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Logo mousepads

Logo mousepads are an item used everyday, giving your brand beneficial exposure

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Logo mousepads display the artwork that is your company emblem

Logo mousepads give you a wide range of models to use to your advantage, spreading your brand. While mousepads began as a simple product with a simple function, to act as a surface for using and moving a computer mouse more easily and with more usability, they now have a much larger purpose when it comes to branding and more and more companies and using them as a way to show off their business by selecting their own lettering and graphic, and adding their logo. Some of the advantages of using a logo mousepad for your clients will be increased speed and precision when it comes to how the computer mouse will react with the computer, and comfort, which, given the mousepad is branded with your logo, will cause them to associate this new found comfort at the workplace with your company.

Personalised mousepads also represent a rare opportunity to put your artwork, logo and even slogan on an item that is used for large periods of the day almost every day of the week. There are few places where your logo will benefit from such exposure.

Logo mousepads: public identification from your graphic mark

When it comes to the finishing touches for your logo mousepads, you have all the options you need. For the more basic models with PU foam as a material, you can consider silkscreen, which involves a screen being used to transfer ink to the item. For some of our other basic models, along with our ecological and more premium models with materials such as EVA foam and laminated paper, you can benefit from full-colour printing, bringing your logos to life and showing a perfect decal that represents your company exactly as you want it. Colour is a key element in logo design and plays an important role in brand differentiation. UV printing is the more prominent option of full-colour printing for our logo mousepads and has a method vastly different to that of screen printing. With UV printing a flatbed digital printer is used and UV curable inks are used, which when exposed to UV light, cure or polymerise. Mousepad printing is full of options for you.

Talking of options, it is important to point out that with us here at Camaloon you have vast options for your promotional products, and how you will print your logo. Personalised T-shirt printing is fantastic not only for promotional gifts for your client but also for giving to your staff to increase their unity as a collective and make them easy to identify at trade fairs and events. The only thing missing for any of our products to burst into life is your logo! Remember to include any lettering and slogans if it fits well with your logo, imagine it like a poster put smaller scaled and in a more consistently visible location. This will be the central element of identifying you for customers.

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