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Personalised compact mirrors - engraved and printed

Personalised Compact Mirrors, similar to Poudriers or powder boxes, made in metal, leather or plastic with the upside of the case printed or engraved with your design. Use these beautiful promotional mirrors to reflect your business in the best light.

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Frequently asked questions on personalised compact mirrors

What are personalised compact mirrors?

A compact mirror is also known as a poudrier or a powder box, and it is a small case that may or may not contain cosmetics. When opened, personalised compact mirrors display a mirror on one or both of the lids. These handy little mirrors are perfect for keeping in your handbag or pocket for those moments you need to check your makeup or hair. A mirror is an object that reflects light in such a way that the reflected light preserves many or most of the detailed physical characteristics of the original light, called specular reflection.

Who uses personalised compact mirrors in the UK?

Although compact mirrors date back to the early 1900s and were often concealed because makeup had not gained social acceptance, nowadays you see people using compact mirrors everywhere. On their morning commute, in office bathrooms or in pubs and restaurants, there is never a bad place or time for personal grooming or admiring your reflection. Personalised compact mirrors in the UK are often designed as gifts, and they are suitable for many types of occasions. To make it even more personal, a compact mirror can be engraved with a captivating message.

Does Camaloon offer rose gold personalised compact mirrors?

Personalised compact mirrors in rose gold are totally trending right now. We offer many different colours you can choose from and also different finishes. Colours include, depending on the type of compact mirror selected, red, blue, white, and black. The metal compact mirror is silver coloured on the outside. What makes a compact mirror even more exclusive is its finish. You have the choice between a glossy and matte finish, and a metallic, golden or glow-in-the-dark background.

What shapes or styles does a cheap personalised compact mirror come in?

You can’t really measure the effect of differently priced compact mirrors, and a cheap personalised compact mirror may actually get you the same exposure and marketing results as a more expensive one. What does matter is its style and shape. Camaloon’s range of compact mirrors consists of round, square and heart-shaped ones. Sizes vary between 5 and almost 8 centimetres, and the materials are PU leather, metal, or plastic.

Where will my logo be printed on a personalised compact mirror?

Your promotional message or logo, or the details of your services or products, will be printed on the outside of the casing of the personalised compact mirror, and in most cases about one centimetre will be left between your design and the edge. This makes your logo or words stand out even more, and the upside of using our online design tool is that you will never run the risk of misplacing an uploaded image or added text. The design is adjusted to each promotional item, whether it concerns fun personalised socks or handy personalised USB sticks.

What printing techniques are used for personalised compact mirror gifts?

At Camaloon we carefully test all of our products with different printing techniques to ensure that you receive the best result for each product. Most of our personalised compact mirror gifts can even be printed on both sides of the case. For our beautiful compact mirrors in shiny metal, we produce the personalised print by using laser engraving. This printing technique creates a high-quality, detailed and durable print. UV printing is then used for full-colour designs, and silkscreen printing will be chosen for compact mirrors with one-colour. The best printing technique is automatically selected after uploading your design.

Personalised compact mirrors - special gifts for special customers

Personalised compact mirrors from a historic perspective

The first mirrors were not personalised compact mirrors, and they were most likely pools of water that created a reflective surface. The earliest manufactured mirrors were pieces of polished stone, such as obsidian. The silvered glass mirrors that we use today are manufactured by applying a reflective coating to a substrate, most commonly glass due to its transparency and hardness, among other qualities. The most familiar type of mirror is the plane mirror, which has a flat surface and is commonly used for personal grooming.

The benefits of having a compact mirror personalised

If you are in the beauty, cosmetic, or fashion industry it is essential to offer promotional products that are aimed at attracting new or keeping loyal customers. Follow trends, or set trends, by having your own compact mirror personalised. Choose from mirrors in different materials, sizes and styles to find the one that uniquely matches your brand. These compact mirrors, personalised with your company logo, designs or promotional messages, are the perfect balance of usefulness and advertising. Hand them out as giveaways in personalised bags at any fair or event that your company attends. Whenever your customers use their personalised mirrors they will be reminded of your business and your products or services.

A cheap personalised compact mirror for your UK based business

Depending on the goals of your marketing campaign, there are many aspects to consider when choosing your promotional products. In our range of personalised compact mirrors in the UK we have single-sided badge mirrors, shiny mirrors with metal casing, and mirrors with casing in PU leather, all of which can be personalised with your company logo or designs. You can also choose compact mirrors that can be printed on the whole surface of the back, or keep it more minimalistic.

