Custom logo sweatshirts

Create the stand out piece of clothing of your customers, future customers and employees' wardrobe online.

What can you do to make your customers fall in love with your custom logo sweatshirts?

Alongside the personalised t-shirts which are useful in any season, sweatshirts are the star garment in the autumn/winter season for your promotions, events, and to equip your employees. If you want an everyday garment to convey the quality of your product and/or service, when you think about printing custom logo sweatshirts, there are two aspects you should consider:

  1. The composition of the sweatshirt. The composition of the sweatshirt, so that it is soft and warm when worn, so that it can be easily washed. But, above all, because if you want your logo to reflect the personality of your brand you will need it to be made of quality fabrics, so that the printing is perfect and resistant to use.
  2. The choice of design. Without losing the essence of your brand, you can play with many elements, starting with the model and colour of the sweatshirt in which you want to print your logo. On the other hand, with our online design tool you can modify the design of your custom logo sweatshirts and, for example, add texts that refer to the event you organise or sponsor, or the position of the employees who will use them as a uniform. In addition, with Camaloon you can use this design to personalise other promotional items, such as personalised badges with the symbol of your business and your contact information.

Custom logo sweatshirts printed for many uses and people

With its casual, fresh and even sporty style, putting your logo on sweatshirts will allow you to reach very different target groups. Give custom logo sweatshirts to employees, partners and customers on special occasions, for example, to maintain a good relationship with your company.

As a work uniform, custom logo sweatshirts help customers to identify your employees uniquely and in line with your brand image in shops, hospitality stores or events, along with advertising materials such as personalised stickers, notebooks or key rings with your logo.

And they also serve to make your employees feel part of the organisation. Bet on them making your logo a solid and recognisable brand by also wearing it in their leisure time or sports activities. We have models designed for all kinds of occasions!

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