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Personalised Engraved Keyrings

Surprise your recipient with our personalised engraved keyrings, an exclusive and unique gift that you can personalise with a name, a photo or whatever you want. Gift your loved ones, your customers or employees something special, our personalised keyrings and let those you need in your life always remember you when using it.

How it works

1. Choose your engraved keyrings

1. Choose your engraved keyrings

Discover our variety of engraved keyrings and choose the ones you like the most. Have your keyrings personalised with a photo, with your company's name or logo. Browse the web and place your order for custom engraved keyrings.

2. Personalise your engraved keyrings

2. Personalise your engraved keyrings

Once you've chosen your engraved keyrings, it's time to turn them into personalised engraved keyrings. How? With our customisation tool that allows you to add images and text. Create your personalised engraved keyrings and unleash your creativity!

3. We create your personalised engraved keyrings

3. We create your personalised engraved keyrings

When you're completely satisfied with the design, shape and measurements of your custom engraved keyrings, you don't have to do any more than let us do everything for you. We will pass your personalised engraved keyrings through our quality control and start our machinery to make your design a reality.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if engraved keyrings are what I'm looking for?

Why incorporate personalised engraved keyrings into my promotional marketing?

What are the benefits of personalised engraved keyrings?

How to choose the right custom engraved keyring?

How do I know if engraved keyrings are what I'm looking for?

What are the benefits of personalised engraved keyrings?

Why incorporate personalised engraved keyrings into my promotional marketing?

How to choose the right custom engraved keyring?

Everything you need to know about personalised engraved keyrings

In a market with a great commercial sector competition, it is essential to stand out from the competitors. The personalised products at Camaloon help you achieve just that. For example, our custom engraved keyrings have become a powerful merchandising tool that works, as you can see from the reviews of many satisfied customers! Now, what are engraved keyrings? What can they be personalised with? Will it be a durable and quality design that will last? If these and other questions about personalised engraved keyrings have crossed your mind, we have all the answers!


What are engraved keyrings?

Who doesn't have one or several keyrings at home? It is a very practical, useful and decorative item which we often like to show off too. We can say that besides the clothes and shoes, keyrings are the most used items in the world. It is estimated that some 7.5 billion people have at least one. Hence, thinking about making personalised engraved keyrings for your business can be an excellent idea.

Personalised engraved keyrings are pieces that you can add a unique touch to, by personalising them with the your choice of design. You can customise them with a photo, a name, with your company logo, with a drawing or image that you like, a phrase, etc. Your imagination and creativity set the limits! The engraved key rings are made with a laser system that guarantees a precise, high-quality result that lasts over time despite wear and tear, friction and other external agents to which they may be subjected. This quality craftmanship is what greatly differentiates Camaloon and its personalised key rings from other companies! At Camaloon, we make them to last, while other companies offer them painted or use non-durable techniques that do not provide the precision and detail that we give you.

What types of personalised keyrings can be engraved?

In our online store we have a wide variety of keyrings made of different materials that can be engraved and personalised to your liking. All of them are made of good quality and with the same technique to ensure the best and longest lasting results. We know that your clients, partners and employees are a fundamental part of your company and that details matter. You want to give them the best, and we want to help you achieve it! For this reason, we have created a large selection of keyringss that you can personalise and engrave so that your company will always remain in the memory of the intended recipients. These are some of the ones we offer:

Metal keyrings

Our [metal keyrings] ( come in different shapes and are created with originality and style, so you can find the one that best suits you. Among them you can find those that have carabiners, in the shape of a car or bracelet, round, oval or square, and even some very useful and practical multitool ones such as those with a bottle opener or a mobile phone external emergency battery add-on. It is about having a detail that goes beyond being a simple keyring. And whichever you choose, we're sure it'll be really special when you include your custom design.

Wooden keyrings

In recent years, we have seen a very clear trend towards the natural and vintage, a romantic and rustic style that only grows in popularity. You cannot go wrong with our [wooden keyrings] (, because we have a selection that pleases all tastes. Among them are different shapes and a mixes of materials that fit perfectly, such as silver metal. Some are simpler and others more elegant, so the choice will depend on who the recipient is and of course, your personal taste.

Leather keyrings

Leather is still one of the most resistant materials used in various crafts, including as personalised keyrings. In addition, it is a perfect material for engraving your own design, that will last a lifetime. Our [leather keyrings] ( combined with metal and USB flash drives for instance, will be an elegant and sophisticated gift that will not go unnoticed. Many of the companies choose them as a thoughtful token gifted to their best clients or employees.

Full colour keyrings

One of the advantages of advancing technology is that previously unimaginable results are today a reality. And this is very true when it comes to custom engraved keyrings. A few years ago they were plain, boring and lifeless, but thanks to the introduction of new techniques and machinery, today they can be printed in full colour. At Camaloon, we always stay at the forefront of the latest technology and we combine the best elements to give you a quality product to ensure your complete satisfaction. For this reason, we also offer our colour keyrings you can insert your designs on or personalise them with a special photo.

What are the advantages of using personalised engraved keyrings at your company?

Let's face it, who doesn't love receiving a gift? Everyone in the world! When someone gives us a gift, it shows us that we are important to them, that at some point they have thought of us and that they have dedicated financial resources, energy and time for choosing and getting this gift for us. Without a doubt, if you decide to give a personalised engraved keyring to your customers or your employees, you will make them feel this way. This is clearly beneficial for your company, but what other benefits can you gain from gifting personalised engraved keyrings?

