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Promotional branded umbrellas

Personalised umbrellas are an excellent way to promote your business or brand in any climate! Don't let a little rain allow you to miss the opportunity to customise umbrellas with your logotype or printed designs to ensure customers will always remember you! We offer a wide range from large golf umbrellas to square umbrellas with a straight handle or a hook shaped handle. At Camaloon, we are proud to say that we are our own manufacturers. We are the ones that print on your promotional umbrellas, take care of your design as well as the packaging and ship it to you the customer, making sure for you to have an easy and satisfactory experience of buying personalised umbrellas until the very end. Choose your model of custom umbrellas, and make your company stand out even on the rainy days!

Make the most of umbrellas with your printed designs in any climate.

What variety of personalised umbrellas do you offer?

We offer a wide selection of personalised umbrellas, everything from umbrellas with wooden handle, automatic umbrellas with rubber hook handles to square umbrellas! Check them out:

What are the most cost-friendly personalised umbrellas you have?

We have a few umbrellas that come at a great price and quality. These are a great option for bulk ordering and adding them to your promotional campaign!

Why get personalised umbrellas from Camaloon?

Because we care about you and your promotional campaign! Umbrellas are one of the most common tools used in promotional campaigns, so we made sure to gather a great variety of personalised umbrellas for you to choose from!

Another reason is because we are our own manufacturers. That means we take care and put great importance into the entire process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it and shipping it to you, so you can get your promotional umbrellas as fast as within a week!

Are there any discounts for bulk buying promotional umbrellas?

At Camaloon, we guarantee the best price for your company! Get in touch with us, and we will make sure to offer you the best possible price for your bulk order. Choose the models you want from our umbrellas for sale and send us your logo or photo, we will take care of the rest!

How fast can I get my personalised umbrella?

We ship our personalised umbrellas with standard delivery, which will only take you 10 to 13 working days!

Frequently asked questions on personalised umbrellas

What is so unique about personalised umbrellas?

We offer you personalised umbrellas to shelter from the rain... but don't worry, it’s not all miserable when clouds appear and drops start to fall. Here at Camaloon we can make the sun shine again by providing you with customised umbrellas suited to your brands´ preference. Still not convinced? Our umbrellas are often used to promote all kinds of brands for their multiple uses. They are not just ordered to promote products or services offered by large multinationals, but are also a big hit when it concerns personal celebrations.

What variety of personalised umbrellas do you offer?

We offer a wide selection of personalised umbrellas, and you can order them in many basic or bold colours. Besides the colours, the main difference between umbrellas is whether they open automatically or not. Looking at your target group and analysing them makes it easier to decide which umbrella you prefer for the promotion of your brand. Would you like a more luxurious one? Then the automatic personalised umbrella is your best bet. If it’s the simplest and cheapest personalised umbrella you are after? Then opt for the umbrella with rubber hook handle.

What types of handles can a personalised umbrella have?

It’s not just the way a personalised umbrella opens that may affect your choice for one or the other. An umbrella, and therefore also your brand, stands out for its handle. In the original ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ song by Gene Kelly a classic black umbrella with wooden hook handle can be seen. You can hang the hook handle over your lower arm if it’s not pouring down anymore. The straight handle is more simple. Handles are made from plastic, rubber, EVA (a rubber-like plastic), or wood.

Where can I print designs on personalised golf umbrellas?

Thanks to the large polyester fabric of our personalised golf umbrellas, it’s easy to position your logo or designs on any one of our models. What’s more? Your printed designs (of 15 by 10 centimetres) are placed within the triangular framing on the canvas, making them easier to locate and extremely noticeable for your customers. A simple printed design on your personalised large umbrellas will get your brand recognised quickly at any time and place. We provide you shelter from the rain and make your brand visible… What more can you ask for?

Are there any personalised umbrellas with no minimum order in the UK?

Want to order just one personalised umbrella instead of buying your personalised umbrellas from the UK in bulk? No problem at all. Once you have made your choice of type of umbrella, you will see a price table starting with the price of a single personalised umbrella. With quantity numbers going up, though, the price per printed umbrella will go down. For example: the price per unit of 200 silkscreen printed umbrellas is almost the same as one umbrella without any printing. That makes you think. Right? Take into account that most umbrellas can only be ordered from 25 units upwards.

How can I be protected from the rain besides holding a personalised umbrella above my head?

We don’t yet offer any personalised clear or see-through umbrellas, but if you want a transparent product to protect you from a light drizzle, our personalised poncho is an affordable alternative that is easy to carry with you at all times. Use the keychain to attach the poncho to anything you take with you on a daily basis, and you will never be without personal rainfall protection. You could also make the sun come out quicker with our personalised waterproof jackets.

