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Personalised lanyards with your branding

Identify your staff with your brand image. Creating your own personalised lanyards is cheap and adds visual impact.

Frequently asked questions on personalised lanyards

What are personalised lanyards?

A lanyard is a cord or a strap that is usually worn around the neck, and a personalised lanyard can carry a company’s logo, name, slogan or product. The end of the lanyard has a metal clip to which you can attach keys or an identification card. Some lanyards can even be a safe place to keep your phone, as they include a phone holder.

What material is a personalised lanyard made of?

The strap of a personalised lanyard is made from polyester or silicone, and the material determines which printing technique is best. For maximum result it can either be silkscreen or sublimation printing. You can choose a personalised lanyard strap first and then decide what colour suits you best. The printing technique also affects the range of available printing colours.

Where on personalised lanyard gifts can your logo or other design element be printed?

Your custom designed print will be repeated 8-10 times on the visible side of the personalised lanyard gift. To be more explicit: the interior and neck side of a lanyard will never be printed on. This allows for your company logo or message to always be visible, no matter how your guests, visitors or co-workers wear your personalised lanyard.

Who orders personalised lanyards in the UK?

If you want to buy personalised lanyards from anywhere in the UK, then you have come to the right place. Personalised lanyards with a logo are often seen during events, at festivals, conferences or at large offices or co-working spaces. You can have your lanyards personalised with your logo, design and even text printed on them, and depending on the type of lanyard it can hold admission tickets or company ID cards.

Is there no minimum order for personalised lanyards on

Unfortunately there is a minimum when ordering custom made and personalised lanyards. If you want to buy personalised lanyards in only a small order, then 50 units should be the minimum number of lanyards in your shopping cart. Remember that the more lanyards you order, the lower the price per unit will be. If your logo will not change any time soon and you don’t need a specific event date printed on the lanyard, we advise you to choose the number of units carefully.

How can I choose the best colour for my personalised lanyard design?

You can go two ways: choose a colour that matches your company colours and print anything on the lanyard in black or white. Or do the exact opposite to make a logo or text stand out. Primary colours do well with personalised lanyard designs if your event doesn’t really need a specific colour, as they will catch the attention by the lanyard’s colour itself. Pastel colours are a favourite for weddings, first communions or other memorable events in spring and summer.

Create team spirit with your own branded lanyards

Take advantage of the different options to design your unique ID lanyards.

Maximum visibility with personalised lanyards

Maximum visibility with personalised lanyards

Make your brand visible in full colour. Bespoke design that adapts to your need with the best print quality available. Help associates and customers identify themselves with your business.

Personalised multipurpose lanyards

Personalised multipurpose lanyards

Find an original design and they will be used beyond the event and workplace. Besides carrying IDs, they can also be used as keychains or other accessories.

Create a sense of belonging with personalised lanyards

Types of personalised lanyards

There are several options when looking at personalised lanyards, and it basically starts with the material and colours you want to use. If you are on a tight budget for promotional items, you can pick a cheap lanyard that can be printed on with only one colour. This is Camaloon’s printing technique called silkscreen printing. If, however, you want to personalise your lanyards and like to use more colours in your design, then sublimation printing is the way to go. This doesn’t just give you the opportunity to highlight your logo with text in another colour, but also gives you the option to print both sides of the lanyard.

Fun fact on individual personalised lanyards – then and now

The earliest lanyards date all the way back to the 15th century France where it was called a ‘lanière’. The fact that lanyards have been around ever since then proves just how useful they are. Individual personalised lanyards with a card holder are popular at the office when co-workers each have one with the company logo on them, and personalised key lanyards are a big hit with conference participants and concert and festival visitors. There are no limits or age restrictions when it comes to personalised lanyards and ID card holders. Even a children’s outfit for school is often complemented with a personalised name lanyard, because it makes the start of the new school year with a new teacher so much more practical for everyone.

Benefits of having your lanyards personalised for business or pleasure purposes

Besides personalised lanyards for schools other reasons to get lanyards personalised are: Your logo is literally around people’s necks during any type of event. Matching lanyards will create a feeling of unity among conference participants, guests or co-workers. Lanyards allow people to keep their most important belongings (card, ticket, keys) in one place. Lanyards last a long time when choosing the right material and printing technique, and that’s why they score extremely well as a promotional item, just like personalised pens.

