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Personalised coasters

How are coasters customized?

1. Choose your coasters

1. Choose your coasters

Check out our coaster selection and select your favourite type. Choose how many coasters you want to order and then proceed to personalise them.

2. Personalise your coasters

2. Personalise your coasters

Use our online product design tool to personalise your coasters. You can include an image as well as text in a variety of fonts. You don't need any design experience to make awesome coasters!

3. We'll handle the rest

3. We'll handle the rest

When you're finished designing, we'll handle the printing. We will double-check all of your personalised coasters before sending them to you to ensure that the printing is flawless.

Frequently asked questions on Camaloon’s unique and personalised coasters

What are personalised coasters?

If you happen to see personalised coasters somewhere, you will notice that they are not really giveaways of any kind. A coaster is a more permanent object that stays in the boardroom during official meetings or comes out of an event organiser’s supplies every time a happening needs specific decorations.

Why are personalised photo coasters popular in the UK?

Actually, personalised photo coasters are not only a huge favourite in the UK, these adorable eyecatchers do well all over the world. Follow the trend and have your photo coasters personalised in the UK to give a professional or just that personal touch to any gathering where drinks are being served.

What material are personalised drinks coasters made of?

You can order your coasters in three types of material: cork, plastic and polyester. Other options for personalised drinks coasters are its shape. We have round and square ones, although the corners of these square ones are rounded off and absolutely not sharp.

We are working on expanding our range of materials for coasters, as personalised wooden coasters are hugely popular as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and polyester coasters.

Can I order personalised paper coasters on Camaloon?

We don’t offer personalised paper, glass, slate or wooden coasters (yet), but we do have a range of polyester, plastic and cork coasters. These materials last longer than the paper or glass ones, and that’s why this is the preferred material when it comes to personalise your coasters.

Paper or cardboard is a suitable material for cheap personalised coasters, but they do tend to look less luxurious, and people will often end up playing with them or using the back of that coaster as a space to write notes.

When to buy your personalised coasters in bulk?

Anyone who makes coasters part of their decorations on a regular basis will find it useful and more cost efficient to buy personalised coasters in bulk. Most of Camaloon’s coasters have a minimum when ordering, and this minimum order quantity (25 or 50) depends on the type of coaster you will select.

Bulk buying makes sense for event organisers, bars and restaurants and any other sort of location where large groups of guests will be served drinks.

The quantity of your order will also be of influence on the price per unit corresponding with your chosen volume. For example: if you want 10 cork coasters with a logo in 1 colour on it, you will pay £5.68 per coaster. The price of that same coaster goes down to £0.91 if you add 200 coasters to your shopping cart.

What materials are your personalised coasters made of?

We offer personalised coasters made of cork, plastic, cardboard and a non-slip latex base with a polyester surface.

Do you offer eco-friendly personalised coasters?

Yes, we do. We offer personalised coasters made of cork, a natural and environmentally friendly material. It is recyclable and biodegrades without leaving any toxic residues.

What is the minimum order for your personalised coasters?

Depending on the type of coaster, the minimum order quantity is 25 or 50.

Aren’t cork coasters a bit too old-fashioned for my event or meeting?

Although cork may give you that impression, decorating tables with personalised cork coasters at a wedding or preparing your personalised Christmas coasters for the big family dinner will show your guests you care for the environment. Cork is a natural and eco-friendly material that is recyclable and biodegradable. It doesn’t leave any toxic residue when discarding them.

How to make personalised coasters - the design process

Collect all the information you need for your order and we’ll explain how to make your personalised coasters in clear steps: select the coaster of your preference, upload your photo, logo or other image, add text if desired, confirm design and number of coasters, and check your shopping cart before proceeding to payment and delivery options. After you have done your part, our printing machines will do the rest.

Can I personalise your coasters with both photo and text?

This depends on whether the type of coaster you want to order supports full-color ultraviolet printing, but we do have the technology to print both photos and text. With UV printing, we can print many colours and intricate details.

What are delivery options when ordering personalised beer or drink coasters?

Once you have designed your personalised beer coasters, it’s time to select your desired quantity and push the order button. After reviewing your design we will get to work with our state of the art printing machines to manufacture the perfect custom coasters. After leaving our printing facilities a quality check will always be part of the process before sending the parcel with personalised coasters off to your address. Delivery times vary, depending on the volume of coasters, your design and the logistical partner involved. You will, however, be notified of the estimated delivery time upon confirming your order.

Official meetings or wedding events – every gathering deserves personalised coasters

The possibilities of personalised coasters with photo or text explained

Deciding on whether or not your personalised coasters can be printed with a photo, logo, text or any combination of these visual aspects depends on the type of coaster you are looking for. Not all materials respond well to printing, and that’s why Camaloon’s printing machines support full-colour, ultraviolet printing. New technology gives you the option to print both photos and text, and UV printing allows for the most intricate details and all of the colours of the rainbow to be included in your coaster’s design.

As you can see, there truly is no limit to what you can have printed on your coasters, they can be personalised photo or initial coasters, just as you like them and as your type of meeting requires. Imagine your engagement party when you give as a gift to all your friends and family a personalised wedding coaster.