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Brighten up any rainy day with personalised umbrellas

Improve your marketing campaign with personalised umbrellas

You may be thinking personalised umbrellas only have one use, but this isn’t entirely true. Add a bit more creativity and use them in any way you want… after all, that's what marketing and advertising is all about. Like this idea? The same goes for custom shirts. In addition, our umbrellas come in different designs, colours, materials and even shapes, so let us know which ones take your fancy. Some of the customised umbrellas that are an absolute favourite with our regular customers are:

The advantages of buying your personalised business umbrellas from Camaloon

We care about you and your promotional campaign, and we know for a fact that our personalised business umbrellas are one of the most commonly used tools in these campaigns. We have made sure to gather a great variety of umbrellas for you to choose from. Another advantage worth mentioning is we are our own manufacturers. That means we take care and put great importance into the entire process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it, and then shipping it to you via our logistical partners all throughout the UK.

The magic personalised photo umbrellas can do

The more personal events, or sometimes even new products being launched, ask for personalised photo instead of business logo umbrellas. A logo is the perfect design element to make everyone aware of your brand, and maybe you can even add the website to attract new customers. A photo, however, shows exactly what you are selling instead of trying to describe it in words. And as an image says more than a 1000 words, this is an essential design element to focus on during your promotional campaign. You have to start with the ‘why’ of your campaign and work further from there. A thorough analysis resulting in adding one or more photos might make perfect sense after all.

100% Chance of rain on your wedding day? Design personalised wedding umbrellas

As you can never count on UK weather predictions, and there is always the chance of at least a few drops of rain, don’t make the mistake of thinking you will dodge the bullet and will always be safe in the car or church with a roof to protect your makeup, wedding dress, and flowers. There is that moment you want to step out of that car, take a little time to arrange your dress, and take your father’s arm to walk down the aisle. Even if it concerns only a few metres, it will not always be covered, so a personalised wedding or party umbrella doesn’t sound ridiculous. It may also be an effective gadget for taking wedding pictures. The rain may even make those pictures more intimate, because you have to cosy up under less than a square metre with your newly wedded partner. Remember to have a few extra wedding umbrellas in the back of your special ride for this day, just in case...

The size and weight of personalised umbrellas – suitable for children?

Our collection doesn’t include children’s personalised umbrellas at this moment. So if you want to buy a kid’s sized umbrella and personalise it our models can still suit you. The only thing you should consider is whether your child can hold the umbrella up straight in a bit of wind and rain, and if it can carry the weight of the umbrella to begin with. Some motor skills have to be developed in order to hold up an umbrella. The golf umbrella or umbrellas with many wooden parts are not good models, as these are our largest models, both in size and weight. Maybe it doesn’t look like much to you as an adult, but for a child there is a big difference in having to carry almost half a kilo or not even 300 grams. If an umbrella is too heavy, get a children’s poncho instead.

Cost-friendly or cheap personalised umbrellas

We have a few umbrellas that come at a great price and quality. These are a great option for bulk ordering and adding them to your promotional campaign. Some of our cheap personalised umbrellas include:

Available discounts when buying personalised umbrellas in bulk

At Camaloon, we guarantee the best price for your company. The price table shown with every umbrella model shows the discount per unit when ordering larger volumes. For example: personalised umbrellas in a bulk order of over 1000 units are twice as cheap as the same design in a quantity of 10. Multinationals who order promotional items for every office spread around the globe can get in touch with us, and we will make sure to offer you the best possible price for bulk orders that exceed 5000 units.

How to personalise an umbrella

Check out Camaloon’s practical design tool to start the process of personalising your own umbrella. Don’t focus on the colour yet, just select a material and a type of handle first. Add the desired quantity to your shopping cart, and click on the green personalise button.
You will then see an image of your selected product with a space for your unique design, be it a logo, text or combination of design elements. Don’t forget that you can change the font of the text you want to add to the umbrella. Make it match your corporate identity for an even better effect.

Delivery times for personalised umbrellas ordered in the UK

We ship our personalised umbrellas with standard delivery within the UK. Ordering in bulk and reaching a certain order amount can make you eligible for free delivery. This will be shown in the checkout phase when completing and confirming your order. Once you have added your contact details you will also see shipping information and delivery options. Normally a parcel will take two to three weeks to reach your doorstep.

Choosing cheap or luxury personalised umbrella gifts for your brand

Can’t decide which customised umbrellas to select for your business? No problem, our team are here to help you with any queries or doubts you may have, and we will guide you through every step of the process. We offer a wide range of models, from luxury personalised umbrellas with wooden accents to cheaper plastic umbrellas, to guarantee there is the perfect one for you. Once you’ve found the ideal umbrella for your brand, customise it, design it, and catch every one’s attention so you’ll never ever be forgotten again.

If your design skills are a little rusty, don’t hesitate to contact us. Choose the model you want from our range of umbrellas, send us your logo or photo, and we will take care of the design process for you. That’s what Camaloon’s service is all about.

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