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Personalised diaries 2022

Personalise the cover of your appointment diary and distribute them to your customers and employees. Choose from our 3 models and create a personalised agenda with your photos, text, logo or visual to promote your brand. Discover our inexpensive advertising calendars.

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Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
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Easy personalisation

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
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We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
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Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

Personalised diaries

Discover our personalised professional and advertising agendas

A marketing tool

A marketing tool

The personalisation of objects is a marketing technique that helps companies gain visibility. By personalising goodies such as diaries or calendars, you create promotional items that your employees, customers or partners will use on a daily basis.

Perfect for a welcome pack

Perfect for a welcome pack

To welcome your new employees, offer them a personalised planner along with a personalised calendar with your name, logo and slogan. It's a great way to get your new hire on board and get them straight into the mix.

To distribute during events

To distribute during events

Distribute personalised calendars and planners with your logo and slogan to your customers at events, forums or fairs. Your visitors will love this very useful corporate gift and will have fond memories of you. In addition, these personalised calendars will be used by different people and therefore several places which will make you gain visibility.

Your personalised Camaloon planners

To easily personalise your professional diaries!

Different choices of models and colours

Different choices of models and colours

You will find different models to choose the planner that perfectly meets your expectations. Several choices of sizes, colors and materials are at your disposal so that you personalise your diary to your preference.

Low-cost personalised diaries

Low-cost personalised diaries

At Camaloon, we want to offer our customers the best value for money. Experts in goodies and manufacturers for more than ten years, we have enough experience to offer you promotional items and personalised business diaries at low prices.

The quality of our goodies

The quality of our goodies

All our customisable objects are chosen and manufactured with the greatest care. Our experts ensure the quality of your goodies throughout the creation process: from production, personalisation, to printing.

Custom diaries and planners for everyone

Corporate diaries, student diaries, personal diaries, personalised diaries for resale ...

Are you a reseller?

Are you a reseller?

Resellers and Camaloon have been working together for many years with regard to our main customers. We manufacture your products, you choose their customisations, we print your models and deliver them directly to your premises. Simplify your life with Camaloon! Personalise calendars and sell them to your customers with your logo and slogan on them. Fans of your brand will be delighted to pick up your calendars, then the attractive design of your calendars will make even those who are just new to your products fall in love with them.

For students

For students

The diary is the essential accessory for any student. It allows everyone to organise themselves and plan their homework and exams. It is therefore an object that they use every day from which they never part. Personalising a diary is therefore a great idea to make their daily life much more fun! Camaloon helps students and individual parents to make their personalised diaries, but also universities and schools.

For companies

For companies

To equip your employees or give gifts to your customers, personalised planners are very useful and interesting corporate goodies. Being everyday objects, your employees will feel even more concerned by your company's events, their meetings and deadlines thanks to their diary in your name. For their part, your customers will use an agenda in your image every day, so they will never be able to forget you: when making appointments, on the days of their important events.

Printing on your diaries

Camaloon prints your personalisations on your goodies

Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing allows us to perform fast and agile printing directly from a digital file on different types of materials, such as fabrics, paper, vinyl, etc. and does not require additional time to cool the material. This is an impression that consumes few resources and pollutes the environment less.



A notebook personalised with a logo, text or photo composed of one to six colors can be printed by screen printing. Thanks to its economic aspect, this method is particularly recommended for orders in large quantities.



Thermogravure is a technique that consists of working with metal plates which, with heat and pressure, obtain a figure in relief. This technique allows you to add a special touch to your company logo. This printing technique will allow you to promote your brand and your style.

Camaloon: your expert in goodies

Trust Camaloon to produce your personalised diaries

Our personalisation tool
Our personalisation tool

To facilitate your personalisation process, we have created our own personalisation software. Thanks to this innovative technology, personalising and buying your calendars becomes a very simple task. You can preview the rendering of your calendars and make changes if necessary.

Our international community
Our international community

We ship orders for goodies and promotional items all over the world! Our international sales agents help each of our clients to benefit from the best services in their own language and export managers make sure that your orders are sent in optimal conditions.

Our white label
Our white label

If you buy personalised diaries in your image at Camaloon, know that our name will appear nowhere! Your goodies will only display your logo, your designs, your texts ... as if you had made them yourself.

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At Camaloon, personalise wooden, metal or plastic pens for your activity! Customisable pens are essential goodies for any business. They will go perfectly with your diaries and calendars.

Our customisable notebooks

Print your logo, text or slogan on our customisable notebooks! Find our spiral notebooks, hard or soft cover, Moleskine… Your employees and customers will be delighted to be able to take all kinds of notes in their notebooks in your image.

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Catalogue for businesses

Products and solutions tailored to your needs.


Frequently asked questions about personalised diaries and its uses

What is so unique about a personalised diary?

