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Personalised Caps in every colour | Camaloon

Personalised Caps in every colour

Which is the best colour for your campaign? Choose one that suits your image from a wide-range colour palette.

Caps with high-quality prints | Camaloon

Caps with high-quality prints

With Camaloon you'll get the best replication of your designs on any of the personalised caps models that we offer.

Need help designing your Caps? | Camaloon

Need help designing your Caps?

Our agents will help you take care of every aspect of your campaign. We want to offer you the perfect solutions for your business.

Personalised caps to help your company grow

Boost business and build your brand with personalised caps

What are Personalised Caps?

The word Cap originates from the Latin word Cappa. A cap is a form of headgear which has crowns that fit very closely to the head, commonly used in warm weather as they normally include a visor used for blocking sunlight. Caps come in many different models, and they can all be personalised for your promotional campaigns. Our range of caps includes classic one-coloured baseball caps that boasts your company logo or design on the front. Baseball caps are normally sewn in six sections and have a visor, or brim, designed to protect the wearers’ eyes from the sun. Before the baseball cap, the visor was much shorter and less structured. In addition to baseball caps, we also offer trucker hats, sometimes called mesh caps or netback caps. The five-piece mesh trucker caps that we know today became popular back in the 1970s in the United States, where they were given away at truck stops as promotional items from companies advertising their new products. The design is similar to the baseball cap, with the difference that five of the six sections is in mesh fabric, the sixth one in the front is where the personalised print is made.

What are the benefits of Personalised Caps?

Caps have been used for many years as a promotional product for advertising companies, products or events. The largest category for promotional products is wearable items, such as personalised t-shirts or caps, which make up to more than 30% of the total. By personalising useful, wearable promotional products to hand out at fairs or events, you can be sure that everyone will leave with a cap on their head that has your company logo on it.

Who uses Personalised Caps?

Personalised Caps are used by people of all ages and throughout the year. Most people will not leave their house in the morning without a cap on, and might not even take it off when they are inside. Caps are particularly popular for outdoor sports, due to their practical fit and breathable material. More often than not, the front section of the cap will have a print on it, which makes an excellent opportunity for marketing your company.

How do you choose the best Personalised Caps for your business?

In our range of caps you will find one that matches your brand perfectly. Choose from all the colours of the rainbow, different styles such as baseball caps, trucker hats or snapbacks, and put your personalised print on the front in full-colour. Whether you are promoting a specific product, an event or your business, our easy-to-use designing tool will help you create the perfect print and visualise it before ordering. You can also match the personalised caps with other promotional products, such as personalised badges.

Where on the Caps can you print your logo, text or design?

The personalised print of your company logo, design or promotional messages will be made on the front section of the cap, above the visor. All our caps are printed with full-colour transfer, which creates a high-quality print in any colours you desire. At Camaloon we review each design before printing to ensure that you receive the best result and just as you imagined it.

How can you conduct a successful campaign with Personalised Caps?

Take note from the companies that first started using caps as promotional merchandise and hand them out where your target clients are. This could be at business fairs or conferences, but also at sports events or as a gift with every purchase of a specific product, for example. At Camaloon we offer a wide range of promotional products should you wish to personalise more than caps, for an even larger success of your campaign. A classic summer essential that goes great with your personalised caps is our printed water bottles. As caps and water bottles are such practical and useful products, you can rest assured that what you hand out will be used again and again, promoting your company logo each time.

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