Ordering your set of coasters personalised and custom designed for any event

If you were under the impression that having sets of coasters personalised is only for large corporations or businesses in the food and drink industry, then think again because there is even such a thing as personalised teacher or dog coasters. This doesn’t mean that you should put any picture of a teacher or dog on one side of the coaster. It all depends on the event you are ordering the personalised coasters sets for. Imagine a goodbye party for a teacher that has been working at the school for over 25 years. That deserves a memorable object on the table during the speech and toast.

Dog pictures on a coaster can be fun for a specific breed and their events. You may be visiting a national championship between top German shepherd dogs, and when you leave the field for a moment to get a drink at the catering facilities they have a coaster set of 6 with on each one of them the characteristic portrait of a German shepherd dog in different colours on them.

These personalised photo coasters melt your heart, and no way you, as a huge German shepherd fan, will be able to leave that coaster right where you found it. You need to have at least a set of 4 or 6, but if at all possible, you would also like to take home some personalised placemats with those coasters.

Other coasters – personalised wine bottle coasters or beer coasters for your home bar

Coasters are common in bars and restaurants when ordering a drink. The waiter has several of them with him when attending your table, and he places them swiftly in front of you before your drink covers the image of the coaster. Also, personalised beer coasters for your home bar do well when having guests over for drinks. Some multiple star restaurants have expensive tablecloths, and therefore it’s not strange for those restaurants or other high-end culinary locations to use a personalised wine bottle coaster under that exquisite old (and expensive) bottle of wine or champagne. The size of a coaster is 8 or 10 centimetres, so this will exactly fit under that bottle and keep the tablecloth clean. If the waiter happens to make a little mistake and a drop of wine finds its way down the outside of the bottle, it will rest safely on its coaster.

Coasters with extras – the personalised square bottle opener coasters

You are wondering how a bottle opener can be incorporated in a coaster? Camaloon has created the perfect personalised square bottle opener coasters for your special event. They are made in two colours (black and white) and are made from plastic. The bottle opener part is metal, and this guarantees safe use of the coaster while opening a bottle. This is a lovely gadget with a useful purpose for any local bar, cosy cafeteria or fancy restaurant. The bottle opener is attached on the inside of the coaster, a few millimetres from one of the four corners of the coaster. The plastic makes the design sturdy, and the silkscreen printing technique is what will make your coasters stand out during any event. The only thing you need to do, is decide whether you want a text, logo or other image on the personalised coaster with bottle opener.

Designing your personalised coaster with Camaloon’s user-friendly coaster design tool

Why are we so proud of our personalised photo or logo coaster design tool you ask? Well, customers don’t always have the knowledge to select the best printing technique for their unique design. Our design tool takes care of that issue by digitally reviewing your design, checking the selected material of your coaster and then choosing the best printing technique. It detects how many colours you have added, if it’s only plain text or an image is involved, and what the cheapest and best technique for printing the design on your type of coaster is. We will not go ahead and print your coaster anyway if none of our modern printing machines can handle the material it will be printed on.

Personalised disposable coasters are not in our collection and there is a good reason why

There is always that difficult decision to take when organising an event: you don’t know if you should opt for the plastic cups and personalised disposable coasters, or if glass or ceramic drink ware and durable coasters are a better idea. Thinking back and forth it always comes down to one element and that is safety. If there is even the slightest chance that your audience or guests will misbehave or if children are present, go for the safest option and invest in cheap disposable (plastic or paper) ware. This is not the most eco-friendly choice though, and that’s why Camaloon has come up with a solution for coasters: take cork as your coaster material, and you will both have nature and your budget in mind when custom designing them. Cork is durable, and once it is time for cork coasters to be discarded, they will return to nature and not harm it in any way.

Professional events require professional merchandise

Don’t make the mistake of asking your trainee to print and cut personal badges and coasters for every guest that will join your live event. Order your coasters and other personalised merchandise on Camaloon’s website and have everything delivered to you professionally printed and on time. Our in-house printing techniques are defined and selected by each of the materials an object is made of. Stainless steel water bottles, cotton baseball caps or insulated cooler bags; nothing beats our modern printing techniques.

Free shipping when you order personalised photo coasters in bulk

Depending on the contents and total amount of your order (you can add some personalised home decor items as well), you will be eligible for free shipping. If you have an order of personalised photo coasters and proceed to the next phase of your order, you can see delivery costs during the payment process. If you have produced a clever coaster design that can be used for years to come, you can order your personalised coasters in bulk and save on shipping fees. An extra large order? Don’t hesitate to get a quote created especially for you and your (business) event.

Other personalised items besides coasters

No bridge is too far when you ask Camaloon to personalise objects, and something that will be a great match for your coasters is a personalised mug to put on that coaster or personalised sustainable straw to sip up that drink. You can even take it up a notch and order personalised thermoses if yours is an outdoor event that takes place during the winter when the weather, unfortunately, is not that great anymore. Imagine the appreciation of your participants if you can offer them something warm to drink when they are taking part in, for example, a walking tour through the UK’s splendid countryside. No matter the rain or snow, those faces will glow!

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