Personalised Lanyards

Identify your staff with your brand image. Creating your own personalised lanyards is cheap and adds visual impact.

Create team spirit with your own branded lanyards

Take advantage of the different options to design your unique ID lanyards.

Maximum visibility with personalised lanyards

Maximum visibility with personalised lanyards

Make your brand visible in full colour. Bespoke design that adapts to your need with the best print quality available. Help associates and customers identify themselves with your business.

Personalised multipurpose lanyards

Personalised multipurpose lanyards

Find an original design and they will be used beyond the event and workplace. Besides carrying IDs, they can also be used as keychains or other accessories.

What are personalised Lanyards?

A lanyard is a cord or strap, usually worn around the neck, that has a metal clip at the end to carry keys or identification cards. The strap on our lanyards are made from polyester and they are available in many colours so you can personalise one to fit your needs. Lanyards are very useful items and are often seen in large offices, events, festivals or conferences. Companies will personalise lanyards with their logo, design or text for each event where they can be used to hold admission tickets or ID cards.

What are the benefits of personalised Lanyards?

By handing out personalised lanyards at an event you will make sure that your logo is, literally, around everyones necks. The matching lanyards also create a feeling of unity among the participants of the event and many will keep theirs long after for their useful properties. Together with personalised pens they make the ideal promotional giveaway at any event. Print your company logo with your contact details on the lanyard and put it in the hands of the right audience.

Who uses personalised Lanyards?

The earliest lanyards date all the way back to the 15th century France where it was called ‘lanière’. Only the fact that lanyards have been around for so long proves just how useful they are. Nowadays they are used by people of all ages, from kids that need a way to keep track of their locker key to participants at conferences. In large offices or shared co-working spaces it is also common to create lanyards personalised with the company logo and handed out to all co-workers. This way they can keep track of their access cards or IDs easily, while at the same time creating a sense of belonging.

How to choose the best personalised Lanyards for your company?

Depending on what your company brand is you will have many options for how you can personalise your lanyards. Choose a colour and style that highlights your company logo best. Our budget lanyard can be personalised with a print in one colour, this is created with a technique called silkscreen printing. We also have lanyards with an extra clip that can be disattached if necessary, these lanyards can be personalised with a print in full-colour thanks to sublimation printing.

Where on the Lanyards can you print your logo or design?

Your personalised print will be repeated 8-10 times on the visible side of the lanyard, the interior and the neck side are not printed on. This way you can be sure that your company logo or design always will be visible, no matter how you wear the lanyard. Complete the look with personalised unisex t-shirts with your company logo.

How can you promote your business with personalised Lanyards?

At Camaloon we provide a wide range of promotional merchandise that your company could use to their advantage. Every time an important event or fair pops up, you want everything to be perfect until the very last detail: the stand, the commercial brochures, the personalised logo badges, the magnets with your contact information, etc. But perhaps something is missing, for instance, personalised ID lanyards with your brand image printed on the collar. These are very useful to help your staff stand out or to hand out to the attendees at your event.

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