Personalised metal pens are popular promotional products to gift to customers at events or conferences, they are modern and stylish, as well as easy to bring with you in large quantities. Our broad range of metal pens includes many different models, inks and colours, as well as pens with golden, frosted or chrome metal details. We even offer personalised metal pens with a stylus tip for touchscreens. We engrave the design of your company logo or text on the top half of the pens to ensure exposure whenever they are used.

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Easy personalisation

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The use of metal ballpoint pens

Be visible!

Events | Camaloon


Certainly the most common use of metal pens is at various events or trade shows where your business shows up. On these occasions, you will meet many people and potential customers to whom you can gift a pen with your company logo and name on it. This is the perfect opportunity to increase your brand awareness.

Welcome gift for new employees | Camaloon

Welcome gift for new employees

It is very important that your employees feel comfortable from the first day on the job. With metal pens, you can achieve this by giving them something beautiful and practical to start with by your side. They can be combined with different colours and printed with your company logo and name.

Marketing tool | Camaloon

Marketing tool

Metal pens can also be used as a marketing tool: you give them away to your customers for free. Pens are a classic promotional tool that is often used in everyday life. It is a perfect marketing tool if you want to grab the attention of your customers. It is also suitable for small businesses that do not have a big budget. Promotional products are inexpensive and have a wide reach.

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The Camaloon advantages

A wide range of materials | Camaloon

A wide range of materials

At Camaloon, not only do we offer many product categories, but also different materials for you to choose from. For the pens, we have materials like plastic, wood, metal and environmentally friendly materials like cork or cardboard. The same goes for products such as laptops, drinkware or bags and sports bags.

The quality | Camaloon

The quality

Although our products, in this case the pens, are very inexpensive, they are characterised by very high quality. So we offer you the perfect price to performance ratio, so that you can buy from us not only in a cost efficient way, but also with ensured high quality performance.

Different mechanisms | Camaloon

Different mechanisms

When it comes to ballpoint pens, we always offer our customers multiple options to meet all of their requirements. This is why there are several mechanisms available in ballpoint pens. For example, a click-and-turn mechanism or a stylus pen.

Who are our customers?

Promotional items for everyone

Sports clubs | Camaloon

Sports clubs

Our customers are not only classic marketing companies or resellers, but also various sports clubs. As we have a very wide range of products, we are also able to reach sports clubs. Promotional items give these associations and clubs the opportunity to present their logo and name in public and attract new members. In addition, they also boost the attention and notoriety of the club. Club members like to be able to wear t-shirts with the club logo and name on it. Make your members proud and order your personalised promotional products from Camaloon.

Individuals | Camaloon


As our target group is very large, Camaloon also allows people to place individual orders. So if people just want to customise a specific product and order it as a unique item, Camaloon is the right place for them! Personalised gifts for your family members or friends are always a good idea to bring joy to your favourite people. Printed with a family photo or phrase, make something original your recipient will appreciate. If you are a business and want to order something special for a particular client, contact us!

Event agencies | Camaloon

Event agencies

Arguably one of the biggest target groups who use and need promotional products are event agencies. The events in which various festivals, fairs, workshops and other occasions take place are very popular and well known these days. This is why it is important for these agencies to provide visitors with quality and, of course, inexpensive articles. Camaloon, thanks to its wide range of products, offers these agencies endless possibilities. Our products can be adapted to the theme of the festival or fair, for which Camaloon not only offers different types of products, but also different materials. With us, event agencies will always find what they are looking for.

Printing techniques

Silkscreen | Camaloon


One of the printing techniques that Camaloon uses in the manufacturing of its products is the technique of screen printing. Screen printing is a very cost effective technique that is used for single colour designs and logos. This colour is then printed through a fabric on to the pen.

Digital printing | Camaloon

Digital printing

Digital printing is ideal for color logos. So, if you want to print coloured metallic pens, choose pens that can be printed with this process. All BIC® brand ballpoint pens are available with this printing technique, for example the Round Stic® ballpoint pen models or the Media Clic.

Laser engraving | Camaloon

Laser engraving

If you have chosen metal ballpoint pens, laser engraving is an available option. Metal pens are engraved using a laser beam. Perfect for conveying an elegant image of your business.

Why should you trust Camaloon?

The 3 main reasons:

The quality of our products | Camaloon

The quality of our products

An important reason why you should trust Camaloon is the quality of the products that we manufacture in our own factory. So we can guarantee our customers the best quality, which together with reasonable prices is a perfect combination.

Collaboration with large companies and global corporations | Camaloon

Collaboration with large companies and global corporations

If you are a large company looking for a supplier who can handle large orders and complex requirements then you have come to the right place because Camaloon is used to working with international companies and that is why you can always count on on us.

Advanced technology | Camaloon

Advanced technology

We are always trying to offer our customers new technology to make your shopping experience as easy as possible from design to production to order. This is why we are constantly developing new ways to offer them an optimal shopping experience.

Personalisation at Camaloon

Start customisation

You don't need to create an account on our official website to personalise your product. Choose the product you want to customise and the quantity you want to order and click Next.

Select your logo or design

After selecting the product to customise, you can begin the design. It is important that you check the printing technique beforehand to match your logo or design. With us you have the option of combining texts with images. Choose your image and the font that best suits your ideas.

After confirmation

When you have finished the design and layout, you can confirm it and proceed to the shopping cart. You will then see the price of your drawing there.

Provide us with your email address so that you can receive a confirmation email and track the order.

Delivery and payment options

Camaloon offers several delivery and payment options. Choose the ones that suit you best and confirm the entire order. The process is now complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CMYK?

The CMYK colour model is a subtractive model used in colour printing. CMYK refers to the four colours used for printing: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), Black (K). Currently we only use Pantone colours on screen printed items.

How can I check the status of my order?

You will receive email notifications on the current status of your order. You can also view them through your user account on our website.

Can I change the number of pens in an order?

Once the order has been placed, it is no longer possible to change the number of items. However, if they are still in the basket, that's okay. Click the shopping cart icon to view items that have already been designed. By using the plus and minus sign next to each product, you can easily change the number of pieces (please note the minimum order quantity of the corresponding item).

Can I cancel my order?

Any order can be canceled within a certain period of time. This period depends on the date of validation of the order and whether we have already started production.

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