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Logo pens

Logo pens

Your logo pens will be seen as practical and original

Adapt the design of your pen so that your logo conveys your brand’s style

Valued by customers and employees

They are the most popular corporate items. And cost-effective too, because we need pens to make notes many times per day. What could be a better branding tool, inside and outside your company?

Your logo will be the centre of attention

Your corporate pen's shape and colour will impress, but its logo will have a particular impact. In a prominent space that catches the eye of both users and onlookers. Everyone will remember your brand.

Clients who've relied on us

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ubisoft logo
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3 reasons for investing in logo pens

Logo pens are one of our favourite suggestions when your budget is limited

An affordable price from only 50 units.

An affordable price from only 50 units.

Logo pens have a minimal cost. You can place small orders, and have your own logo products on a low budget.

Maximum practicality

Maximum practicality

Who doesn't expect to receive a logo pen as a gift in a store, event or at work? It pays to invest in printed logo pens.

Maximum visibility

Maximum visibility

Thanks to clients, employees and/or partners, your logo pen will travel around your business and the outside world. Your logo will be visible everywhere.

Order printed logo pens to make your brand stand out

Today it is essential for a business to have a range of promotional products. Camaloon helps you to achieve this with our personalisation and printing services. One of the most popular items is the logo pen. Many companies leave logo pens on the desk as a welcome gift for new employees. These personalised pens are taken by external partners in meetings and given to potential clients in trade fairs. Wherever you are, a personalised pen is a must-have.

The best thing is that corporate pens can be exchanged or given away on any occasion, making them long-lasting promotional products. We use them many times, and also lend them to other people. We end up taking promotional pens with us to all kinds of places. It’s clear that both logo pens and promotional pens are an effective and affordable way to give your logo more visibility.

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