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Personalised caps & hats - embroidered and printed

Personalised Printed & Embroidered Caps

Design your custom-embroidered or printed caps and ... Rock them around the city!

How it Works

1. Choose the product

1. Choose the product

Scroll through our custom baseball caps section to find the one that best suits your company's promotional needs. With our range of baseball caps, we can almost guarantee that we have what you are looking for. So, take a good look at our range of products and select the cap that would look best for your company brand, logo or slogan.

2. Add customization

2. Add customization

After you've chosen the perfect baseball cap, it's important to select the correct measurements, images, and fonts. Select the number of products you need, then unleash your creativity! Our concise customization tool allows you to add images and text in a variety of different fonts.

3. We will do the rest

3. We will do the rest

Once you are happy with the result of the product and its customization, sit back and relax, we will take care of it from there. Your product will go through Camaloon's supplemental quality control to ensure it looks exactly as you envisioned. Then, as you plan how you are going to use these products, you can relax knowing that an exciting new chapter for your business is on the way.

Frequently asked questions about Camaloon’s personalised caps

What is the use of baseball caps?

Baseball caps have their origin as an important part of the baseball uniform, since it allows them to protect themselves from the sun and to be able to see clearly during the game. In addition, they are an important distinctive that identifies each player with his team. This type of caps are very effective against the sun and heat, because in addition to protecting your eyes, they are light and comfortable to wear. For this reason, their use has transcended baseball stadiums and they are now carried by people in their day-to-day lives.

How to make custom baseball caps?

The baseball caps are personalized on the front in a printing area of approximately 8 x 5 centimeters so that you can capture your logo and be visible by everyone from wherever they are. The technique used for customization is CMYK printing that allows the transfer of full color design with excellent precision and quality, because if you are going to have a durable baseball cap, you must accompany it with an equally durable print.

What is the history behind personalised caps?

Personalised caps date all the way back to the time when baseball caps started becoming more popular. These caps were an important part of a basic baseball uniform, as the cap allowed players to protect themselves from bright sun rays and focus on the ball and the game they were playing. In addition, caps were, and still are, an important distinctive that identifies each player with his team. Baseball caps are effective against the sun and heat, and besides offering protection for each player’s eyes, they are also light-weight and therefore comfortable to wear.

Why wear personalised baseball caps?

After their essential use during baseball games, personalised baseball caps became hugely popular among baseball fans. So their use transcended baseball stadiums, and caps are now carried by people in their day-to-day lives. A cap protects everyone’s eyes from the negative effect of the sun’s UV rays, and if you forget about sports for a minute, they can be an excellent means of advertising your brand or business. A personalised cap is an article that will help you stand out. It is a clearly visible and memorable item, as well as a functional piece of clothing that offers protection.

How can I get my baseball caps personalised?

If you have a clear idea of what your cap should look like, it is not complicated or time-consuming at all to get your baseball caps personalised. Just remember that the size of the part of the cap you are working with is approximately 8 x 5 centimetres. The printable part is located on the front of the cap, and this location works well for a personalised cap with logo or any other variation of your personal design. The printing technique Camaloon uses is CMYK printing, and this is the best printing technique for full colour designs. The effect is precise and high-quality, and this is an essential element of durable personalised fitted caps.

Why wear custom baseball caps?

Just as caps have been an important way in which baseball teams distinguished themselves from one another from the beginning, custom baseball caps can have the same effect on your business. They are an article that will help you stand out and be more visible and memorable among people.

What material are baseball caps made of?

In our section of personalized baseball caps you will find a wide range of models that are made of polyester and cotton. Cotton caps are soft, comfortable, durable and lightweight, which is why it is the most widely used material for making baseball caps. For its part, polyester is a fairly strong and durable material, so you can wash your polyester caps with confidence without fear of losing their color or shape. Another advantage of polyester baseball caps is that this material is breathable and resistant to bacteria.

What material are personalised caps in the UK made from?

Camaloon’s personalised caps that can be ordered in the UK are made of cotton or polyester. Our cotton caps have a soft feel to it, and they are comfortable, durable and lightweight. This makes the fabric the most widely used material for making caps. On the other hand, polyester caps are also fairly strong and the material is also durable. Polyester caps can easily be cleaned at home, because you can wash them without having to fear that you will lose the cap’s shape or colour. Another advantage when you choose polyester caps is that this material is highly breathable and resistant to bacteria.

What type of fabric is used for cheap personalised caps?

Besides the use of cotton or polyester, you have another option with cheap personalised caps, which is having the back side of the cap in mesh or in full fabric. If you opt for the mesh, then two thirds of the cap will allow for more air to circulate around the head. This might be a desired effect during the UK’s hotter summers, and it will also be handy for those who sweat easily and need more ventilation under the cap. The adjustable strap on the personalised Beechfield trucker cap is practical for any type of hairdo, whether you have a very short army haircut or want to contain your long curly hair under the cap. Just adjust the strap to get the right size.

How many colours are available for my order of personalised children’s caps?

When it comes to colours, your options are endless. If you like to order a personalised children’s cap in blue, then there is Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Bright Royal Blue, Surf Blue or French Navy Blue. And these are only Camaloon’s blue coloured caps. Other colours include basics like black and white, but also different greens, reds, a yellow, orange, pink, and grey cap. Besides having your cap in one distinct colour, you can combine your favourite colours in two of our personalised caps: the Beechfield Snapback Trucker cap and the Beechfield Ultimate 5 Panel cap. This last cap is different from all the other caps because of the thicker coloured line on the front of the cap.

