required for your activity.

4- Test your personalisation

Thanks to our personalisation software, you can experiment! Add different images and texts, then put your favorite combination in your basket!

5 - Confirm your order and complete your purchase

Enter your details, select your preferred method of payment and the type of delivery you want.

6 - Receive your products!

We will keep you posted on the status of your order and its delivery date. Be present at your defined address to collect your personalised name badges!

Catalogue for businesses

Products and solutions tailored to your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a sample?

Yes, you can request a sample if you are a business. For this, we ask you to contact one of our sales agents.

Can I return an order?

We personalise each item specially for each order, which is why we do not accept returns. For any complaint, we kindly ask you to complete the incident form and we will respond to you within two working days maximum.

Can I upload more than one image per item?

Yes, you can upload as many designs as you want per item. For some of our models, you can add multiple designs at no additional cost.

Can I pay for my order after receiving it?

Payment is not possible after receipt of your order. Our items are personalised, so it is not possible to start production without receiving payment for your order.

Can't find what you need?

Our team of advisors is on hand to help you create the perfect promo items and corporate gifts, to take your business to the next level.

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