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Personalised bottle openers

Personalised bottle openers and their frequently asked questions

Why choose personalised bottle openers in the UK? (and not a different promotional item)

Many different types of merchandise can highlight your promotional message, and expanding your range of products by adding a personalised bottle opener might just be what you need to make potential customers notice your services or business in general. Although tea is our favourite drink in the UK, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages need a bottle opener (unless, of course, you prefer a bottle of wine, because then you need a corkscrew).

What shape can I order a personalised bottle opener in?

Our stock is filled with different shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s taste, and some of these personalised bottle openers have the shape of a musical instrument, animal or tool. The more general shapes you can order are rectangular, round and oval. If you don’t want your personalised bottle opening gadget to have a specific shape, then we advise you to go for a more general look and make the design stand out. We can print your logo, business details or event information on the bottle opener.

What personalised bottle openers are biggest in size?

Some people just want their company logo shown on a promotional product and that’s it, while others prefer to have more business info printed on it. If your name doesn’t explain what products or services you offer, you can include them. And besides a logo and company slogan, you can also add your website and telephone number, so potential clients can check out your website and contact you directly. Camaloon’s largest personalised bottle opener is the square bottle opener coaster.

Does Camaloon offer personalised bottle opener keyrings too?

Our wide range of products include personalised bottle opening keyrings, coasters and magnets. The more special bottle openers are a multi-purpose tool with the combination of a lighter and bottle opener. With one end you open a bottle of beer, and with the other you light that candle or cigarette. Bottle opener keyrings can have a neutral or a more exotic shape, like a salamander.

How about personalised wooden bottle openers or plaques?

Both personalised wooden bottle openers and plaques have one thing in common, and that is its looks. A warm wood has a more rustic and characteristic feel to it, but it also splinters and damages pretty quickly. That’s why, if you like some type of wood design element to be incorporated in your bottle opener, we would recommend ordering the magnetic bottle openers. You can add the rustic element of wood in the background, and our professional printing machines will then print it on the surface of your personalised magnetic bottle opener.

Can I order personalised bottle openers in bulk?

If you are worried that personalised bottle openers can only be ordered from a certain volume and upwards, then we can reassure you that there is no minimum order with Camaloon when it comes to custom designed bottle openers. Having eliminated those doubts about smaller quantities, it does make all the more sense to bulk buy your personalised bottle openers. A simple design with your logo or company name on the bottle opener will grab the attention at every catered event.

What is Camaloon’s cheapest personalised bottle opener?

Generally speaking bottle openers are not as expensive as other gifts, like personalised water bottles or personalised lunch boxes. Prices of cheap personalised bottle openers start at around £0.35 depending on your design and the creative finish you choose. Matte is cheaper than a golden or metallic background, for example.

Is there a personalised bottle opener key ring available for next day delivery?

Most bottle openers will be delivered within two to three weeks. Some personalised bottle opener keyrings are not up for next day delivery, but they are part of our fast dispatch group of products. This means that once you have custom designed and finished your order, your parcel will take half of its original delivery time to reach you. The speed of your delivery depends on what type of bottle opener you order, how many colours are in your design, and what printing technique is required.

What printing technique does Camaloon use for personalised photo bottle openers?

There are many printing techniques for personalised photo bottle openers, and we won’t go into detail too much as this is our expertise and we can ramble on about it, but the main techniques are silkscreen printing, laser printing and UV digital printing. The type of printing technique that supports your chosen material and design best is what automatically comes out of our design tool. You don’t have to worry about the technique, just remember that if you want more colours in your design, this affects the selected printing technique.