Customer loyalty

While it is true that one of the main objectives of any business, no matter how big or small, is to get new customers, one must not overlook another fundamental aim: building loyalty among the existing customers. In fact, experienced entrepreneurs say that this is even more complicated. A new customer can arrive, buy what he needs at a specific moment and never come back. The businesses that stick around are the ones that keep shoppers coming back again and again.

Personalised engraved keyrings can be an effective part of your marketing strategy to help you achieve this goal. They are a useful item that the client will always use and carry, ensuring your clients think of you without even realising it.

More motivated workers

Although many companies purchase the personalised engraved keyrings only for their clients or partners, the truth is that gifting them to employees from time to time makes your employees feel appreciated as well. We must not forget that they are a fundamental part of any company, since they are the ones who carry out the daily work. Making them feel appreciated and important will result in greater performance and productivity, of which you will be the greatest beneficiary.

Improves brand recognition

Having a client recall your brand easily is a great advantage of any business! Every time he sees the personalised engraved keyrings he will remember your company, the products you sell and he may even recommend you in a conversation.

Serves as advertising

Despite being a little trinket you gift to customers or employees, the fact that they carry it with them for other people see, serves as free advertising for your company and increases brand awareness.

You stand out from the competition

We cannot deny that the market is becoming more competitive in all sectors. Being different and adding value to our company is the key to standing out. For this reason, personalised engraved keyrings can be a part of that process. Both clients and employees will appreciate your little gift and your effort to invest money for them. And when they need a product or service that you provide, they will undoubtedly come to your company.

How to choose and create your personalised engraved keyrings

Given so much variety, how do you know which personalised keyrings to choose? You can take into account several factors, such as:

1) Your target audience. Think about who you want to make personalised engraved keyrings for. Depending on various factors, such as age for instance, you can choose the most appropriate one. Young people are likely to appreciate personalised engraved keyrings that double as a USB stick or a bottle opener, while young professionals will appreciate the elegance of a metal or metal and wood keyring, for example.

2) Your budget. Let's face it, money matters. And depending on the amount you need to make, you will have to invest more. Think about how much you can spend on each one, but don't give it more importance than you should, because at Camaloon we offer you volume discounts, which means that the larger the quantity, the lower the price.

3) What you want to convey. Thinking about the message you want to convey about your company is important before choosing personalised engraved keyrings. Do you want to be considered an elegant, creative company or do you prefer to be seen as someone close and fun? There are all kinds of personalised keyrings to adapt to whatever message you want to send.

4) The design you want. The design that you are going to include, whether a photo or a name, will greatly influence the type of product you should choose. For example, if you need to include an image, we have specific personalised keyrings for it. If you want to enter a phrase, you will need a larger keyring that will fit the text. But, if on the other hand, you only want to introduce your company logo, a smaller one will suffice. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with everything you need.

How to create your own custom engraved keyrings

Although we already told you a little above how our service works, we don't want you to forget it! For this reason, we list again one by one the steps you must follow so that the personalised engraved keyrings of your choice arrive to your home or company:

1) Browse our online store. Once you have considered all the previous points that might influence your choice of the keyring, it is time to search and search. Do not settle for the first one you see, let yourself be carried away by the great showcase that we have prepared for you! And if you want to choose several different models? No problem, you can choose as many as you want.

2) Upload or choose your design. Once you have the keyrings you want to engrave, use our easy-to-use customisation tool to include your design and add any details you want.

3) Get a preview before confirming your order. If you wish, you can also request a sample to ensure that everything is as expected.

4) Say how many you want of each model and get the final price. Remember that the higher the quantity, the lower the price!

5) Confirm your order and relax, the rest is up to us. Soon, you will receive your personalised engraved keyrings to your home or your office, or wherever you tell us!

Are custom engraved keyrings just for businesses?

Of course not! At Camaloon we want to get close to all people and help them get accessories they genuinely love. Therefore, you can get one, two or the pieces you need to surprise your loved ones. On what occasions could you need such an accessory? They are countless! But here are some ideas:

Valentine's Day. Surprise your partner with a personalised engraved keyring with a photo of one of your trips, a photo of your tow together or any image or phrase that is meaningful to you.

Father's or Mother's day. Give your parents a special gift and make them personalised engraved keyrings with something that identifies your relationship. They will surely remember it forever as a very special gift.

Friendship's Day. Why not surprise a friend with a personalised keyring that says how much you value him or her and your friendship?

Gifts for bridesmaids. If you have your wedding in sight, you can gift your bridesmaids personalised keyrings engraved with something unique so that they never forget this experience.

Weddings, baptisms and communions. Don't know what to give at the next event you are going to celebrate? Occasions such as a wedding, baptism or communion are unique and unforgettable moments, and personalised engraved keyrings as a little gift token for the guests will immortalise this moment forever.

You can see that personalised engraved keyrings are an ideal option for companies, as well as a little gift for our loved ones. It doesn't matter if you need just one or thousands, at Camaloon we make your designs a reality. Start browsing our online store now and find the engraved keyrings that best suit your needs. Choose your design and leave the rest to us. We work with commitment and affection to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end result!

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