Company Branded Pens

Branded pens can be original in so many way, it would be crazy not to consider them

Effective promos | Camaloon

Effective promos

Branded pens will encourage people to remember your brand and business.

Fast delivery | Camaloon

Fast delivery

We deliver your order in record time. Check out our Express service.

For fairs and events | Camaloon

For fairs and events

Make an impression with branded pens that are practical, but also trendy and memorable.

Great variety | Camaloon

Great variety

Wide range of branded pens with various materials, colours, and models.

With stylus for touch screens | Camaloon

With stylus for touch screens

Print branded pens that can also be used to control your smartphones and tablets.

Eco-friendly | Camaloon


Strengthen your brand image with branded pens made from recycled materials.

Laser printing | Camaloon

Laser printing

Let the finest details of your logo or design stand out with laser printing.

Promo models | Camaloon

Promo models

Choose our promo models and take advantage of good prices.

For major brands | Camaloon

For major brands

Many big brands preceded you. Choose the model that best fits your audience.

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Branded pens turn a pen into something special for your company

Branded pens are the forefront of promotional items and are very often used with huge success in terms of bringing visibility to your brand. Previously, pens were used for only one purpose, applying ink to paper for writing or drawing. Now, it could be said that the primary function of pens can be something different, like with branded pens which have the purpose of increasing the number of people who know your company.

One of the key things to consider when creating your branded pens is that whatever pen you choose will represent your brand and your company. Eveything even down to the materials you use will respresent yout business. With this in mind, choosing between all the different materials available can be a bit of a daunting task. Plastic, wood, aluminium, other metals and even cardboard can all be chosen from. One of the newer trends for branded pens is to use recycled or sustainable materials. This first of all minimises the damage you are causing to the environment and second of all allows people to see that you are taking this fact into consideration when planning for your promotions. A company with a concious effort to be green is a company that clients will respect more. With us here at Camaloon, you can create branded pens with materials such as recycled cardboard, recycled bottles and more, all with the security of having the eco certificate to prove it.

Branded pens are great, but why not add to them?

Branded pens are a great product to combine with one of our other many options on the website. Companies tend to enjoy the results that they receive from using our personalised t-shirts printing services. Similar to the branded pens, they are an item that is used so frequently that if done correctly, can find their way into your clients day to day use and therefore create immense amounts of exposure for your brand. Advertise your business with promotional t-shirts. and see the results for yourselfs. Not only can our T-shirts be used for your comapny but also for social events that need a little extra dazzle! Stag T-shirts for your parties can be made with us just as easily as the branded pens and with your designs, chosen by you.

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