Personalised backpacks are an ideal promotional gift

Backpack as a term was coined in around 1910 in the united states and succeeded terms such as moneybag and packsack which were used more frequently before the arrival of the modernly well-known name - backpack. Another term used to reference backpacks is rucksack which was a loanword from German that is used mainly in the UK and the US. Knapsack was a term used up until around the middle of the 20th century and is still commonly used in Canada.

Backpacks in their most simple form are a cloth sack, that you can carry on your back, secure in place with two shoulder straps. Other designs include external frame, internal frame and bodypacks, however, the most common are daily use backpacks with a more simplistic design. Backpacks are often used by students or hikers and personalised backpacks can be a great way to show what teams, clubs, or even school you are part of. While there are lots of options for carrying your belongings, backpacks are preferred to carrying heavier loads than bags such as handbags and purses, satchels, briefcases or personalised tote bags. This is due to the shoulder straps that they possess which bears the load more evenly and in a much more manageable way than handles of a handbag or a single shoulder strap of a satchel for example.

Personalised backpacks give your clients something they can use

Until fairly recently, personalised backpacks were mainly used for sports clubs or universities along with other personalised bags, to identify your teams and fellow students. Now, as companies are realising the power of promotional items more and more, they have become an increasingly popular way to advertise brands. Not only do personalised backpacks tick one of the most important boxes when considering promotional items (they are an item great for daily use, as with our personalised drawstring bags), but they are also an item that your clients can really appreciate. Whether it be to use as a school bag, to carry documents and work to and from classes, or even now as a fashion accessory to add to your outfit, everyone can find a purpose for a personalised backpack.

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