The difference a personalised bottle opener can make

The uniqueness of personalised bottle openers

You probably remember a personalised bottle opener from that time you went to a restaurant or bar and saw their personalised coasters and glass mugs. The bottle opener itself didn’t immediately catch your eye, but then you ordered a drink that needed one to open it. If it’s your favourite bar, you might want to buy this bottle opener to have the same one at home. Your partner will never have to question your whereabouts with this bottle opener lying around and you not being there. He or she will know your exact location just by seeing the logo on the bottle opener. A square bottle opener coaster can also have a compact drink menu printed on it, and this makes those large and unattractive menu cards with hundreds of beers and wines redundant. Just leave the regular larger menu cards for those that change frequently, and stick to your short list of drinks. How much more efficient and cost effective would it be to limit your offer, but to write it down on a lasting material?

A personalised bottle opener with photo for weddings and other events

Weddings are not the only occasion that ask for a special gift, because a personalised bottle opener for Father’s Day will also do the trick. Your dad will start a collection if you give him one each year. And if you update the photo in the design, you can clearly see your growth on the personalised magnet bottle opener. Why stop and break the cycle in your teens? Just include your girlfriend, wife or children as you grow older. Every time your dad opens the fridge, he will remember his favourite child and the special bond you have with him. Let’s give you another out-of-the-box idea: replace the boring Christmas cards you send each, but still use that awkward picture of your family in red and green sweaters with reindeer and ‘Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas’ on them. Break the tradition only slightly by sending personalised bottle openers with that same photo printed on them. It will make your friends and family laugh out loud every time they look at your uncomfortable look with those hot and itchy sweaters and happy but clearly forced smile.

Upgrade your marketing efforts with personalised promotional bottle openers

Although we expect you to be perfectly able to think of more private events for custom bottle openers, there is also a business value in personalised promotional bottle openers. That trade show that many of your potential clients visit to look for a new supplier is just around the corner, and if you haven’t spend your entire marketing budget on a professional stand with personalised posters yet, then now is the right time to look for something else that will have those clients remember you by. Personalised pens are another cheap and effective option, but a magnet bottle opener or aluminium bottle opener key ring will make you stand out from all those traditionally chosen giveaways. Dare to be different and have your catchy message printed on a bottle opener. At times when you least expect it, when having drinks during the weekend and looking for a personalised outdoor bottle opener, yours is the one they find when reaching inside their pocket. It gets passed around, and before you know it your company sticks in the minds of all those who have used the bottle opener.

Key rings, coasters, lighters and magnets – which personalised bottle opener to choose

Handing out personalised lighters as a bottle opener in the middle of a heat wave and when it hasn’t rained in weeks or even months in the UK may not be such a good idea. So don’t just select a bottle opener that you like or that fits the space you need for your logo or text, but consider the other elements of your promotional campaign. Knowing your target group and the season and date of the promotional event is good information to start with. Then go back to your line of business and find a bottle opener that represents just that. If you can’t find a shape that suits you, add the shape of the services you provide to a bottle opener magnet with a little more space. Don’t overdo it, however, with information in text, because this will distract.

How to personalise your bottle opener with Camaloon’s clever design tool

Looking at Camaloon’s website and all of its products will, no doubt, automatically give you much inspiration and multiple ideas on how to personalise your bottle opener. When it comes to customising your order of bottle openers we would like to give you one valuable tip before ordering, and that tip is: to let your creativity run wild and make more designs before you press that final order and payment button. Why we are giving you this free and easy piece of advice? Even the most creative people that have made it their job to design promotional items can miss their objective sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes, keeps thinking in circles, or experiences the artist’s form of a writer’s block. By giving yourself options, however, you allow yourself to take a step back and objectively evaluate your design. So use Camaloon’s design tool to create one personalised bottle opener with logo, one with only text, and another one with a combination of picture and text. Compare the design with only one colour with the one with multiple colours. Choose different fonts to feel which one works best for you or most expresses the emotion you want to get across. Dare to experiment, make at least four or five designs, and we bet the result will be all the better for it. Then go out for lunch, come back with a full tummy and a totally relaxed mind, and then take a fresh look at those designs. You can even ask a colleague to provide you with feedback if you need help picking one, or you can let the entire marketing team take a vote. Making your best personalised bottle opener design takes a little time, but it will pay off in the end. That’s one thing we are absolutely sure about.

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