Cheap personalised lanyards available in the UK

When it comes down to the costs of lanyards, the cheapest personalised lanyard you can order from the UK is the basic one with no extras. This affordable promotional product can be ordered in different colours, but the printing is done in only one colour. An example: 500 basic polyester lanyards personalised by silkscreen printing your single colour logo or design will cost around £1. If you want only 50 personalised lanyards (the minimum order in the UK), this will cost you almost double the unit price. If your event permits ordering a larger volume, then this will greatly affect your budget for the next couple of years.

Ideal gifts in a welcome pack - personalised teacher lanyards

Children use lanyards in order to keep track of their locker key when at school, but a personalised teacher lanyard in a welcome pack can have extra functionalities. Many schools work with access cards for specific rooms inside the school building (instead of regular keys), and if you want your newly hired teacher to perform well from the very first day onwards, then it is handy to add a card holder to the teacher’s lanyard. This way he or she may forget many things on that exciting first day on the new job (lunch, backpack with notes and layout of the school, telephone), but the access key will always be around the neck. Thinking back of your first day starting on a new location will be proof enough to justify adding that extra element to a personalised lanyard. Universities or other large schools can even add the employee’s department or subject the teacher teaches in text for easier recognition.

A personalised festival lanyard as proof of your presence

When you go to a concert or any other type of festival, you often want a keepsake to remember the special event. A personalised festival lanyard is a great collectible item that will almost always be sold out quickly. They are not just handy when organising your personal belongings at the venue, but will also show in a special way that you were there. Lanyards with a band, location and concert date printed on them are ice breakers when you meet people for the first time. You may even find an extra group member or new partner for next year’s festival or concert. And if it’s not for the other person who will ask you how you experienced the event, you yourself will remember every little detail when looking down at your lanyard and taking your key or card.

Personalised company or business lanyards and why they work

Your work is an important part of your life, so when you identify with your job and want to express this to your clients, guests or audience, a personalised company lanyard is the best tool. It is not only a way of showing what company or institution you belong to, but it can be a clever tool as well. Imagine your HR department wearing lanyards with their role in the company on it and a personalised badge with their name. Especially for this group of people you printed a link to job opportunities on this specific personalised staff lanyard. Wearing this lanyard will invite potential employees to visit the link and discover if there is a job opening that meets their personal interest and suits the company’s needs. With much less effort and a lower threshold to approach HR employees, your hiring techniques will definitely be taken to the next level. Personalised and well-designed lanyards will save you time and money, and they allow for a more efficient and more personal recruitment process in your company or organisation.

Personalised hen party or wedding lanyards – fun and effective for every guest

On a more private level, personalised wedding or hen party lanyards can be a great gadget. This type of lanyard is exceptionally effective when the wedding or party takes place at one or more locations and your party spends the night at a hotel. Even if your guests get a little tipsy or you lose part of the group during the festivities, they will always have access to their hotel room because of the thoughtful lanyard with a hotel card in its holder. Just include the hotel’s address and the event’s route also somewhere, just to be sure.

How to buy personalised and perfectly printed lanyards in bulk

Once you have checked out what types of lanyards are available, bulk ordering personalised lanyards is not a complicated task at all. You start with the general design process of custom made lanyards by selecting one type and then proceeding with the innovative design tool. You can add your logo, a clear picture or other image and then add text. Clip art is not used that often, but can be a fun addition if you don’t have a logo to print for your event. Click on the continue button once you have finished your design, and during the next step you will still be able to adjust the number of lanyards you want to order. This screen will also show a complete example of your design, and clicking on the pencil will take you back to the design tool if necessary. Confirming your order will take you to payment and delivery options and that’s that.

Extra options to consider when selecting your personalised lanyard

Some basic personalised lanyards can have extra accessories added to them, like a mobile attachment, a buckle, a safety clip or a card holder (size A6). If you are unsure if these extra options add any branding value to your lanyards, remember those who receive your giveaway and what you are aiming at with the personalised lanyard. If you want to take it up a notch and add other promotional items to your shopping cart, think of the activity you are organising or the occasion when handing out these gifts or gadgets. Camaloon provides a wide range of promotional products, including: personalised bags if you have promotional products of a larger size personalised conference folders for any professionally organised conference personalised stickers or personalised keyrings if you prefer cheap yet effective tools within your company’s promotional budget.

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