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Personalised card holders and accessories

To be able to easily organise credit, loyalty or business cards, and to offer a different visibility to your design, personalised card holders are a must for promotional items.

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Personalised card holders and their frequently asked questions

Why do personalised card holders make sense as a giveaway?

There are two main reasons why personalised card holders are popular and functional gifts for personal or business purposes: first of all they don’t have to cost a lot of money, and second of all once you take them out of your pocket or bag, they are always clearly visible for everyone around you to see. This makes it one of the most used promotional items on the extensive list of all promotional products. No wonder Camaloon prints that many personalised card holders for its customers.

What type of personalised card or ID card holders does Camaloon offer?

Our range of card holders includes personalised metal or aluminium and faux leather card holders, but if you don’t like the metal touch of the card holder or the look of the faux leather, then we also carry multiple coloured ones in a silicone material. Colours that match your business logo work well, but the exact opposite also gets chosen often to make the logo stand out even more. Your colour options for silicone card holders that can be attached to a cell phone are: blue, green, orange, red, black, and white.

What are the advantages of personalised lanyards with a card holder?

If you don’t have a backpack with lots of pockets or zippers on the inside that protect specific personal items, then personalised lanyards with a card holder do an excellent job of keeping your company ID card right where you need it. The lanyard doesn’t just keep it close to your body so you’ll always know where to find it, but it also allows for easy showing to a security guard or holding it in front of the card reader at the entrance of the company building.

Why choose a personalised card holder with RFID-protection?

Camaloon offers a synthetic leather card holder with RFID-protection in one of the four pockets in the card holder. This means that your card will be protected from any outside interference. This might not seem that big of a deal to you, but you will make it your top priority after you have learned that cards can be skimmed or abused without you even knowing it. You are under the impression that your personal items and cards in your pocket or backpack are safe at all times, but unfortunately thieves have developed a way to get to those cards from the outside. RFID-protection is therefore essential to protect your cards.

Can I use my personalised card holder as a wallet too?

One of the larger personalised card holders can indeed serve as a wallet. Six plastic dividers keep your cards from your bank notes or other items, just don’t try to keep a lot of small change in the card holder, as this will not only make it much heavier to carry, but could also damage the protective nature of the holder.

How can I get my card holder personalised?

Once you have decided what type of card holder you want to order, it is not that difficult at all to get your card holder personalised. Collect the information you want printed with our laser or silkscreen printing technique (depending on the type of material and how many colours you want printed), and upload this information in our online design tool.

Where can I find a personalised card holder designer?

You can use our free online personalised card holder designer. You can upload a logo if that’s what’s most important for your marketing campaign, but you could also add one or more words (in different fonts and sizes) or other design elements. The only aspect to consider during the design process is the space on the card holder and the clarity of how your own personal design turns out.

Get personalised card holders to complete your range of promotional items.

If you have not yet taken advantage of our Printing services for Corporate Gifts & Promotional Merchandise then now is your chance to get an item that is practical and versatile for your office: personalised credit card holders. You can offer this product as a gift to new employees, new customers, or even order them in large quantities for a slightly different use at trade fairs and promotional events. Personalised credit card holders have great potential to bring you a large amount of visibility because they can be used in multiple situations whenever a card is needed; during transactions, meetings where a business card is given out, for travel cards. We offer a range of models in different materials such as PU leather, Denim effect, Aluminium, and RFID card sleeves. Whatever your budget, we have something for you, with screen printing and laser printing, all materials can have the best finish for your printed design.

The essentials for your trade shows

With Camaloon, you can completely gear yourself up for your upcoming trade shows and events by making an order of all essential items for your marketing campaign. Taking a quick look at our website, you will find a wide range of products that can be used for preparing yourself, whatever your plans or preferences are. Smaller sized products like personalised USB sticks usually work the best as they are easy to get around (making them ideal for bulk orders), as well as being convenient for the people you distribute them to. At any trade fair or event where your staff are representing the company, it is important to look professional, which can be done easily with [personalised lanyards], also allowing for your employees to be easily identified and have a professional touch to their outfit.

Complete your promotional items with personalised card holders

Personalised card holders and the good they will do for your business

If you have not yet looked into the idea of ordering personalised card holders, then now is your chance to add a product that is both practical as well as versatile. A personalised card holder is the ideal giveaway as part of an onboarding welcome pack for new employees that start at your company or as a gift for potential or new customers for your business.

Order your personalised business card holder in bulk if you can

Adding larger quantities to your shopping cart or bulk buying personalised card holders is only a good idea if you are 100% sure at the moment of processing your order that your company logo or other type of message on the card holder will not change any time soon. If this is not the case, you are better off ordering smaller volumes with every change that is being made. Recent research has shown that information not being up to date is what irritates customers most when they want to contact a company through a promotional item they have in their possession. Therefore letting go of old promotional stock with outdated information, like the mentioning of an old website, previous address or changed telephone number, should be on your list of priorities.

