Photo calendar 2019

The photo calendar is your great story together

A personalised gift for sharing with your loved ones and inspiring them

What inspires you?

Animals, Nature, textures... A reason for your photos to impress everyone and stand out even more every month.

Your favourite photos

Whether it's your friends, family, that dreamlike view, or even your pet! You get to choose your protagonists.

A year full of excitement

Make every month exciting by pairing it with a photo and text in order to relive the best moments and create new memories.

Photo calendars: for all the reminders you need

An ideal space to write and organise your notes, events, reminders, etc.

Personalise different calendars

Why create a calendar just for you? There are so many stories to tell (and to give away)!

Bulk orders: please ask us for a personalised quote

For large quantities, a friendly professional expert will be happy to assist you. Just leave us your contact details and we'll get in touch in a breeze.

If you prefer, get in touch with your sales representative.(+44) 20 3936 2557

How to create your photo calendar

The Camaloon online editor is very easy to use. Let us explain

1. Choose a template

You have various backgrounds to choose from so that the pages suit your style.

2. Upload your photos

You will need 14 photos: 12 for the months, one for the front cover and another inside.

3. Add text to the photos

Write some text next to each image and give your story a title!

Who will receive your personalised photo calendars?

Sometimes, this choice may be more difficult than just choosing your favourite photo for each month on your photo calendar. But at Camaloon, we make it very easy for you! Let your imagination run wild: you can upload images and, using the online design tool, combine and create different versions of your photo calendar for giving away as gifts to whomever you want.

Dare to create more than one photo calendar version: personalise it and you'll be winning

For those groups of friends who laugh together about the times they've had together on trips, a photo calendar will make their bond even stronger while they plan their next trip. Those grandfathers and uncles who want more photos of their grandsons and nephews will have even more of a reason to be proud. And, why not show off your love for your pet and dedicate a whole photo calendar to them. Document their cuteness and mischief over 12 months! Add your own touch to the company's classic personalised desk calendars - yes, if you want one for your business, we also offer different types of personalised calendars for promos.

And as you've chosen many photos, how about designing many more personalised products? Take a look at our website and have fun creating!

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