Personalised Compact Mirror

Personalised Compact Mirrors, similar to Poudriers or powder boxes, made in metal, leather or plastic with the upside of the case printed or engraved with your design. Use these beautiful promotional mirrors to reflect your business in the best light.

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Personalised Compact Mirrors that reflect your business

It is simple to make personalised compact mirrors of your own. Simply upload your logo or design and choose between our finish options for a unique result.

Personalised Mirrors with screen printing

Personalised Mirrors with screen printing

Screen printing allows you to personalise your compact mirrors with an advantageous price to performance ratio that your company could really benefit from when considering a promotional item.

Personalised Mirrors with laser printing

Personalised Mirrors with laser printing

Add an elegant spin on your personalised compact mirrors with laser printing. This style of printing offers a durable and particularly precise and high-quality result.

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Merchandise to match your Personalised Compact Mirrors

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What are Personalised Compact Mirrors?

A Compact Mirror, also known as Poudrier or a powder box, is a small round metal case that usually contains cosmetics that is opened to display the mirror on one or both of the lids. These handy little mirrors are perfect for keeping in the handbag or pocket for the moments when you need to check your makeup or hair. A mirror is an object that reflects light in such a way that the reflected light preserves many or most of the detailed physical characteristics of the original light, called specular reflection. The most familiar type of mirror is the plane mirror, which has a flat surface and is commonly used for personal grooming. The first mirrors were most likely pools of water that created a reflective surface and the earliest manufactured mirrors were pieces of polished stone, such as obsidian. The silvered glass mirrors that we use today are manufactured by applying a reflective coating to a substrate, most commonly glass due it its transparency and hardness, among other qualities.

What are the benefits of Personalised Compact Mirrors?

If you are in the beauty, cosmetic or fashion industry it is essential to offer promotional products that are aimed at your customers. Follow trends, or set trends, by creating your own personalised compact mirrors. Choose from mirrors in different materials, sizes and styles, find one that matches your brand. These compact mirrors, personalised with your company logo, designs or promotional messages, are the perfect balance of usefulness and advertising. Hand them out as giveaways in personalised bags at any fair or event that your company attends. Whenever your customers use their personalised mirrors they will be reminded of your business and services.

Who uses Personalised Compact Mirrors?

Compact Mirrors date back from the early 1900s, at this time makeup had not gained social acceptance so the first powder cases were often concealed within accessories. As makeup became more mainstream around the 1920s, compacts became more popular too. Nowadays, you see people using compact mirrors everywhere. On the morning commute, in the office bathrooms or in pubs and restaurants. There is never a bad place or time for personal grooming or admiring oneself! Personalised engraved compact mirrors are common as gifts for many occasions, they are particularly common as wedding gifts. This could be gifts to the bride and groom, but also to the bridesmaids, each compact mirror personalised with an engraved message.

How to choose the best Personalised Compact Mirrors for your UK business?

Depending on the goals of your marketing campaign, there are many things to consider when choosing your promotional products. In our range of personalised compact mirrors, we have single-sided badge mirrors, shiny mirrors with metal casing and mirrors with casing in PU-leather, all of which can be personalised with your company logo or designs. You can also choose compact mirrors that can be printed on the whole surface of the back or compact mirrors in minimalistic styles. It is always a good idea to create personalised t-shirts ahead of any event or fair your company will participate in to get more attention.

Where on the Compact Mirrors can you print your design or logo?

The personalised print of your promotional messages, logos or products will be made on the outside of the casing in either full-colour, one-colour or with laser engraving. At Camaloon we carefully test all of our products with different printing techniques to ensure that we receive the best result for each product. Most of our personalised compact mirrors can even be printed on both sides of the case! For our beautiful compact mirrors in shiny metal, we produce the personalised print by using laser engraving. This printing technique creates a high-quality, detailed and durable print. If you are looking to pair your personalised compact mirrors with another promotional product, we recommend our stylish and fashionable personalised stainless steel water bottles.

How can you conduct a campaign with Personalised Compact Mirrors?

Personalised compact mirrors compliment events perfectly, especially events for the cosmetic and beauty industry. Design your mirrors beautifully and people will be lining up to take them off your hands. Combine compact mirrors with other freebies in a personalised pouch into a Goodie Bag and hand them out as giveaways. With fashionable promotional merchandise you will get the attention of potential new clients for your business. Create your perfect design and match it with one of our models and you are ready to hand these business mirrors out at promotions and events. You can also create personalised mirrors and send them as gifts to valued customers that repeatedly use your services. It is just as important to retain clients as it is to receive new ones, show that you appreciate them with high-quality gifts.

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