Printed cloth bags are practical advertising products in every way. They are affordable, long lasting and can be customized in a number of different ways making them excellent items when it comes to giveaways, corporate gifts and even resale. In addition to the fact that cloth bags are advantageous for companies, they also work excellently for private individuals who are not interested in placing larger orders. At Camaloon, we offer many different models of tote bags that do not have a minimum number of orders, which means that it is at least as good to only order one copy at home. Our fabric bags with print are available in several colors, sizes and models and can be fully adapted so that the end result will be exactly as you want. Some of them can even be customized with full-coverage prints, which means you can place your design all over the bag. The result is so awesome, test for yourself!

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Maximum quality

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Easy personalisation

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Printed fabric bags are useful promotional products

In our wide range of fabric bags, there is something for every occasion

Giveaways | Camaloon


Creating stylish fabric bags with your own print of the company logo or slogan and then handing them out during important events is not a stupid idea at all. Removing practical cloth bags for visitors during trade fairs, conferences, markets or festivals is an effective way to increase awareness of your brand. Because these cloth bags are so practical, they will be used again and again, long after the event has come to an end and in this way many people will see your company name.

Corporate gifts | Camaloon

Corporate gifts

Our fabric bags are available in several different colors and models, which makes it easy for you to design bags that match the company's graphic profile. Order the type of bag that you think your employees or partners would appreciate the most and give the cloth bags to them the next time you see or do business together. Practical corporate gifts are the best because they actually come in handy, something that is always appreciated a little extra by the recipients. Give your cloth bags an elegant design and distribute them to important people for your company.

Gifts to important customers | Camaloon

Gifts to important customers

It is important to periodically show appreciation to loyal customers who have supported your business for several years. By adapting and giving away cloth bags to these important customers, you can easily make them feel seen and appreciated, something that is very important for your relationship with each other. An alternative is to give customers a practical cloth bag in connection with their next order. Another suggestion is to send them a gift when they have not shopped for a while, as a reminder that you are missing them.

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The benefits of Camaloon

We are experts in profile products and have all the knowledge required to deliver excellent results!

Wide selection | Camaloon

Wide selection

At Camaloon, we have gathered a large selection of profile products and the goal is that there should be something for all different types of purposes. Our team is constantly updated on new trends in the market so that we can offer as updated and modern a range as possible.

Low prices | Camaloon

Low prices

We want all companies to be able to order advertising products from us and therefore we offer products at low prices. We want to point out that even though our products have low prices, this does not mean that the quality suffers. Camaloon offers only the best. Everyone should be able to afford to create and print quality profile articles!

Different printing techniques | Camaloon

Different printing techniques

At Camaloon, we have tested all fabric bags with print to ensure that each individual product is printed with the best technology in terms of material and model. We do this to ensure that you as a customer are as satisfied as possible with the end result.

Who can benefit from cloth bags with print?

Customize your cloth bags according to your purpose

Schools and universities | Camaloon

Schools and universities

Distribute cloth bags to new students during the first day of school and make them feel a little extra welcome. Cloth bags are useful advertising products and by giving them away to students, you make it easier for them because it becomes easier for them to carry the school books with them every day. At the same time as students at your school or university carry around your cloth bags with the institute's logo on, your brand is made visible. This is what we call a win-win situation!

Reseller | Camaloon


At Camaloon, we offer you the best prices on the market, which makes it very advantageous to order cloth bags from us and then use them for resale. One of the advantages of ordering products from us is that all items in our range are completely customizable. This means that nowhere on the end product will our name be written, but the only thing that will be visible is your company name and your design. In addition, Camaloon also offers individual packaging with print, which makes it possible for you as a retailer to resell really professional products that come with nicely designed packaging.

Private individuals | Camaloon

Private individuals

Several cloth bags in our range lack a minimum number of orders, which means that it is perfectly possible to just design and order one copy. As a private person, you can design a stylish cloth bag for yourself or someone you like and give it away as a birthday present. We have fabric bags in different materials and several colors, which means that you can customize your bag exactly as you want. If you are planning to give a cloth bag to someone as a gift, you can suggest printing that person's name, a picture of him or her or a personal greeting. This way, you can create a personalized gift that will forever remind the recipient of you.

Printing techniques

This is how we print your cloth bags

Digital printing | Camaloon

Digital printing

With digital printing, the print is made directly on the fabric bag. This technology provides very detailed patterns that are possible in full color, ie with the number of colors you want and is also very affordable!