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High visibility and professional promotion with personalised caps

Personalised caps appeal to many different target groups

If you are looking for personalised caps for business purposes, then it’s good to know that they do extremely well with any target group. Do you want us to share the secret of its success? Well, it’s all in the durability of a cap and its functional aspects. A cap that you get as a giveaway is only worn when the customer believes in your product or service, so there is no denying that each cap that you see out in public supports your organisation and what it stands for.

One of the most clear examples we can give you is a brand like Caterpillar or John Deere. You immediately recognise these caps with Caterpillar having their white letters and bright yellow triangle in its logo, and with John Deere with its green background and yellow letters and logo. You see these caps from far away and know what they are about. That is exactly the effect you have pictured in your mind for the marketing of your brand.

So look at the reason for your order of personalised caps, and then collect all the information that is needed to complete your design. It can be the launch of a new product, the celebration of your 25 years of existence, or winning a special award within your industry. You can attract new clients, give a reward to your faithful employees who have been with you since the beginning, or show your excellence within the sector to others. Whatever reason you have, personalised caps should never be overlooked because of their remarkable promotional value.

Up your game with personalised golf caps

Events are especially interesting for custom designing your caps. Every golf tournament has its own personalised golf caps, and these are quite the collectible item as well. You can be a tournament participant yourself or a fan visiting the golf event. You may want to witness with your own eyes how your favourite golf player hits a hole-in-one this year. The moment it happens will be euphoric, and nothing beats the support of your idol like wearing a cap, personalised polo shirt or personalised hoodie.

This last clothing item is particularly suitable for the UK’s weather conditions, and it also combines perfectly with a personalised windbreaker.

Select a personalised cycling cap for your annual cycling event

British BMX races, road or off-road races, or track races are popular events, and this is the ideal event to promote a cycling team. Nothing makes you as a contestant cycle faster than seeing the colours of your team with a cap and the logo alongside the roads or tracks you are following. It gives you an extra boost to make it all the way to the finish and set a fast time, rather than giving up on the first obstacle you encounter.

Also marathons or other impressive sport events each have their own line of promotional products. For those of you who watch Formula 1 on television, or have been so fortunate to visit a race weekend in the UK, in Europe or on another continent, you know which team you are on from just scanning the public in the stands. The bright orange caps stand out like no other, and you instinctively know that Lando Norris fans are present and there to support his race. When he makes it to the podium, the joy is even greater, and you feel proud wearing that orange cap or personalised t-shirt with the number 4 on it.

Order cheap personalised baseball caps for your UK team

Whether it concerns your own sports or hobby, another way to spend your leisure time, or just rooting for your team or a celebrity, cheap personalised baseball caps are the UK’s best way to promote a cause or show support. It doesn’t even have to do with anything active or a remarkable performance. You can even decide to order custom designed caps for your private event. You don’t need a company logo to have something printed on a cap. Think beyond the logos and company slogans, and have a positive word printed on the front of the cap to make you smile every time you look at yourself in a mirror or catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window.

Designing special personalised caps

It is clear why rainbows or abbreviations are used on baseball caps nowadays, because that rainbow (or the words LGBTQI+,or a combination of both of them) represents a large group of people who want to be recognised and appreciated for who they are. They want to show the world their true nature and are not afraid to have those colours printed on their special personalised cap.

Flags, personalised buttons or personalised wristbands, along with caps, are clearly not only worn at just festivals anymore, and they reveal a person’s most unique form of being.

Buy cheap personalised caps for maximum exposure in Camaloon

The advantage of a cheap personalised cap is that the price you pay surely is less, but the effect certainly is not. Our professional printing techniques make the most of your personalised trucker caps design, whether you only want to go for one colour or choose many more. Collect the information you want printed on a cap, and decide if it’s better in multiple contrasting colours or stands out more in one printing colour that matches the colour of the cap itself.

Having this information to start with will make it less complicated when looking at all the different colours of caps that are available. Starting with your logo, slogan or other custom design would be our best tip, and this will save you time when going through all the other options, like the plastic or Velcro strap to make the size fit a person’s head.

Bulk ordering your personalised caps

When it comes to large companies or huge events with thousands of participants or guests, ordering your personalised caps in bulk is definitely a good idea. We would like to point out that, as with Camaloon’s other merchandise products, bulk orders will save you money. That doesn’t mean you should just go ahead and order 5000 caps at once, though. What we do want you to realise is that the following information could provide you with the right number of personalised caps you want to order:

  • Truly knowing every little detail there is to know about your business or event
  • Estimating how many guests will be there or how many tickets have been sold
  • Deciding if a cap is part of a personalised bag with more giveaways or if it will be a promotional product that can be bought at the time of the event (for example during concerts)
All this information leads to a logic number that helps you place your order. It doesn’t change your design, but it may save you a little money if a larger number is added to your shopping cart.

Business or pleasure – personalised embroidered caps always do their magic

Although we mainly manufacture large orders of personalised embroidered caps, their purpose doesn’t end with only promotional value. A cap could be custom designed to support a child that is recovering from a serious illness. It could be a part of your child’s summer camp that it didn’t feel like going to at first, but now the cap goes everywhere with him or her. It could even be your favourite bar’s cap.

So there you have it: it doesn’t matter who personalised the cap, whether it was a multinational, a local business or private person, or what the cap says on the front, as long as you identify with the message. Clubs, fairs, festivals, and small party or event organisers; they all feel that a personalised cap can contribute in a unique way. Let’s start designing your cap right now and feel that effect.

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