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Personalised mouse mats and mouse pads

Photo mouse mat

Photo mouse mat

A mouse mat is the perfect item to personalise with your favourite photo. The large surface allows for a lot of creativity, and a photo mouse mat can be a great gift for friends and coworkers! Because so many people spend hours in front of a computer, this one-of-a-kind present will be appreciated throughout the day. A photo mouse mat adds a nice personal touch to any office.

Ergonomic mouse pad

Ergonomic mouse pad

Ergonomic mouse pads support your wrist and reduce the strain that comes with working on a computer for extended periods of time. They are made of high-density foam and a layer of comfortable fabric and help the mouse glide more smoothly. A great quality ergonomic mouse pad is a terrific gift for employees and partners, and it may also double as a promotional item if personalised with your brand.ay also double as a promotional item if personalised with your brand.

An eco-friendly mouse mat for the eco-conscious

An eco-friendly mouse mat for the eco-conscious

Our environmentally friendly custom mouse pads are made from laminated paper, recycled plastic, recycled rubber and cork. All the materials can be personalised with UV printing, the greenest of all printing techniques.

How are Mouse Mats Personalised?

1. Pick your mouse mat

1. Pick your mouse mat

Choose your favorite mouse mat from our large selection of customisable mouse mats. All of our mats are of excellent quality, suitable for any mouse and allow for smooth, precise mouse movement.

2. Unleash your creativity

2. Unleash your creativity

Once you’ve picked the mat you like, decide how many you’ll need and start designing using our simple design tool. Upload photos, graphics and add text in a variety of fonts to create a unique mouse mat. Upload several photos and make a collage mouse mat. You will love how easy it is to design with our online software!

3. We’ll handle the rest

3. We’ll handle the rest

We make all our personalised mouse mats on-site in order to ensure the best quality of both material and print. Because we adhere to strict printing standards, you can expect a gorgeous print reproduction of your images, with rich colours. Our professionals inspect each mat after printing to ensure that you'll receive a high-quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions about Camaloon’s personalised mouse mats

What type of material can I choose for my personalised mouse mat?

A personalised mouse mat is typically made of a rubber base, because you want the mouse mat to prevent any slipping. A polyester or fabric layer can then be added on top of this rubber base to improve traction when moving your mouse over the mat. A mouse also functions better with a mouse pad, because elements on the computer screen are not skipped when using a mouse mat on a rough desk surface. The latter could normally be the cause of interference and make your work more difficult than needed. Camaloon also sells personalised PVC mouse mats and cork mouse pads for companies that prefer an environmental-friendly product.

How should I decide what material is perfect for my clients or employees when ordering personalised mouse mats?

When it comes to picking your favourite personalised mouse mats there is no one who decides but you. If you want a more rustic look and show you care for the world around you, cork is the way to go. This material tends to break off quicker than PVC or rubber when it is moved a lot, so if you know your target group is the fidgety kind, you’d better go for a material that lasts a bit longer, like PVC.

Can I order just one personalised square or round mouse mat?

There is no minimum volume when ordering a personalised round mouse mat or any different shape that suits your purpose for that matter, but we do want to stress that buying mouse mats or other personalised merchandise in bulk makes it more interesting. There are discounts when ordering larger volumes, and that’s why taking a little time from your busy schedule to decide on how many people will get a mouse mat and when is key to choosing the right volume for your budget.

How can I get my mouse mat personalised with my exclusive design?

As with designing personalised clothing or other (home) office stationery items, getting your mouse mats personalised by using Camaloon’s innovative but straightforward design tool makes all the difference. First element to choose is the shape and material. Every material was tested before taking into manufacturing, so don’t worry about quality aspects, because we have already executed that phase extensively. Next in the process of designing your personalised mouse mats is the most creative part: deciding what you want printed on those mouse mats and adding text yes or no. The design software is flexible and precise, and you don’t have to be a genius or computer nerd to make the most of your custom mouse mat.

Are personalised gifts like mouse mats a good idea for anyone at any time?

If you want the receiver of your gift to be reminded of the picture or message printed on the item, then personalised gifts like mouse mats are an excellent choice. There is no better way of keeping call centre agents or sales people on their toes when the company slogan or steps to motivate a client into buying your company’s product is printed on their mouse mat. They use the mouse mat every day, look at it when they start and finish the work day, and without drilling them too much in a verbal manner, they remember what is important to the company and focus automatically on the role they play when a shift starts.

When does a personalised mouse mat with a wrist rest become an essential desk item?

Anyone who spends several hours a day on the computer for work knows that if you don’t take care of an ergonomic work environment problems will occur sooner or later. A personalised mouse mat with wrist support is, however, only part of the solution. A custom ergonomic mouse mat will prevent wrist injuries and promote a healthy posture while typing, but if the height of your desk, computer screen or office chair cannot be adjusted to your physical characteristics, then a mouse mat is just a tiny drop of water in an empty and dried up desert. So order that mouse mat anyway, but don’t forget to pay attention to other ergonomically designed office furniture and desk essentials.

Why does a personalised gaming mouse mat make sense, even for young gamers?

