How it Works

1. Choose your product

1. Choose your product

Check out our large selection of jute tote bags and select your favourite model. Select the number of bags you would like to order and proceed to personalise.

2. Personalise your tote bag

2. Personalise your tote bag

Use our online product design tool to personalise your tote bag. You can add an image and/or text in a variety of fonts. You really don't need any design experience to create awesome jute tote bags!

3. We'll handle the rest

3. We'll handle the rest

When you are done designing, we'll do take care of the printing. We'll double-check the entire process to ensure that the printing is perfect before sending your personalised jute tote bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is printing on jute the same as printing on other materials?

Printing on jute can be somewhat different to printing on other materials. If you have a very detailed design, jute material will not be the best choice. A better choice for fine detailed print will be cotton.

How can I personalise jute tote bags?

Single colour screen printing is the ideal technique for printing textiles material like jute. Choose the colour you want to use to print and you will see your quality print come true.

Are jute tote bags ecological?

Jute tote bags are 100% eco-friendly being recyclable and biodegradable. It is the most affordable natural fibre available on the market. Choosing jute tote bags helps reduce environmental pollution.

How resistant are jute tote bags?

Jute tote bags are made of a resistant material. It can be used to carry different types of products such as food and clothing. Overall, its weight and how long a jute bag is going to last depends mainly on the model and type of fabric you will pick.

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