With high quality all-over-print bags made of cotton, you can show your customers that you are serious about environmental protection. These reusable bags are an excellent choice. But they can also be used on the beach or on the street. Conveniently stow everything you need in it. And if personal style is important to you, you can easily design it to your liking with all-over printing.

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
Easy personalisation -  Camaloon

Easy personalisation

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
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We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
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Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

Applications of all-over printing bags

Company promotion | Camaloon

Company promotion

It is very important to promote your brand within the company. With our all-over-print bag, you can do this and please your co-workers with a stylish and useful gift. Such a promotional item is also suitable for the welcome package for new employees. The large advertising space is perfect for your distinctive logo and design.

Gift | Camaloon


Offer a trendy yet practical gift from Camaloon to your customers. All-over printing bags are environmentally friendly, reusable products that also offer a large printing area. Personalise them with your unique logo for valuable advertising and create a unique marketing campaign by adding all-over printing bags to your next gift.

Marketing tool | Camaloon

Marketing tool

Whether at company events or trade fairs, these print bags are a great marketing tool. Customers and employees will appreciate the practical advertising materials that are used when shopping or in the supermarket. All-over printing bags are fantastic choices for businesses. Personalise it with your company information and logo to increase brand awareness.

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Produits très bien, mais temps d'attente un peu long.
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great design, love the color :) thank you
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Je recommande sans hésitation
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quality of the stickers is good and shipping quick
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Très bien merci
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Très bien..
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Bonne qualité et reçu à temps
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Site super, j'en suis à ma 3ème commande. Les badges reçus sont toujours conformes à la demande, une étoile en moins pour le délai que je trouve un peu long.
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Très bien Produits conformes

Camaloon offers a better range of all-over-print bags

Low price | Camaloon

Low price

Our personalised all-over-print bags are incredibly affordable. Thanks to their low prices, you can give them away to loyal customers or employees. Buy bags in bulk and give them away in the office, in your shop or at corporate events.

Wide choice | Camaloon

Wide choice

Our all-over-print bags come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Just find your preferred design and add your custom branding. With this reliable bag, your company will be clearly visible every time customers leave your home.

Products for all business areas | Camaloon

Products for all business areas

At Camaloon we offer products for different business fields and target groups. Our goal is to constantly expand the product portfolio so that we can always offer our customers something new and also always guarantee the highest quality.

Our Target Groups

Who are all-over-print bags for?

Schools | Camaloon


When it comes to all-over-print bags, Camaloon's are the best choice for all schools, institutions and clubs whose goal is not only to make their students or club members happy, but also to make their name more visible. There are several advantages: in addition to a large selection of bags in different sizes and styles, there's no restriction with a certain limit of printing. In this way, your story can be printed on the entire bag and is therefore more visible to the public.

Sports clubs | Camaloon

Sports clubs

Various sports clubs can have all-over printing bags printed in full with the names and photos of the members and make a nice gift. Since you need a lot of things like equipment and clothing when doing sports, these bags are very practical and useful. With all-over printing, you get more space for your design options. These bags can promote a sense of togetherness in the club and also bring something special and original to the club. Order these all-over-print bags and take advantage of the great offer - the more you order, the lower the price.

Individual order | Camaloon

Individual order

Custom orders can also be used for bags with all-over printing. As a gift or just for fun, bags with all-over printing are perfect because you can print on both sides without restrictions. Choose one or two photos according to your choice and taste, insert them into our program, confirm and your order will be ready for you. Simply select the bag you want and your order will be prepared for you.

Printing options

Our high-quality printing techniques ensure that your advertising remains in view for a long time.

Screen printing | Camaloon

Screen printing

With this printing process, your motif, logo or design is pressed onto the bag through a textile fabric. The fabric serves as a template and is produced individually for the respective print job. The screen printing process is characterised by a good price to performance ratio for large orders for bags, tote bags and backpacks.

Full colour digital printing | Camaloon

Full colour digital printing

Full colour digital printing is a printing technique that uses a computer to transfer your design or logo to the printing machine. Digital printing is based on four colours, called CMYK. You can print in all colours. Full-colour digital printing is also very suitable for printing photos and elaborate designs.

Double-sided digital printing | Camaloon

Double-sided digital printing

Our personalised bags, jute bags and textile bags can be printed on the front and back. This offers more flexibility in the design and increases the reach of your brand. To increase the visibility of your logo, simply print your individual bags on both sides!

Trust in Camaloon!

Innovative technology for a better experience | Camaloon

Innovative technology for a better experience

At Camaloon we make sure that every one of our business processes is carried out with the utmost care. We extensively test each of our products and printing processes so that we can recommend the right one.

Top service | Camaloon

Top service

We guarantee our customers fast printing and shipping and are always available to answer any questions you may have about your order.

Quality standards | Camaloon

Quality standards

Our on-site specialists also check the quality of all promotional items and check your design before printing. In this way we can guarantee you a high quality standard.

What is all-over printing?

The most important type of printing for maximum brand exposure.

What does all-over printing mean?

All-over printing is the full-surface printing of fabrics, in this case bags. With other printing methods, the edge of the fabric is not printed by the machine, with all-over printing this problem does not exist, so you can print on the entire area of the bag.

The essence of all-over printing is that we can print from seam to seam. The desired motif will be printed on the bag you have chosen without restricting the size selection.

What are the advantages of this printing process?

There are no fixed dimensions and no fixed motif area for all-over printing.

It is important to note that there is no size limit when choosing a design in the printing process. This means that even very distinctive motifs and complex designs can be printed over a large area. All-over printing is also a good way of attracting attention on large print areas for advertising purposes.

Catalogue for businesses

Products and solutions tailored to your needs.


Questions and Answers

Can I wash Camaloon t-shirts and bags in the washing machine? Can i use a dryer?

Our t-shirts and fabric bags can be washed in the washing machine below 40 ° C. Higher temperatures, both in the washing machine and when using the dryer, can damage the print.

In order to protect the pressure on the textile articles, we recommend washing and ironing them inside out.

My order did not arrive on time. What can I do?

If you have received some of the products incorrectly, please complete the form located at the bottom of each page under the heading “Report a problem with your order”. Please enter a correct order number and describe the problem in detail. Please note that the transport companies can deliver until 7:00 p.m.

What delivery options are available to me?

The delivery options available may vary depending on the weight of the order and the destination country. Enter the desired products and your address details in the order to view the corresponding delivery options and to confirm the costs and delivery times.

My files are in a different format, what can I do?

If your files are in a different format, you'll need to convert it to .jpg, .jpeg, or .png.

What types of files does the program accept?

You can upload files in .jpg or .png format using the design program. For best results, make sure that the image has a resolution of 300 dpi.

Can't find what you need?

Our team of advisors is on hand to help you create the perfect promo items and corporate gifts, to take your business to the next level.

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