Bespoke design | Camaloon

Bespoke design

Personalise your logo on promotional key rings with our online design tool.

Ultra-fast delivery | Camaloon

Ultra-fast delivery

Choose our Express Service and get your promotional key rings securely and swiftly delivered.

Special wholesale prices | Camaloon

Special wholesale prices

Order promotional key rings wholesale and get the best price.

Personalise your key rings at the best price

Always useful and ideal for any promotional event.

Key rings to give away at promotional events | Camaloon

Key rings to give away at promotional events

They are the ideal size to be handed out as gifts in fairs, to display them at your points of sale or add them to your orders.

Effective and inconspicuous advertisement | Camaloon

Effective and inconspicuous advertisement

Your customers will carry your business's image on them and use your gift every day thanks to these promotional key rings.

Unique promotional key rings | Camaloon

Unique promotional key rings

Choose models that go beyond simple key portability: bottle openers, coins to unlock shopping carts, etc.

Put your brand in the hands and pockets of your customers with promotional key rings

It is a well-known fact that when we want to find our keys, at home or in any container, like a gym bag, the first thing we look for is our keychain. So, evidently, we try to choose one that is difficult to miss without being too conspicuous. A promotional key ring with your company name or logo, then, is the ideal gift for your customers to keep your business in their minds and associate it with something that helps them daily.

For your business, promotional key rings are a very efficient advertising item: affordable to make and personalise, but able to give your brand lasting visibility. Besides, they work with all manner of events and public. Key rings are items of personal use but people often show them to friends and associates.

Other promotional items to give visibility to your brand

Besides promotional key rings, we have other products that could help your brand visibility and that are used again and again, like our T-shirt printing service. You can have a much larger printing area to create a unique style that adapts to your public with unisex personalised T-shirts. With our T-shirt screen printing you can also print T-shirts for associates and employees to use during their work or in events and fairs.

They are versatile clothes worn throughout the entire year and with a wide range of promotional uses. And, like with our key rings, you can save even more ordering wholesale T-shirts and enjoy our special discounts. They don't take up much space and are easy to deliver, so there are no excuses to not place your online order now.

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