How does it work?

1. Choose your product

1. Choose your product

Check out our large selection of polyester tote bags and select your favourite model. Select the number of bags you would like to order and proceed to personalise.

2. Personalise your tote bag

2. Personalise your tote bag

Use our online product design tool to personalise your tote bag. You can add an image and/or text in a variety of fonts. You really don't need any design experience to create awesome polyester tote bags!

3. We'll handle the rest

3. We'll handle the rest

When you are done designing, we'll take care of the printing. We'll double-check the entire process to ensure that the printing is perfect before sending your personalised polyester tote bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are polyester tote bags?

Polyester is a type of synthetic compound commonly used to create textiles products such as bags. Those products result to be very strong and affordable. They do not deform and absorb moisture.

Are polyester tote bags eco-friendly?

There are not completely ecological. However, they still are a better option than plastic bags. Some of our models of polyester tote bags are mixed with organic cotton, which is an excellent option if you want to contribute to the health of our environment.

Are polyester tote bags durable?

Yes, they are! They make a very resistant bag that, despite being a soft touch fabric, supports weight well. We recommend not to wash polyester garments in too aggressive washing machine cycles.

How can polyester tote bags be personalised?

Your tote bags can be personalised using digital printing technique – DTG full colour. You can send any type of design you wish to print on your tote bags. The result is going to be a high-quality print!

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