Screen printing | Camaloon

Screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technique that has been around for a very long time. With this technology, the print is transferred using templates created specifically for each design. The result is a long-lasting pressure.

Transfer pressure | Camaloon

Transfer pressure

With this technology, photos, detailed designs and simple logos can be printed on textiles with an uneven surface. The design is transferred directly to the fabric with the help of pressure and heat for a lasting result.

You can trust us

There are many reasons why you can trust Camaloon

Preview your design | Camaloon

Preview your design

At Camaloon, we have developed a user-friendly design tool online for you as a customer to be able to create fabric bags with print and preview end results before you confirm your order.

Manufacturing in our factory | Camaloon

Manufacturing in our factory

We are proud to say that we have our own factory where we manufacture your products. Thanks to the fact that it is our own factory, we have control over the entire manufacturing process, which guarantees an excellent result.

Many years of experience | Camaloon

Many years of experience

For over 10 years, we at Camaloon have been experts in printing, which means that we can guarantee you as a customer advertising products with the highest print quality. We are always here to guide you if you need help!

Strengthen your marketing with the right products

Bags and bags in fabric are perfect marketing tools

What does comprehensive printing mean?

At Camaloon, we offer both fabric bags with full-coverage print on the pocket and fabric bags with full-coverage print all over the bag. Comprehensive printing means that you do not have to adapt your design to a specific printing area to the same extent as when it comes to our traditional fabric bags with print. By printing your design on bags with full-coverage printing , your brand gets great visibility.

How can I market my business using printed fabric bags?

Fabric bags are an excellent option when you are marketing your brand, these bags are very popular because they are so useful and can be used for several years. Considering how affordable they are and how easy they are to design, they are perfect to order in larger volumes and then have ready for future campaigns. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and reducing plastic use is one way to do that. There is no better publicity than it is based on environmentally friendly choices and therefore we have developed the majority of environmentally friendly bags. We make it easy for people to carry your brand on environmentally friendly cotton and jute bags. Bags in different models are something that all people use, regardless of gender or age.

Do you have any environmentally friendly alternatives when it comes to cloth bags?

We care about the environment and always encourage our customers to do the same. For that reason, we have a number of different environmentally friendly options for you to choose from. Two of them are Neutral ® Fairtrade fabric bags in organic cotton and Best Value® organic bags in cotton . Check out our organic fabric bags at once!

What other types of products can I print at Camaloon?

Camaloon has a large international team of experts who work together to offer our customers the best possible experience and results. We have a variety of personal items that your company can use in future campaigns. Feel free to take a look at our range to see all the products we offer. Our advanced DTG and screen printing techniques can be used to create fine fabric bags with prints of your design. If you want to make a larger order of T-shirts, we recommend you to choose screen printing technology. Regardless of whether your company participates in events, sports activities or sponsors conferences, printed gym bags are also a fantastic way to spread your brand. With our simple online design tool and our free assessment of your design, we do everything in our power to ensure that the end result is exactly as you intended.

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common questions

Questions and answers about Camaloons fabric bags with print

How long does it take to get and get fabric bags with print delivered?

Creating fabric bags with print at Camaloon is a quick, easy and fun process. Once you have created your order, there are several delivery options to choose from. We offer free delivery for orders over 425 SEK.

Is it possible to request a product sample?

It is possible to request a product sample as long as the product does not have a minimum order quantity. If you want to make a large order, it may be a good idea to order a product sample first before you complete the final order. This way you can check the product and the quality of the print in peace and quiet.

Can I make changes to or cancel an order?

We give you the opportunity to make changes or cancel an order, provided that your request is made before the product begins to be manufactured. Once your order has passed this step, no changes and / or cancellations can be made.

Can I change the delivery address for my order?

You can change your delivery address as long as the product has not left our factory. Once the product has been sent, we do not make any changes to the address.

Is there a requirement for the minimum order quantity?

When it comes to Camaloon's cloth bags, there are both products with a requirement for a minimum order quantity and products without this requirement. We offer the best quality in relation to price and give you the opportunity to adapt your products entirely to your own taste.

How do I contact Camaloon?

At Camaloon, we value open and simple communication with our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, you are warmly welcome to contact us via chat, telephone (telephone number can be found at the top of the page) or customer service e-mail: If you already have the order number for your order, you can identify yourself using it in contact with us.

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