The custom design element that makes a personalised diary so appealing in combination with its organising elements, is the main reason why Camaloon’s customers order this type of pre-printed notebook. There are different options available, but all of the diaries show pages filled with days and weeks where you can add information that is important or needs to be registered somewhere.

A personal diary works wonders to remember business meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, hospital appointments, children’s activities or a schedule for divorced parents that split the days or weeks. No one can do without a diary in some sort of shape or form, and the advantage of a personalised diary is that you can take it with you (as opposed to a whiteboard or magnetic board that is hanging on your kitchen wall for every family member to see), and there is this personal touch of it being custom made.

What are examples of personalised diaries companies or individuals order?

You can go all the way with personalised diaries, and no design is too crazy. What if your family has just adopted a puppy and you need to plan his shots and other medical care? A personalised dog diary is the answer. You can write a little every day on new developments or commands your puppy has learnt. Or you can register its weight every week, because this adorable phase will go by in the blink of an eye. Companies are, of course, more interested in what kind of support a personalised diary calendar can provide to be in direct relation to its activities. If you think that digital diaries have completely taken over the paper ones, then you might be surprised to discover that many top management layers prefer the traditional way of keeping track of dates and appointments. So a personalised diary will never go out of style.

Everything is connected and dependent on a previous building phase. Miscalculating days (or months) can be a catastrophe for your budget and planning. A second example with a custom made diary for a special purpose is that of a personalised pregnancy diary. Men or women with fertility problems need to track certain elements of their life, and a digital diary is much too sensitive or even unreliable for this type of personal information. If you are planning to start IVF, you want to write down every explicit detail and action.

Can I order a personalised leather or embossed diary with Camaloon?

Some diaries, like personalised leather diaries are temporarily unavailable due to external circumstances, and Camaloon does its best to reach out to new suppliers for diaries that cannot be ordered at this time and that meet our high quality expectations. Having your personalised diary embossed is not always an option, but in the meantime pay extra attention to your design, because the effect can be mimicked by adding shadows or highlighting different colours on your personalised diary cover.

I need my diaries personalised and I need them urgently. Can Camaloon speed up the process?

Any diary that is personalised by a customer, whether it concerns a small or large volume, is checked by our quality department before letting our innovative printing machines go to work. Larger quantities or a more complicated design and printing technique require more time obviously. Most important when ordering personalised planners is choosing the right delivery partner and taking into account its delivery schedule. In the last phase of the ordering process you will need to fill in the postal code of your delivery address. You will then be given several delivery options, and you need to pick one. Having completed your order after this last step, you will now not be able to change the provided information or speed up the delivery date anymore.

Why do my clients or prospects appreciate a personalised diary of the year 2022 or 2023?

A personalised diary of 2022 or 2023 is a thoughtful gift or keepsake that makes planning a lot easier. It is an essential element of every person’s life, both professionally and personally. Some people, however, prefer to keep their work and private life separated. They have a business diary or calendar for anything to do with business, and they block the times of their workday in their personal agenda. Especially those who have suffered a burn out or leave of absence due to stress-related problems benefit from keeping a distinct line between the two. They don’t want to be reminded of business deadlines and appointments on the weekend, or want to be distracted by farmer’s market visits or birthday celebrations during their work day.

Why should I order a personalised diary from the UK?

It really doesn’t matter where you live, because Camaloon covers all of Europe with its custom made products. Having a personalised diary delivered to your door in the UK is therefore not a problem. We are happy to serve you and guide you through the design process of your diary.

Can I order just one personalised booking diary 2022 2023? Or is it only for bulk buyers?

The volume definitely counts if you are looking for cheaper personalised diaries. As with every other product that is custom made, the number you order determines the price. The higher the amount, the lower the price. So discounts are available when bulk buying, but this doesn’t mean you need to order at least 500 dairies at once. If you want a personalised 2022 booking diary with your name on it, and no one else will get the same diary, then that is also an option.

How to design a diary with a personalised cover

A personalised diary can be recognised by its cover and not so much the inside of the diary. The cover is what makes you recognise your diary immediately and without hesitation. You look for the colour, size, thickness and photo, image or text on the front. Designing that cover is not complicated. You can use Photoshop or Illustrator if you are used to working with this software. Remember to save your design in a .jpg, .jpeg or .png format, and you will have no issues uploading your design with our practical design tool.

How to use personalised business diaries to engage your employees

Once you understand the difference and practicality of having two different diaries for work and private life, it’s time to focus on the contents of personalised business diaries. An employee or team leader cannot be forced to use a physical notebook for planning purposes, and many have connected the app with their digital agenda to their phone or tablet. You need to consider what branch you work in and if it suits a paper diary, or what your aim is with giving a personalised business diary. It might be useful as a backup system if your company suffers regularly from internet or Wi-Fi connection problems. Not being able to open your diary and seeing what was planned for the next few hours or the rest of the day makes you insecure. You will miss many appointments or deadlines if your online diary fails you on a frequent basis.