Personalised men’s and women’s card holders

When it comes to personalised men’s and women’s card holders they may vary greatly even if you didn’t expect this. That is because we each have our own preference for a type of card holder or the material it is made from. There is also a huge difference in the way men and women make use of the card holder. Men often go for the personalised golf or business card holder, and they know instinctively when to use the card holder to their advantage. Every time a card is being used, for example when business cards are being exchanged during a business lunch, a credit card is used for financial transactions, or a travel card is requested in the V.I.P. lounge at the airport, they show the card holder with clearly recognisable information, like the company’s logo or a person’s name and role within a department. Women, on the other hand, would rather prefer a personalised lanyard with a card holder and a phone case to organise their most important belongings in an efficient manner. Most of the time they are not all that focused on closing business deals and showing off their card holder with its promotional value, as they are more worried about keeping all their important personal items together in one place. The all-in-one lanyard with card holder and phone case is their favourite item and for obvious reasons.

The ideal personalised holder in the UK for your Oyster card

If there is one card in the UK you don’t want to lose, then it’s your Oyster card. And what better way to keep it safe, then to carry it in your personalised Oyster card holder. This card gets you to work and back home every day, and the last thing you want to be confronted with after a long and busy day at the office is not being able to find your personal travel card. You couldn’t put a price on your Oyster card even if you wanted to because of all the hassle it will cause you once you have lost it, and therefore it gets a specific place in a card holder in your personal bag, backpack or coat. You will never have to search for your card in wild panic, and there will be no need for tears or frantic phone calls to other family members, because your Oyster card will always be safe no matter what.

A personalised credit card holder provides ultimate protection

Your Oyster card is invaluable to you, but there is one other card you wouldn’t want to miss for the world, and it’s best to keep this one in a personalised credit card holder. Yes, we are talking about your credit or debit card that you always have with you. There is no holiday abroad and no online shopping with insurance if your credit card is nowhere to be found. Some people, however, don’t have a designated space for their most important cards yet, and they often find themselves going through all of their luggage at the airport or in a taxi. If you also carry keys in that same space your cards are in, you could be in hell of a lot of trouble if the magnetic strip or chip is damaged. If you are on your way home, that is bad luck, inconvenient and you will get over it, but if you have just arrived at your holiday destination, then you don’t want your first activity to be contacting your bank for a new card. Let’s all keep our cards safe and sound with a credit card holder.

Making memories with a personalised card holder with photo

A gift card for graduation or Christmas is all the more special if you custom design a personalised gift card holder with a special photo to go with it. Grandparents may not know what to give their grandchildren for graduation, and money may not always be the most favourite option as a gift, but it will always come in handy and find a good destination. Card holders with photos as thank you gifts are often handed out at the end of a wedding party, and a picture of the happy couple on a card holder also holds sentimental value. Even if there is no gift card in it, you can write a card anyway and refer to how valuable it was that the guest was there, and that you want him or her to keep valuable items in a secure place.

All your loyalty cards in one place with a personalised metal card holder

Camaloon’s personalised loyalty cards holder made from aluminium on the outside and plastic dividers on the inside is perfect for keeping all those cards in one place. The largest card holder has six spaces for two cards each, so you can carry twelve cards in the card holder with you. If you don’t carry that many loyalty cards, each space between a divider can also be used for something else, like carrying a small photograph, driving licence, or a £20 note so you will always have a little cash on you.

Camaloon offers cheap personalised card holders as well

Not all card holders are expensive, and at Camaloon we make sure there is a personalised card holder for everyone and every budget. An example: If you are quitting your job with your current employer and starting as an entrepreneur, what better way to promote your products or services then to leave the company on the last day with a cheap, yet professional looking, card holder and all your information on it? Leave a bunch of them at the reception, in the coffee corner, or at the recycling station in the company’s cafeteria. It will take no time at all for new clients to find their way to your website. Now that things have started rolling, you can have a look at other promotional items to expand your business.

Other promotional items besides customised card holders

Gear yourself up for those upcoming trade shows and other marketing events with Camaloon’s wide range of smaller or larger promotional items. Your marketing campaign can be improved by ordering at least the bare essentials, and investing in these basic items doesn’t have to be so expensive that it will consume your entire marketing budget. Any trade fair with you and your staff representing the company looks professional with personalised lanyards.

These are also great giveaways for potential clients, and besides that lanyards make it easy to identify your company and its employees. Driving to and from that same fair in cars or company vans with personalised car decals comes with just that little extra exposure that you will benefit hugely from. Your sales department will be significantly busier after the event, so success will be guaranteed. Examples of other giveaways for marketing and promotion events are:

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