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Company logo notebooks

Put your brand on the cover and convey the best impression. Make your customers remember your business by using your company logo notebooks.

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Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
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Easy personalisation

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We review your designs

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Express delivery

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Why print branded notebooks with your company logo?

Because stationery, no matter how much we have computers and smartphones, solves the way we organise our day to day. And because we like to have much more than just a simple instrument for taking notes, personalised notebooks will help you connect with your customers, potential customers and employees through your brand image.

When you personalize notebooks with your company logo, you know that you are betting on a promotional item that will help you position and establish your brand awareness:

  • Because they are used daily in professional, educational and social environments. With your branded notebooks, you will reach wide and very diverse audiences.
  • Because they're easy to transport: they work as a mobile advertising medium for your business
  • Because they remain useful longer than other promotional items. When you give away custom notebooks with a logo at a company event or as a welcome gift for customers and employees, you know that they will be used more than once to take notes, draw their ideas or organise tasks and projects.

How can you personalise and buy company logo notebooks online?

With each one of our models we want you to find details and distinctive elements so that when you personalise notebooks with your logo you will get unique items for your company. That's why you'll find branded notebooks in different sizes, popular bindings like custom spiral notebooks, printing techniques with high quality results, or prestige models like Moleskine® notebooks.

If you are thinking of making custom printed notebooks with your business logo, Camaloon adapts to you:

  • First, with a system to make your order very easy and fast, with which you can control many details to personalise notebooks with the logo of your company
  • Second, with an assortment of notebooks that adapt to corporate or sales use: whatever your objective is to personalise notebooks with your logo, and whatever your budget.
  • Third, with a free service to validate your designs and advice tailored to your campaign.

Personalised notebooks from Camaloon

The right place to get your personalised notebook from

Which are your best-selling personalsied notebooks?

Our best-selling notebooks are the ones that have a great quality to cost value! Check them out:

Why get personalised notebooks from Camaloon?

Because we care about you and your promotion campaign. We have put together a wide range of notebooks for you to customize, you can choose from different materials and types, have them printed or not, or even add custom packaging. Everything to get your perfect personalised notebook.

Another reason is that we are our own manufacturers. That means that we take care and give great importance to the whole process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it, and sending it to you, so that you can get your personalised notebook as fast as in 48 hours.

What variety of personalised notebooks do you have?

We have gathered a wide variety of personalised notebooks to choose from, we have hardcover and softcover notebooks, moleskine notebooks, ruled or plain notebooks and much more!

Moreover, if you are looking for a personalised notebook and pen, we have a large selection for you to choose from:

Do you have eco friendly notebooks?

We want your promotional campaign to match the values of your company, that is why we offer many different models of eco friendly notebooks for you to personalise!

Are you interested in reselling our notebooks with your personalised print?

We tend to offer you the best price in the market, making Camaloon the ideal place to get your personalised notebooks to resell. We also offer individual personalised packaging with every notebook that you print on. Personalise your notebooks and their packaging to the very last detail and resell it to your customers.

How long will it take to create and receive my personalised notebooks?

Creating your personalised notebooks with Camaloon is an incredibly fast and easy process. We provide you with the most simple designing experience your company can have! After creating your order, you are going to have a wide variety of delivery options to choose from.

We offer delivery as fast as within a week so that you can get your promotional notebooks as fast as possible. Moreover, we also offer free delivery for orders greater than £35.

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