Can't find what you need?

Our team of advisors is on hand to help you create the perfect promo items and corporate gifts, to take your business to the next level.

Unleash your potential with a personalised diary as a nifty organising tool

Ordering a personalised diary as a personal gift or company giveaways

Personalised diaries are great gifts, whether they come from a personal or professional perspective. When you have just lost your loved one and plan on completing your online dating profile to see if you can find love again in this life, then a custom designed planner with a big red heart on the cover or your name in glitters will do wonders. It will be a fun (and less scary) tool to track first and second dates, and you can write down characteristics of every person you met and what location you went to in order to avoid bumping into each other again. Companies usually pick a more luxurious gift like a personalised calendar for commemorative moments, so smaller or cheaper items like pens or key rings do not fit the emotion. They can, of course, be suitable for other events like open houses or job fairs.

Other uses for a personalised academic diary – ideal for students and teachers

At the end of the school year parents may wonder what the best way is to say ‘thank you’ to this year’s teacher. He or she has really understood and helped your child, and you want to acknowledge all this extra effort. A personalised teacher diary can be created by uploading a suitable saying or writing the most characteristic words for that teacher on the cover. A picture is not even necessary. Student life is never easy, especially at the start, but having the correct planning tool like a personalised academic or student diary will make studying efficiently before a test and finishing a project before the deadline a hell of a lot easier.

The reasons why some people prefer a personalised page a day diary

Some people just love to write and captivate every day’s moment, not just looking up their appointments in a planning notebook. A personalised page a day diary fits perfectly, because you can save the top part of the page for meetings and other planned activities, and you can use the bottom part of the page to write anything you want.

What else can a personalised diary planner support?

Planning can be easy and simple if you only have dinners or drinks with friends to remember. You might even want to skip working with a diary at all to train your brain. A personalised diary planner can, however, prove to be a key element when building a house. If you are doing the contracting part of building yourself and don’t want to pay an external party to bring different building disciplines together, you want to know when the roof will be finished to determine what week windows can be placed. Everything is connected and dependent on a previous building phase. Miscalculating days (or months) can be a catastrophe for your budget and planning. A second example with a custom made diary for a special purpose is that of a personalised pregnancy diary. Men or women with fertility problems need to track certain elements of their life, and a digital diary is much too sensitive or even unreliable for this type of personal information. If you are planning to start IVF, you want to write down every explicit detail and action.

The success of a personalised diary for food – travel - work

Tracking your food and drinks intake? Monitoring your feelings when you have just stopped smoking? Taking a sabbatical next year? Or travelling for work often? There is a personalised food, travel or work diary for all these adventures, even if the path is not always easy. Tracking your progress in a diary, however, can keep you motivated enough to reach your personal goals.

Comparing a personalised logo diary with a photo diary

There is a clear distinction between a personalised logo and a photo diary. One involves only one or more photos, and the other design element is only a logo (not necessarily in the form of a photo) that is sometimes combined with text. Photos on the cover of a diary make it more personal, when a logo is more of an expression of your business and the services you provide or products you sell.

The advantages of buying your personalised appointment diary in bulk

Although it is not uncommon for customers to buy a single diary, bulk buying does make more sense if you will not be planning on changing its cover any time soon. When you already know that for the next three years you will need at least 300 custom designed diaries with your logo on it, then we’d advise you to order your personalised appointment diaries in one shipment, as this will have an influence on the total price. At the same time bulk buying will prevent you from the possibility of your type of diary being temporarily unavailable or permanently sold out.

Personalised diaries and planners that are Camaloon’s top selling products

Some of the most popular personalised diaries and planners are the ones with a page per day or the week per two pages. Customers also value the first few pages of a diary, where they can see an overview of the year with the week numbers, and sometimes even the next two years. This makes long-term planning easier and avoids the risk of making mistakes.

More promotional budget available? Choose Camaloon for your personalised diaries and many more products

Some companies have a specific budget for different events or targets, and that’s why investigating a little time in Camaloon’s other promotional items is worth it. If you haven’t already discovered them, here are some of our of our most ordered promotional products:

  • Essential goodies for each and every business: personalised pens – You can choose between wooden, plastic and metal pens.
  • To facilitate taking important notes: Personalised notebooks instead of pre-printed diaries – If empty pages are more useful than specifically printed dates and times on certain pages, including your choice of spiral notebooks, hard and soft cover notebooks or the hugely popular Moleskine brand.
  • What every office and call centre needs: personalised mugs and personalised water bottles – No more queues in the coffee corner, because every desk has its own superb personalised cup or bottle to keep you hydrated.

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