Don’t just look at the price of a compact mirror though, because you just might miss the target you are aiming at. Try to define your target group with more details by segmenting them. Are you a large company looking for new customers, and is the message on the compact mirror of more importance than the mirror itself?

Or do you want to show loyal customers who have been with you ever since the start of your entrepreneurship your appreciation? The answer to these questions makes it simple to opt for a cheap personalised compact mirror made of plastic or a more luxurious PU leather or metal compact mirror.

The reason behind ordering personalised logo compact mirrors in bulk

When bulk ordering personalised compact mirrors with your logo you are certain of getting the best price for your promotional items. You must, however, be aware of the fact that research has shown that customers do not always appreciate receiving giveaways with an old logo. So if you have just started your business and expect to change the logo, the font of added text, or the entire text this year, then we would not advise you to order in bulk right now. It’s better to wait until all the essential information gets a more definitive character. Having said this, don’t forget that if you are already an established brand, an older design might become a collector’s item. This is not so much the case with compact mirrors, but this information could help you decide to always keep a certain number of personalised caps or backpacks on stock to meet that demand.

The main difference between a personalised photo or logo compact mirror

If you have to make a decision on ordering a personalised logo or photo compact mirror, then this mostly depends on the character of your giveaway. A business perspective clearly asks for business information, and this can be your logo, your website, but also your address or personal email address to allow customers to get in touch easily. We have discovered that a more personal touch often leads to photos in the design of the personalised compact mirrors. Heart-shaped personalised compact mirrors are perfect for romantic occasions, but don’t have much effect if there is not a personal print on them. Add your favourite photo of the two of you or your family to make it a limited edition Valentine’s gift.

Personalised compact mirrors – the ideal gift for a bride

When it comes to life’s most important events, then getting married is somewhere at the top of the list. A personalised compact mirror for the bride could be part of the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition’, and when the bride wants to look in a mirror to check if her tears during the wedding ceremony haven’t ruined her makeup, then there is your engraved metal compact mirror with a lovely personal message. Still in the phase of organising the whole wedding? Gifts like personalised compact mirrors for bridesmaids or the mother of the bride will also score well. They will leave a lasting impression, and the gift will always make people think back of the moment they received it.

For less official occasions, a personalised children’s compact mirror could be part of a girl’s first sleepover party. A photo of a group of best friends or their names printed on the compact mirror will surely make a lovely and memorable gift. Your teenager will be thankful to have you as a parent with such a thoughtful keepsake as a custom designed mirror.

How to order your personalised business, sleepover party or wedding compact mirrors

The conclusion is that it doesn’t matter if your reason for the order of personalised compact mirrors is a wedding, teenage party or business event. Each one of them requires a different type of compact mirror and a different kind of message. Please make sure, however, to look at the specifics and search for each of the personalised compact mirror’s minimum order information.

Some compact mirrors can be added to your shopping cart in smaller volumes, but most of the time the minimum quantity when ordering is 25 units. This may limit the type and material of a compact mirror, but is of a lesser influence on personalising the design and choosing your design’s colours.

Start with the compact mirror of your choice, then add the quantity to proceed to the next exciting phase of customising your design. Upload photos, add text in different fonts (don’t forget printing options on the back when applicable), and check your design before continuing to checkout and payment. You can still change the number of compact mirrors before clicking that last button, and you can also add another design if you want your marketing campaign to offer compact mirrors in multiple designs and with different messages.

Other products for your marketing campaign besides personalised event compact mirrors

Personalised event compact mirrors compliment your campaign perfectly, especially when it concerns the cosmetic and beauty industry. Design your mirrors beautifully and people will be lining up to take them off your hands. Combine compact mirrors with other freebies in a personalised canvas bag and hand them out as giveaways. With fashionable promotional merchandise you will get the attention of potential new clients for your business. Create your perfect design and match it with one of our models, and you are ready to hand these personalised business compact mirrors out at promotions and other events. You can also create tailor-made mirrors and send them as gifts to valued customers that repeatedly use your services. It is just as important to retain clients as it is to receive new ones, so show that you appreciate them with high-quality gifts. If you are still looking for products to expand on your promotional campaign, then consider these:

  • It is always a good idea to create personalised t-shirts ahead of any event or fair your company will participate in to get more attention.
  • It may come of no surprise that tech events ask for tech giveaways
  • Personalised sports bottles are an essential and effective promotional item during marathons and other serious sports events.

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