A personalised gaming mouse mat is extremely popular in the UK. You can blame the bad weather for that, as it makes spending time indoors and behind the computer more comfortable than going outside just for pleasure. Every country in the same weather zone as the UK is affected, and that is why we see more mouse mat orders in smaller volumes once the weather changes again after summer.

When does my parcel of personalised mouse mats arrive after I receive confirmation of my order?

After you have finished designing your beautiful personalised mouse mats, you can choose any of the shipping methods that our logistical partners offer. Pick that method that suits your needs, fits your planning and matches with your promotional budget. Be aware that the date of shipment is affected by the type of mouse mat you have chosen for your personal design, the volume of your order and the location the parcel needs to be shipped to. To give you an idea on delivery times: the standard delivery time for 100 custom designed mouse mats is in general between two and three weeks.

The appealing designs, characteristics and functions of personalised mouse mats

Let your creativity run wild when designing your personalised photo mouse mats

There are so many possibilities when using the design of your personalised photo mouse mats as an outlet of your creative mind. You can mix pictures with text or even add several photos to make a breathtaking collage of memorable moments. A personalised collage mouse mat with amazing photos as proof of long-lasting friendships will bring back those cherished childhood memories. Some companies are proud of the prizes they win, so when the time has come to appreciate those who were basically responsible for those awards to begin with, a giveaway with a special meaning to it is in place. A picture of the employee of the month on a personalised photo mouse mat, your company logo and slogan, or a saying that will motivate every one of the members of your company’s teams to excel and do even better than before, will renew their energy and make them feel rewarded.

Size matters when you personalise a mouse mat

For those jobs that require multiple computer screens with a design element (video or music editing, architects, et cetera) that want to personalise and order a mouse mat, the size of the mouse mat should be considered thoroughly. If you have tasks that let you move the mouse over almost half of your desk, then don’t select a mouse mat of a minimal size. You definitely need a large personalised mouse mat in this case, and this will have a positive effect on the results you produce.

Giveaways? Cheap personalised mouse mats are the answer

A mouse pad doesn’t always have to be an expensive present to give away to visitors, clients or employees. You get the choice of materials which allows you to order cheap personalised mouse mats as well. Mouse mats cost around £3 if you want to buy only one, but the more you buy, the less you pay per mouse mat. Bulk buying makes sense for larger enterprises, frequently organised events or places where huge groups of people are expected.

Support administrative departments with a personalised calendar mouse mat

Are you trying to think outside of your box and wondering what could possibly make the life of your administration department or reception much easier? Every first day of the year (or other important date within a shorter time frame) you hand out a personalised calendar mouse mat with deadlines or other key events circled in a specific colour. The mouse mat will now not only improve the use of the mouse on a desk, but also be an amazing tool that lets them keep track of the days of the year and the company’s most crucial moments. No one will miss any deadlines from the day you start handing out those practical calendars.

Wedding and thank you notes? Captivate the best moments in personalised picture mouse mats

Don’t even think of giving a plant (that many people can’t keep alive and is money down the drain) or other useless item when people leave your wedding venue. Make it more personal with a personalised multi picture or collage mouse mat. Let every visitor be a witness of your unique bond by collecting adorable or funny photos of the two of you, uploading them in your design and making a sensational collage of them. This multi element design also works wonders when introducing a new colleague and getting him or her acquainted with the team. This works especially well when everyone in the office has a permanent desk and the layout can be published on a mouse mat with the names of each of the colleagues in the right location.

Ordering your personalised mouse mat from the UK with Camaloon’s practical and innovative design tool

When designing is not exactly your forte, discover our intuitive design tool to create personalised mouse mats and order them from anywhere in the UK. Once the design is confirmed and our professional printing machines go to work, we check its quality after printing is completed. The volume you have ordered will then be packaged to have it reach you in perfect condition and within the method of delivery you have selected. Several logistical partners work with a track & trace code to see where your parcel is. So there is no excuse not to be there when the package arrives.

My parcel has arrived – keeping my personalised mouse mat clean and hygienic

The office looks a bit different now that viruses like Covid-19 are here to stay. Cleaning your personalised mouse mat has become more important than ever before. So it’s not just about washing hands and coughing in the inside of your elbow anymore. We’ve learnt a lot in these last couple of years, and we advise you to do the following to ensure proper and hygienic use of your personal mouse mat: Remove loose crumbs with a lint roller or damp cloth. Hand-wash the mouse mat in warm water with a microfiber towel and light shampoo or soap if there are any stains on the mouse mat. Let the mouse pad dry completely before using it again. It is tempting to wash a personalised mouse mat in your washing machine at home, but washing machine temperatures and washing liquids, softeners or vinegar you use normally may affect the attachment of the fabric and may also reduce the intensity of colours used in your personal design.

Don’t hesitate any longer and order your personalised computer mouse mat on

Now that you have learnt about all the options with Camaloon’s personalised computer mouse mats, look at the shapes and materials and compare them with your budget before ordering your desired volume. Don’t forget that bulk buying can make it even more affordable than it already is. And if you found new joy in personalising items with our modern and flexible design tool, please check out other items that your guests, clients or employees will like:

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